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Joyo JP05 Rechargeable Power Supply Brick with USB Port

The JOYO JP 05 Power Supply features, 8 DC centre negative outputs, 4 x 100ma 9v, 3 x 500ma 9v and 1 switchable to 9v, 12v or 18v at 100ma. The power supply also features a 5v USB, perfect for powering USB devices & charging your phone.

To top off the feature list, it has a built-in 7.4v/4400 mAh rechargeable lithium battery pack which charges fully in 3-4 hours making sure that you are never without power.

Each output of the power supply features independent filters, output overload & short-circuit protection protecting your pedals and filtering out any unwanted noises. The power supply has a 4 stage battery indicator. You can use the supply when it is in charging mode powered by the supplied JOYO 9v 2000ma adaptor. The level of battery power will be indicated by the LED display on the top of the pedal (0% - Red flashing (charge it up!), 0-30% - Red, 30-60% - Yellow, 60-100% - Green) flashing above to show status. 8 LEDS can light up your board in a bright cool blue glow. An option to turn the LED lights on and off is readily available.. If you are using the supply as a portable unit, it would make sense to turn them off.

This makes a pretty versatile power supply, useful for guitar effects and other electronic instruments. The JOYO JP-05 is even supplied with a polarity converter for instruments/effects that require a centre positive supply.

The Tech Features

Brand: Joyo

Model: JP05

Outputs: Centre Negative DC 9V

  • 3 x 500 mA
  • 4 x 100 mA
  • 1 x switchable 9, 12 or 18v at 100mA
  • 1 x standard USB output (5V enables cell phone, IPad and other portable devices)

Dimensions: 14.6cm x 6.5cm x 3.5cm


  • USB Port
  • 7.4V/4400 mAh built-in lithium battery (charging time 3-4 hrs)
  • Short Circuit Protection, Battery Indicator, LED Lights

DC Jack Measurements: Outer - 5.5mm , Inner - 2.1mm

Included Accessories: 8 x DC patch cables, Reversed Polarity Cable


This product contains a lithium battery.
Orders containing lithium batteries cannot ship via Express or Airfreight.

Reviews (31)

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Great power supply

By: on 18 March 2022
This rechargeable power supply is just what l was looking for. Delivery was fast. Keep up the good work.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that your order was delivered in a timely manner. Thanks for the review.

Joyo Rechargeable Power Supply

By: on 17 January 2022
Great piece of kit in my experience. Affordable, quite, long lasting battery, small and well built. Runs my eight pedals without any drama and can charge the phone from the USB. Result..

Artist Guitars Response
Hi! Awesome review! Thank you so much for the support. Cheers!

Long lasting rechargeable noise free power supply

By: on 4 October 2021
I was a bit hesitant to give this rechargeable power supply a try, but for the price it was worth a shot. It worked out better than I expected, firstly it comes with plenty of power leads for pedals, 90degree one end, straight the other, you can plug it in to the wall to keep charged but I'm able to run all 7 pedals on my board the whole night unplugged, all the noises I was getting from plug packs are gone and I just recharge after I get home. Compact enough to velcro under the front of my board and use the ( switchable ) blue LEDs as a backlight for the board, love it !

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the JP05 power supply. This really helps us and other customers who are looking for noise problems with their pedals.

Average at best

By: on 10 September 2021
Takes longer to charge than the use you will get out of it, even keeping the display lights off.Creates a fair bit of the whining noise with 2 of my pedals. Kind of figured it would be too good to be true.

Artist Guitars Response
I am so sorry about the less than satisfactory experience you had with this item. I have sent you an email if you could kindly tell us more about the problem so we may help you.

Joyo JP05

By: on 20 August 2021
First of all, the guys from Artist deserve five stars. Their service is awesome and customer care second to none. Now for the product... Isolation must not be very good, as it introduces a whiny noise as soon as you connect more than one pedal to it. If I use separate power supplies, the noise disappears. I have tried it with a Strymon Timeline and a Strymon Lex together, both within the max current draw so that's not the problem. Also tried with the Timeline and a compressor drawing 100mA and the whine is still there. I then unplugged and just used it as a battery pack... and the whine persists if more than one pedal is connected to it. I guess if you want a truly isolated power supply that won't introduce noise to your signal either spend a lot more money, or use loads of wall warts?

