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Joyo JP03 9V 2A Power Supply 9 Volt 2 Amp

Joyo's JP-03, a great cost effective way to power your pedalboard. The great thing about the JP-03 is the lightweight footprint for players who are looking for a simple setup that just works. 8-way daisy chain cable is provided but you can add another daisy chain as the unit powers up to 2000mA which is a heck of a lot of pedals. In addition, there are multiple adapters included in the package so that in 99.9% of cases you are covered. With its powerful current output of up to 2000 mA and included filter common mode, it can reduce the noise effectively and it is one of the quietest power supply you can buy.

Suitable for Boss, EHX, RAT, Ibanez pedals

The Tech Features

Brand: Joyo

Model: JP03

Input Voltage: 100-240V

Output Voltage: DC 9V up to 2000mA (that's a lot of pedals)

Includes: 1 x 8-way daisy chain

Included adapters: 2 x polarity converter, 2 x 3.5mm converter, and 2 x battery clip converter

Cable Length: 150cm


Reviews (18)

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We have Powerr!

By: on 16 November 2023
I bought this to replace a failed unit that charged my Power Supply 5 as that unit requires 2 amps of current in order to charge and play (tried lower current and it was a non starter). It comes with accessories equal in quality to my MXR ISO Brick ( my emergency backup). Would recommend to anyone on a budget as their main. If you have a single pedal that needs Isolating then get the Joyo JP06 and the ejob is done (found out that part years too late, lol).

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for your kind words and review.


By: on 21 September 2022
Perfect item -super quick postage and one happy guitarist in the house

Artist Guitars Response
We really appreciate the time you have taken to leave a review. Thank you.

Intuitive, works well

By: on 2 December 2021
plugged all my pedals and my little 9v amp in, works perfectly.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Joyo JP03 9V 2A Power Supply 9 Volt 2 Amp with Dai

By: on 29 July 2021
I actually found this PSU to introduce noise when daisy chaining it to more than a single pedal (but well within the 2A power draw). If that's what you want it for, maybe do your research first and spend a bit more on a noiseless option.

Artist Guitars Response
We're sorry to hear that the power supply didn't work out for you but please respond to the email we sent so we can assist you further.

JP03 9v Power Supply

By: on 20 June 2021
Very good price and quick delivery. Power supply mostly works as it should. It is currently being used on a Joyo Compressor and TC Ditto plus looper. However on my Rocktek Overdrive I get constant pulsing noises so don't use it on this.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the nice review! We really appreciate your support.

Just Perfect

By: on 17 May 2021
Just perfect for my small rig that has got 7 pedals and a spare plug to power up my wah pedal whenever I try to use it.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the review. We really appreciate the support!

Great product

By: on 20 November 2020
Good quality product, works really well.

Joyo power supply 3 from Artist Guitars

By: on 28 July 2020
Good item, nice quiet operation, has a lot of connectors included. If your looking for a good quality reasonably priced power supply for your effects pedals this is it. And Artist Guitars are one of the best online stores you will find.

Joyo JP 03 9V power supply with daisy chain

By: on 2 June 2020
This is a great little product at a good price i play with 5 effects pedals, i always got all kinds of buzzing & humming . with this device all the sounds have disappear , its nice and clean its great thanks to Joyo and Artist thanks darryl

Review Joyo JP03 9V 2A Power Supply 9 Volt 2 Amp w

By: on 22 January 2020
Good product good price fast delivery

Brilliant for a small rig

By: on 29 August 2019
Like everyone else here, I love it. It does what it should and it only needs 1 plug to juice up everything I have attached. Be sure to count up your current draw so as not to over load it ... and you're golden. The accessories are great as well.

Good value

By: on 29 August 2019
The Joyo Power Supply is perfect for my acoustic pedals, and at this price is a bargain. Thanks again Artist Guitars.

Joyo Power Supply - JP-03

By: on 8 September 2018
I'm very happy with the power supply. It can power more pedals than I need it to, but it's nice to know I have the option to add more if I want. It's also very quiet, I cannot hear any noise at all when using it. Excellent power supply that I highly recommend. Artist Guitars were very quick with their shipping, and kept me informed via email. Excellent service.

SO quiet!!

By: on 19 June 2018
This little pedal power supply is a gem. The extra filtering stage (the little thing in the pedal power line) does the trick. I haven't heard anything this quiet under hundred of dollars.

Joyo joys

By: on 28 May 2018
I concur with the other reviewers! This is one handy product. Pulled out several OLD pedals dating back to the 70’s , and it worked perfectly. Never need to shop for 9v batteries again. F*****g outstanding!!!

Works Great

By: on 2 February 2018
Plugged it in straight away and worked great. The jacks are too big for one of my pedals (Digitech), but they fit fine in the rest. The cable is a bit short, only 1m. So I will have to use an extension chord while on stage. Overall I'm happy.

Good adapable power supply

By: on 19 October 2017
This Joyo power supply works well, delivering lots of power to drive a number of effects with no discernible added noise - very quiet. Having various adaptors is handy especially the converters from negative to positive tip and for different plug types, including for effects that only take a battery with no input for an external supply. While the daisy chain is long this makes it easier to position effects and also extends the total length of the cable to the 240v supply if you don't use all the plugs at the power cable end of the chain. I recommend it.

Best well constructed and powerful power supply

By: on 31 August 2017
I purchase a Joyo JP03 power supply recently and I couldn't here my pedals from the shocking electrical hiss caused by this power supply, I thought this power supply had really good power filters which is why I bought it. I tried it on a different power loop in my home and same result. I let Artist Guitars know and one of their representatives were quickly on the phone ensuring me that the JP03 is a very good power supply which has good power filters and should not have any electrical hiss at all. He insisted on sending me a new Joyo JP03 which arrived to my door the next day. Amazing not hiss at all a great 9 volt 2Amp power supply and I am having no further issues with it. Great customer service thanks guys and girls, cheers Michael H

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