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Joyo JP06 ZGP Power Noise Blocker

The JOYO ZGP is a wide-range voltage input power supply. It is well known that effect pedal hum and unwanted noise is the source of much aggravation for many guitar players. This little unit is specially designed to isolate a power supply's unwanted noise and hum making your pedals sound cleaner and giving you a clearer and more satisfying signal from the guitar to amp.

The ZGP is capable of isolating the power supplies hum and noise from a 9v adapter which effectively means that ground loops and/or most ripple noises should be a thing of the past.


  • Changes the normal daisy chain power supply into a real independent daisy chain output power supply
  • It filters ripple noise from the adapter
  • It provides 800mA working current
  • Breaks the ground loop and offers independent output
  • It provides stable 9V output voltage
  • Reversed Polarity Protection

The Tech Features

Brand: Joyo

Model: JP06 ZGP

Input Voltage: 9v DC

Output Voltage: 9v DC

Output current: 800mA

No load current: 70mA

Input Polarity: Centre Negative

Output Voltage Accuracy: 5%

Reversed polarity protection: yes

Weight: 17g

Dimensions: 16x 16x 63 mm

Weight: 17g

Packing list: ZGP; Connecting cable


Reviews (18)

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Great product

By: on 14 March 2024
This excellent product works super well, eliminating an annoying noise from my RC3 loop pedal.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for your review. We really appreciate it.


By: on 21 February 2024
excellent service fast post great product

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for your review. We really appreciate it.

Joyo noise blocker

By: on 29 December 2023
So good I purchased another perfectly

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for your review! We are always here if you have any questions.

Made my setup work.

By: on 28 November 2023
My fx setup is an old 8"-screen laptop, small audio interface and 2 pedals tighly grouped together and plugged into a power board. The ZGP is able to eliminate the noise from the pc and makes the whole setup work. Without it, there was too much noise to be used for live performances.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate the support!

I was skeptical

By: on 16 November 2023
For years I put up with a high pitched whine from a Strymon Deco. I Tried various power supply configurations inlcuding the JOYO Power Supply 5 (which was an improevement, but didn't fully cure). So for $18 I figured I'd give this thing a go and it worked. I can now have high gain pedals down stream from the Deco and there's no noise!

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for your kind words and review.

Remove power supply noise from your power supply

By: on 12 August 2023
This is a great little alternative to purchasing an expensive noise isolating power supply. Tested with a 9v 2amp supply it removed alot of the hum it produced.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for the review! We are always here if you have any questions.

Great noise isolator Joyo Jp06 zgp

By: on 13 July 2022
This works so well and what this also is very useful for is say you have daisy chained a few typical pedals off the one power supply but one pedal is noisy (generally a digital pedal) you can run this through it and it completely cleans it up. You don't have to buy one of those big isolation power supplies ..perfect

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

I thought it wouldn't work. Customer service is mi

By: on 17 May 2022
I bought a few of these for a noisy board. Tried them between the suspect pedals and it increased the noise. Contacted Artist with a view to replacing a couple of pedals instead. They went above and beyond. In the end after trial and error I ran one from my isolated supply to my tuner which is first in my chain and now I have no noise at all. Band mates happy I'm happy. Artist should be proud of their next level customer service. Now I tell anyone who will listen about my fantastic experience and the excellent products I have purchased.

Artist Guitars Response
Wow, thanks so much for your review! We always strive to make all of our customers happy! Cheers!

Saved me money!

By: on 27 December 2021
Rather than buying a full pedal board with isolated power supply, I made my own using a daisy chain DC cable and a 9V Adapter (1A) that I've had for years. With the ZGP plugged in the whole 8 pedals make hardly any noise. When I bypassed the ZGP the noise was absolutely ridiculous. If you want to DIY, then I recommend you grab one of these babies.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for the review. We appreciate the time you have taken to let us know of this.

Power draw

By: on 22 September 2021
I've reviewed this little gem before (I've bought a number of them from AG for my various pedalboards), so I won't comment further in that regard, but I just wanted to add something I've discovered recently, and it's that these ZGPs do add a measurable power draw to your pedal chain, so you need to factor that in if you're getting close to the limits of your power brick outlet. I have an accurate power draw measuring tool (a 1Spot mA Meter), and it shows that a ZGP adds around 40mA. Doesn't alter my very positive view of the value of these units, which are a great solution to noise problems, but it's something you need to know if, for example, you were to use one on, say, a 90mA pedal fed by a 100mA outlet — could push it over the limit.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Customers will definitely find this very useful!


By: on 31 May 2021
Does everything it’s supposed to do, Great Product

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the positive review. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Solid product

By: on 28 April 2021
Noticeable reduction in noise from the pedal board. It works

Artist Guitars Response
We really appreciate your continued support. Thank you so much for the feedback.

Joyo ZGP

By: on 11 December 2020
This product works just as advertised and I love it ! Completely eliminated noise from my pedal board. Thank you for a much more enjoyable playing experience.

Joyo JP06 ZGP Power Noise Blocker and Isolator

By: on 21 May 2020
Only got this delivered yesterday after a long delay by AusPost. Have only used it once and it seems to be ok. Will know more when I use it with more pedals and different pedal settings. Giving it a 4 star only because I need to use it more before I really know what it's like.

Unbelievably good

By: on 17 October 2019
Was experiencing very high pitched noise originating from a bit of a dodgy power supply. Instead of spending the big dollars on a noise gate I thought I'd give this a go. Plugged it straight through my normal daisy chain set up and BOOM all troublesome sound gone. Gets rid of all power interference noise on my board. Excellent product great value.

Little gem

By: on 1 August 2019
Completely solved the noise issue I was getting from two pedals meddling with each other. Great purchase, zero regrets!

A tiny gem

By: on 8 March 2019
Just bought my third one of these from AG (I have multiple pedalboards), so perhaps that entitles me to rave about this great little device a bit more. Case in point:- the other night, I was playing in a location where my looper pedal, on set-up, started emitting a constant "phhht phhht phhht" sound that was downright annoying. Apparently something in the surrounding electrics/lighting, but what? Anyway, slotted a JP06 in just before the looper, and instant resolution — interference completely gone! Can't recommend this unit enough — you can't always control the environment you're in, but the JP06 can at least help eliminate the nasties. At the price, I suggest it's worth having one in your pocket just in case you suddenly find yourself in a "noisy" venue. For me, it's a case of "Don't leave home without one"!

Does the job!

By: on 3 December 2018
I had an annoying high-pitched sound in my set-up that was associated with a particular pedal (a Zoom AC-3). Plugged this JP06 in between the power brick and the AC-3, and ..... no more high-pitched sound! This little thing is therefore certainly worth the price of admission. So, why only four stars rather than five? Well, I'd give it five stars if you could insert it between the wall and the power brick (assuming the power brick has 9V coming in, of course), and thereby eliminate noise from any of the pedals powered by the brick. However, when I checked with AG, they said it must be placed downwind of the brick (i.e. between the brick and the pedal), which is how I have it set up. The downside to that, of course, is that, if you have noise problems with multiple pedals (perhaps unlikely, but not unknown), you'd need to buy multiple JP06's, one for each problem pedal. Still, at the price, that wouldn't break the bank anyway ........... A little gem if mains circuit noises are driving you mad!

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