Excellent product (Joyo JP05) & 1st rate service f

By: on 14 July 2021
So far the Joyo JP05 has delivered exactly what it promises .. 9v power to an array of up to 10 guitar pedals, all isolated from mains line-level hum whilst running from it's own 'go-anywhere' inbuilt battery (note: it is not actually isolated whilst connected to the mains though). Very pleased so far, if it continues to function well I would get another down the track .. it is a very handy piece of kit. The service from Artist Guitars has been exemplary .. very fast & efficient .. highly recommended.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much and we're always happy to know that your happy with your purchase and our service. Cheers.

Mine is useless

By: on 13 July 2021
Seemed OK at first. Then soon changed. Lasts for about 5 minutes and won't even work when it's plugged in

Artist Guitars Response
I'm very sorry to hear about the problems that you have with the power supply brick. Rest assured that I will assist you with this. We sent you an email to resolve this further. Kindly check.


By: on 10 July 2021
Only recently purchased - good unit so far - great concept - but not perfect. Close to fitting under the Metro board (I will have to add a fraction height - new feet), and the EHX Pitchfork giving off a slight b-hum (although this is a notorious pedal for not liking to "play" with other pedals nicely, esp if daisy chained) - but which it doesn't on my current power unit - so questioning how well isolated the outputs are. Funny though - I like the rechargeable concept enough that I might buy another JP05 just for the pitch fork to be truly isolated. Any thoughts or suggestions from Artist guys?

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for your review on the Joyo JP05 and please respond to the email we sent so we can further assess and help out with the problems you have with your EHX Pitchfork. Cheers.

Joyo JP 05

By: on 17 June 2021
Great isolated power supply. Highly recommended. Thanks artist guitars for the fast and reliable delivery. Always great to deal with. Cheers

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for the kind words and for the review you have left for us. We really appreciate it. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

Overall, not bad. Could use some tweaking for mor

By: on 6 June 2021
I purchased this with some skepticism, however it's met my expectations. Currently using it to power: RC-300, DD-200 Zoom Multistomp Keeley Tone Workstation OC-5. I also had a Mic Mechanic 2 hooked up, however I ended up removing it as I was sometimes running into power draw issues as all except the Keeley and OC-5 need more than 100ma draw. I think it could be improved if they pushed all the power outputs to 500 instead of 100, and perhaps a bigger battery to compensate for it. With my current setup I can reliably count on it for 3 hours... if I'm frugal and lucky, I can stretch it to 4. Is it greedy to want more? Haha! *note - I've also noticed that even while plugged in during use, I'm still drawing power faster than it's filling so I'd recommend topping up the charge before each gig, just to make sure you're full.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review Chris. We will pass on this feedback to Joyo.

Brilliant unit

By: on 6 May 2021
I bought one of these for myself well over a year ago and it's been brilliant. The battery life in it is amazing, considering it's powering 7 effects and I leave it on for 3hour rehearsals. I honestly forget the last time I charged it, which brought me unstuck at practice this week when it went flat mid-song. Luckily it wasn't during a gig! haha! Anyway it's all charged now, and a good reminder to check it before gigs.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for the review and valuable lesson of checking your equipment before any gigs or rehearsals. We're sorry to hear about your close call during practice though but we have sent you an email to further assist you with the JP05 unit. Cheers.

Joyo JP05

By: on 27 April 2021
Great power supplier with build in battery. This is good for you if you are the cordless person. It work perfectly with my 7 pedals together. This is what I'm looking for.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for the awesome review and we're happy the Joyo JP05 has exceeded your expectations. Don't hesitate to reach out if ever you have any questions or concerns.

