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Joyo JP03 9V 2A Power Supply 9 Volt 2 Amp 

Joyo's JP-03, a great cost effective way to power your pedalboard. The great thing about the JP-03 is the lightweight footprint for players who are looking for a simple setup that just works. 8-way daisy chain cable is provided but you can add another daisy chain as the unit powers up to 2000mA which is a heck of a lot of pedals. In addition, there are multiple adapters included in the package so that in 99.9% of cases you are covered. With its powerful current output of up to 2000 mA and included filter common mode, it can reduce the noise effectively and it is one of the quietest power supply you can buy.

Suitable for Boss, EHX, RAT, Ibanez pedals

The Tech Features

Brand: Joyo

Model: JP03

Input Voltage:  100-240V

Output Voltage: DC 9V up to 2000mA (that's a lot of pedals)

Includes: 1 x 8-way daisy chain

Included adapters: 2 x polarity converter, 2 x 3.5mm converter, and 2 x battery clip converter

Cable Length: 150cm


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Joyo JP03 9V 2A Power Supply 9 Volt 2 Amp with Dai

By: on 29 July 2021
I actually found this PSU to introduce noise when daisy chaining it to more than a single pedal (but well within the 2A power draw). If that's what you want it for, maybe do your research first and spend a bit more on a noiseless option.

Artist Guitars Response
We're sorry to hear that the power supply didn't work out for you but please respond to the email we sent so we can assist you further.

JP03 9v Power Supply

By: on 20 June 2021
Very good price and quick delivery. Power supply mostly works as it should. It is currently being used on a Joyo Compressor and TC Ditto plus looper. However on my Rocktek Overdrive I get constant pulsing noises so don't use it on this.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the nice review! We really appreciate your support.

Just Perfect

By: on 17 May 2021
Just perfect for my small rig that has got 7 pedals and a spare plug to power up my wah pedal whenever I try to use it.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the review. We really appreciate the support!

Great product

By: on 20 November 2020
Good quality product, works really well.

Joyo power supply 3 from Artist Guitars

By: on 28 July 2020
Good item, nice quiet operation, has a lot of connectors included. If your looking for a good quality reasonably priced power supply for your effects pedals this is it. And Artist Guitars are one of the best online stores you will find.