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About this Metronome

Back-lit 3 in 1 for Guitar, Bass, Violin and Ukulele, this tuner features a built-in microphone, perfect for tuning any instrument, wind or strung. It also has a 1/4 inch jack input so you can plug in an electric guitar or bass, or use the included clip-on adapter to use it as a clip-on tuner.

The metronome features flashing LEDs to keep in time when the volume is down and the option to change the time signature. There is a headphone output with volume control so you can easily hear the metronome when playing at high volume. It also includes a built-in stand so that you can prop it up on a table for easy visibility.

The Tech Features

Model: JMT9001B

Dimensions: W 35.2mm x H 83mm x D 27.5mm

  • Beat: 9 Time Signatures.
  • Tempo: 30-260 bpm
  • A4 Frequency: 410-450Hz
  • Tuning: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele
  • Headphone output with volume control (3.5mm stereo jack)
  • Powered by 2 x AAA batteries. Batteries are included.


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Joyo JMT9001B Metronome & Tuner

By: on 4 May 2024
Seems accurate and reliable, clip on for your acoustic and plug in for your electric, all sweet! And a bonus metronome. Thanks Artist Guitars for the credit points discount!

Artist Guitars Response
We're thrilled to hear you had a great experience with us!


By: on 28 February 2024
I've got a unit (and it works great - (highly recommended!!!) - however I've lost the users manual so need a copy - can anyone help pls? It's for my grand daughter whose just started violin. Cheers!

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for your review! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Excellent value for money

By: on 7 June 2022
This really is excellent value -- it would be worth it for the tuner alone at this price. But a metronome in the same device made this a very easy choice. The tuner is easy to use and works exactly as expected. The 1/4 inch input makes this very versatile, and a step above more expensive clip-on tuner-metranomes that I've seen elsewhere recently. It has all the functions I need, and while phone apps can provide the same functionality in a single device also, there's a lot to be said for a task-specific device with all of the functions immediately at your finger tips. AAA batteries are also a good feature, as it can use rechargeable batteries.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks so much for your awesome review! We really appreciate your support. If you need help, please do not hesitate to reach out, we're always happy to help!

Capo is excellent, great buying experience with Ar

By: on 7 June 2022
I'd only had basic plastic capos in the past, and considered just changing up to a metal version of the same spring-operated type. But then by chance a few weeks back I tried a friend's G7 and realised right away that I'd always be comparing other capos to this. It really is a benchmark product, the quality and performance is outstanding. I think the much higher price is justified on the basis of quality alone -- it feels like it could last a lifetime (though I imagine the rubber could wear out over time), so when you factor in having to replace cheaper ones it could end up saving you money long term anyway.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you very much for the detailed review. We appreciate it.

Great metronome

By: on 24 August 2021
Bought on a whim, very happy with the product. Not only a metronome but helps learning speed with triplets and other timing orientation.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for the review and we're happy to know that you're enjoying your new metronome/tuner. Cheers!

Great bit of kit for the price

By: on 20 December 2020
Great little 2 in 1 unit that is user friendly whether you're tuning or using the metronome. The headphone jack comes in handy when you are practising in a noisy environment as it allows you to concentrate more on the metronome. The chromatic tuner works well although be aware that the mic is sensitive enough that it can pick up my 8yo son singing in the next room when he has the Hamilton soundtrack on and is belting it out lol. Plugging into the external jack sorts that problem out though, and in normal circumstances you should have no problems. Being a chromatic tuner I've even had some fun getting my son to try and hit different notes whilst singing into the tuner - a game he now loves. For those that know Artist Guitars you can skip this line, but for those that don't the service is top notch and you'll receive your goods fast. It's nice to find an online supplier that's both a pleasure to deal with and reliable.

Well Done

By: on 24 October 2019
Happy with my purchase,(as I always am)helped by the on -line chat with a staff member.Even my banjo teacher was impressed with my purchase.He intends on buying the same product himself!How good is that!

good product

By: on 19 February 2019
Tuner is user friendly and is easy to navigate between tuner and metronome. It is good quality and value for money and it got delivered the next morning

Great tuner and metronome

By: on 27 December 2017
Great tuner and metronome. Does the Job. Compact unit, and easy to use

tuner and metronome

By: on 30 May 2015
A good 2 in 1 product for multiple instruments, great price and very quick delivery as always

Joyo Metronome and tuner

By: on 23 January 2015
In a previous life I had always used the amazing Boss TU tuner, and loved it. This metronome and tuner from Artist ranks up there as well. The added features such as the note division and external jack make the JMT9001B very very useful for practice sessions.

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