Joyo JP05

By: on 27 April 2021
Great power supplier with build in battery. This is good for you if you are the cordless person. It work perfectly with my 7 pedals together. This is what I'm looking for.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for the awesome review. We're happy to hear that the Joyo JP05 has exceeded your expectations. Don't hesitate to reach out if ever you have any questions or concerns. Cheers.

Happy camper so far

By: on 24 April 2021
Got this delivered last week, not two weeks after ordering it and the NUX NPBM Bumblebee Pedalboard. Although I’m disappointed the pedalboard hasn’t transformed into a huge robot thing yet, I am extremely stoked with both items! Love them both, awesome service as always

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the feedback and we are glad you are happy with the pedalboard. I am just not sure what would be the rating you intended for the product.

Happy camper so far

By: on 23 April 2021
Got this delivered last week, not two weeks after ordering it and the NUX NPBM Bumblebee Pedalboard. Although I’m disappointed the pedalboard hasn’t transformed into a huge robot thing yet, I am extremely stoked with both items! Love them both, awesome service as always

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for the nice review and we are glad to know that you're happy with your purchase. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if there's anything we can assist you with. Cheers.

Quality gear

By: on 17 February 2021
Just took delivery of my third JP05 (yes, all three are in active use on various pedalboards). Good quality power brick at a reasonable price, and delivered very fast.

Artist Guitars Response
We are happy to hear that you are happy with your order. Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any other questions or concerns. Cheers!

Small footprint

By: on 21 December 2020
I was sceptical buying another cheap pedal powersupply after my last cheapo "moen" crapped out after 2.5years, but you could buy 4 of these vs one of the expensive ones, and I'm not a touring musician so I rolled the dice with this one. It's very small, I like that you can turn the LEDs off too, they're blindingly bright (especially if you look at the thing to double check the 9/12/18volt switch on the last output!). I've had this for a few days, and spent maybe 4hrs so far using it, but there's no hum, running all 8 outputs together so I guess it is "isolated" (it's so small I was sceptical they were properly isolated outputs). If it lasts longer than the 3 year warranty I'll be very happy with it!

Great unit!

By: on 10 November 2020
Just taken delivery of my second JP05 (yes, I have a LOT of pedals on a very big board!). I typically run with mains power connected, so the rechargeable battery thing is not of major importance to me, but I've certainly used it in battery mode at times also. ..... My first JP05 has been running flawlessly for over two years now so, when I needed more juice, it was a no-brainer to get another one. And yes, I could have daisy-chained the extra pedals together, particularly as the JP05 has three 500mA outlets(!), but I prefer to keep my pedals isolated from each other as much as possible, so splitting them up lets me sleep well at night ..... And those 500mA outputs are invaluable to me, becauser four of my pedals (Joyo PXL8, Nux NBP5, Boss EQ-200, Zoom MS60B) chew more than the standard 100mA built in to many power supplies ..... Am just charging my second JP05 up as I write, but my experience with the first one is that it is noiseless and reliable, and that's all I demand of a power supply ..... Incidentally, I'd rate the JP05 as a better buy than the similar but more-expensive JP04, which is bulkier, and has only 2 x 250mA rather than the 3 x 500mA. Perhaps there are reasons why the JP04 is more expensive(?) but, as far as I'm concerned, it couldn't outperform the JP05 for my purposes ..... Oh, if I had one tiny criticism (and I haven't marked it down for this), I'd just observe that the positioning and design of the on/off switch is such that it's relatively easy to accidentally have it switched on during transit, particularly if (like me) you have the power supply positioned along the side of your pedalboard, where it can come into contact with the pedalboard itself. For that reason, I'd much prefer a sliding on/off rather than an easily-bumped rocker switch. ..... And finally (unrelated to the product itself), I'd just comment that AG's delivery of this unit was nothing short of stellar — I live in provincial Queensland and, what with Covid19 delays, I expected to wait up to a week — as it turned out, I had it in my hands in less than 24 hours!!! Yet again, Artist Guitars blows the competition away in terms of product quality, value, and service.


