Joyo JTA05 5W Class-A All Tube Guitar Amplifier

Joyo JTA05 5W Class-A All Tube Guitar Amplifier

This is a 5W low-output class A guitar amplifier with a sweet warm sound you can get in your room!   The small Wattage allows you to drive the tubes hard to get that amazing, warm, recording quality sound without the loud output.  A great sounding compact amp, perfect for practice, jamming with friends and high-quality recording.  


  • Vintage circuit design.
  • All-tube design using 3 tubes
  • One 12AX7 at the preamp stage and one 6V6GT in the power section to drive an  8  inch  Celestion EIGHT 15(G8C-15)8
  • There is a 5AR4 rectifier

The Tech Features

Model :- JTA05

Power:- 5 Watts

Speaker:- 8 inch Celestion EIGHT 15(G8C-15)8

Cabinet:- 18mm Medium Density Fiberboard, wrapped in Leather.

Size:- 36(W) x 36(D) x 19(H)mm

Weight :- 9kg



Still Going Strong

By: Matthew on 29 August 2019
This is probably the best Champ-Alike on the market. For practice, nothing at this price-point will deliver the same sound and tube feel. Great for technique practice, anything clean (country, jazz, etc) right up to some reasonably heavy stuff - think Led Zep at low volume (almost ;) ) It's rugged and the PCB is mostly (if not entirely) through-hole so you can fix anything that goes wrong. If you're into modding or building, this guy is an unbeatable source of donor parts and chassis/cab/speaker, etc ...

Joyo JTA05 5W Class-A All Tube Guitar Amplifier is

By: Ben on 13 August 2019
I just couldn't resist the Joyo Sweet Baby amp when I saw some reviews, including Shane from In The Blues. After it arrived today I plugged it in, tried it out with a couple of guitars & was blown away. Sure, it's a cheap amp & gets a bit raspy & flubby past about 4 on the volume & even some rattling (I'm sure re-seating the tubes will fix that), but once I plugged in some pedals it was just magic. I bought this amp because it looked like great value with the 8" Celestion speaker, which I figured worked out as better value for money than doing a speaker swap in my Vox AC4C1BL. Now I reckon my Joyo Sweet Baby will be my go to amp & my Vox will be relegated to backup amp if I blow a tube!

Love this amp

By: Graham on 13 June 2019
This amp is absolutely awesome. Just plug in turn up and play and this little Beauty really kicks out a great sound. It takes pedals very well and cleans up if you roll back on the guitar volume but when you turn up and really dig in this amp is loud. I've used it for both practice and warm up and also a few smaller gigs and it was perfect.

Classic Tube amp sound!

By: Rob McCarthy on 23 May 2019
Love this little beast. Warm all tube sound, simple, and lets the player and guitar do the creative work. No gimmicks. It's remarkably loud and clean and it breaks up real nice at high gain. Someone said it's only 5 Watts (rms). I was in a church hall in a band and had to turn it down. They couldn't believe it's volume and tone. The Celestion Speaker helps a lot too. A classic, Having built valve amps as a young feller back in the 60s it brings back memories and I love it!

Great little jigger.

By: Stuart McKleaine on 13 March 2019
After a less than auspicious start with no sound out of my first offering. My replacement experience was pain free. My second offering works just fine. Nice tone. Pleasant breakup when pushed. My pedals have taken on a whole new life too. Even my wife commented on how good it sounds. What a great amp for a great price! I'm looking forward to trying other products in the range as I'm one happy camper.

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