Joyo JCP02 Quick Change Capo for Steel String Guitar + Bottle Opener

Joyo JCP02 Quick-Change Capo for Steel String Guitar with Bottle Opener

This Steel capo is suitable for Steel String Acoustic and Electric Guitars ONLY

This Capo is a really good unit. It is made of steel so it's really strong and it has an easy to use Quick Change lever when you want to put this on your guitar or change keys. It has a strong smooth mechanism.  It also has a built-in Bottle Opener!


The Tech Features

Brand :- Joyo

Model :- JCP02 

Material :- Steel and Rubber

Suits :- Steel string acoustic guitars and most electric guitars (Does not suit - classical's, 12 strings or electric guitars with exceptionally flat fingerboards)


Joyo JCP02 Quick Change Capo

By: Alan Thompson on 25 July 2019
I find these Capos very easy to use because they have long levers (legs) to compress the spring, and the levers are placed below the guitar fret board rather than above. They are easily moved with the hand being used to press strings against frets... in my case the left hand, because of the levers being located below the fret board.

Great capo

By: Steve Blackwell on 31 May 2019
Great Capo....

Joyo JCP02 Capo

By: Riff Richards on 3 May 2019

Great Quality Capo

By: John on 2 May 2019
This is a simple, high quality capo. The price is reasonable and delivery from Artist was fast.

Way cool...

By: Mark on 13 April 2017
Come on, what sort of rock guitarist would have a capo without a bottle opener in it?

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