By: on 28 October 2020
The Joyo JP05 is a great power supply and exactly what I was looking for. It had had enough charge straight out of the box to power some pedals. I am manly using this for quiet practice where I am powering a looper pedal and a trio ( headphone out). The JP05 means that I can set up anywhere and not be tied to a power supply.

Does the job well and great value

By: on 17 September 2020
I bought three of these after being really happy with the first one. The unit is very quiet, quieter than more expensive brands. The built-in battery is really handy and the unit is well built. Incredible value.

Awesome power supply

By: on 24 August 2020
What a great power supply . Great to use . Even has a usb charging port. Very good battery life. Runs all my pedals easily. Joyo make great products.

Joyo JP05

By: on 21 August 2020
Seems fine so far. Liking the cordless chargability thing. It's a pretty hefty brick. Accommodates an 18V or 12V pedal which is cool. Quality seems not too bad.

Joyo JP05 Rechargeable Isolated Power Supply

By: on 21 June 2020
Excellent power supply very quick re charge time and quality build


By: on 20 February 2020
Got one of these last month, and so far have used it for 2x 3hr jam sessions without having to recharge it (to be honest I forgot to plug it in before last night's rehearsal). Noiseless. and it slots underneath my pedalboard nicely. A great unit at an excellent price!

Great product

By: on 15 December 2019
Let me start by saying I have a power supply worth over $ 200, but this is my go to supply. I love that it charges up and doesn't need to be connected to a power point all the time. It stays charged for hours. This year I've started doing live gigs. For my most recent gig I used it to power 2 EHX pedals (that come with their own power supply), a TC Electronics Pedal and 1 Boss Pedal. It handled it all. no sweat, simply running off the charged Supply Brick. I only needed power for my amp. It's definitely isolated, no noise problem. This is a good solid build and all the cables are good quality. It also has light indicators to show when it's on and the level of charge. A steal at the price. One of the best purchases I've made in recent years. I can't recommend this highly enough, it's great value and a great performer.

Best power supply

By: on 13 November 2019
Solid build, very sturdy, beautiful bright blue lights, different power options, very fast delivery, many cables with it, small size fits well on pedal board..... No power supply out there will beat this for the quality and price! Definitely recommend. About 6 hours battery life (!!!!) Thanks Joyo, Roy

Joyo power Bank

By: on 20 September 2019
The Joyo power Bank is great and very handy has a usb connection which makes it very handy to have overall a great power supply for your guitar FX pedals a must have thanks Artists guitars and thanks Joyo great work A1

very happy

By: on 24 July 2019
unit powers everything fine. very good value for money


By: on 30 June 2019
This thing is epic! It powers my whole board for 6 hours straight, running around 950mA collectively. That's using the lights as well as a usb lamp running the whole time also. Will definitely be buying another one asap!

Re-chargeable - Way to go!

By: on 15 June 2019
Excellent product! No noise and powers your pedals anywhere. I get about 6 hours to a charge running 4 - 5 pedals and no more searching the front of the stage for a power outlet!

Excellent Joyo product

By: on 17 November 2018
I own quite a bit of good Joyo gear (e.g. D-Seed, Overdrive, Chorus, Comp, EQ, PXL8, even a Joyo RD3 pedalboard — all from AG), so I didn't hesitate to buy this power supply recently. To be honest, I didn't really need all its bells and whistles — the rechargeable aspect is of minimal value to me, and I probably won't use the USB output either — but Joyo has consistently impressed me with its build quality and reliability. This box is built like the proverbial tank, and the design is straightforward without a plethora of unnecessary flashing lights. (Well, okay, there's an LED for each of the eight outputs, but you can turn those off anyway if you wish.) I particularly like (a) the provision of three 500mA outputs (I have a couple of pedals that need around 300mA), and the ability to use the eighth output as either 9V, 12V, or 18V gives more flexibility than some other power bricks. The supplied DC patch cables are all 60+cm long, which should reach across all but the largest pedalboards — if I had any small criticism, it would be that I'd like to see a couple of longer cables, and a couple of shorter ones in that mix, but that's just nitpicking. Overall, this is another excellent Joyo product, and I'm very happy with it.