Joyo JP02 LED Power Supply Brick for Effects Pedals

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Joyo JP02 LED Power Supply Brick for Effects Pedals

The JP02 power supply includes the power supply module, a AC- DC supply for the model and all the DC cables required to run your pedals.

Tested by thousands of users worldwide, our JP-02 power supply is specially designed to power up your effects pedals, without interference, power surge or loss to your effects. Features include:

  • Blue LEDs----Short circuit protection indicator and light source for your pedal board. 
  • Star Earthing System
  • Ten independant chip power supply outputs.
  • Isolated Short Circuit/Over current protection, meaning each output has isolated circuit protection
  • Multiple output voltages (slot 1 to 7 for 9V@100mA, slot 8 for 9V@500mA, slot 9 to 12V@100mA, slot 10 to 18V@100mA)
  • Cables included (power input, 10 x standard tip pedal power cables, 2 x power link cables)

A power supply on its own won't reduce the noise in your system compared to batteries, where it can help is that if you're using multiple supplies and you have an earth loop (which creates a hum) the reason for the hum is that when you are running different supplies and have different paths to earth (its quite a complex subject). If you need help choosing the best option please let us know.


The Tech Features

Model :- JP02

Power Input:- AC 110v - 240V transformer to DC 18V into the brick. (transformer included)

Power Output :-

  • 7 x 9V @ 100mA
  • 1 X 9V @ 500mA
  • 1 x 12V @ 100mA
  • 1 x 18V @ 100mA

Size :- L150 x W50 x H30mm

Includes :- Power Brick, Power transformer, 10 DC Power leads with 90 degree plugs

Weight :- 388g 



By: Sarah on 2 October 2018
This power supply is perfect for my needs, and unlike a previous reviewer mine doesn't add any buzz to my signal. Check your pedals can accept the output, some pedals run better off battery because that's what they are designed around. I especially liked the inclusion of 2x centre positive adapters for older or weird pedals. I'd buy another.

Joyo LED Power Supply

By: Phill Kent on 12 January 2018
Excellent value for money and LEDs are a very handy and cool feature

JOYO power brick

By: Craig Sommer on 16 August 2017
I like these JOYO power bricks because they are pretty much bullet proof. This is the second 1 i have bought because i am setting up another JOYO RDB2 pedal board as i now have quite a collection of guitar pedals that i still would like to use in my rig.


By: alex on 13 August 2017
I was after a relatively cheap power supply with quite a few outputs if i chose to expand my gear. And it did just that. Its also quite compact and i wouldn't have my difficulty hiding it under my pedalboard. However its not isolated and created a lot of amp buzz. I've since upgraded to the JP04.

LED Power Supply Brick

By: Jason Souter on 5 July 2017
Easy to setup good number of power leads and the LED option switch a good idea for gigs to be able to see the pedals at night.

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