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Joyo DC15S 15w Digital Guitar Amplifier with Effects

The JOYO DC-15s is an upgraded version of our best selling solid-state home practice guitar amplifier the DC-15. This upgraded model brings the compact combo amp into the modern-day; it is fully equipped to give a guitarist everything they need in a box for at home or performing.

The JOYO DC 15s is a perfect practice guitar amplifier designed for all levels of guitarist and suitable for all genres, it is feature-rich, compact in size, loud, and looks cool too.

Built into the JOYO DC15s guitar amplifier you have:

  • 9 Guitar Amplifier simulator models classic-sounding amps dedicated for making some great sounding electric guitar in one tidy combo amp.
  • 4 Adjustable modulation guitar effects
  • A built-In rechargeable lithium battery for outdoor use/travel.
  • LOOPER with 30 seconds recording time
  • A Footswitch to control the Looper recording
  • Delay and Reverb Effects
  • 2 adjustable PRESETS to save your tone.
  • Drum machine with intuitive top-mounted controls
  • Headphone jack to practice at full volume without disturbing others.
  • LINE OUT for connecting to other amps, monitors, mixers, PA & for direct recording
  • Bluetooth 4.0 for connecting music or backing track so you can jam along
  • A Built-in audio interface compatible with iOS & Android devices

The Tech Features

Brand: Joyo

Model: DC15S

Output RMS: 15 watts

Amp Sim Models: Acoustic, JC Clean, Clean, Overdrive, Blues, Crunch, Lead, Rhythm, Metal

Presets: 2 User Presets

Modulation Effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo

Additional Effects: Delay, Reverb

Looper: 30 Seconds of recording

Drum Machine: 36 Patterns

Bluetooth Version: 4.0

Built-in Battery: 11.1v / 4.4 Ah Lithium Battery

Power: AC100-240v 50-60 Hz

Included in the Box:

  • 1 x DC15s Amplifier
  • 1 x Footswitch Cable
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Footswitch Pedal
  • 1 x 3.5mm, 4 pin Cable


This product contains a lithium battery.
Orders containing lithium batteries cannot ship via Express or Airfreight.

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Joyo DC15S practice amp

By: on 2 May 2022
My little Joyo turned up exactly when promised and is every bit as good as the reviews say. About the size of a car battery and with its own built in battery it’s an ideal go anywhere practice amp with enough effects built in to satisfy most styles.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Joyo DC15S practice amp

By: on 25 April 2022
My little Joyo turned up exactly when promised and is every bit as good as the reviews say. About the size of a car battery and with its own built in battery it’s an ideal go anywhere practice amp with enough effects built in to satisfy most styles.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Where do I start?

By: on 5 February 2022
I was in the market for a Looper pedal with a built in drum machine and I WAS looking at the JOYO -OMB-. Then in the course of my job I met a QLD Magistrate who's chambers looked like the Artist pedals and amps all from Artist and HE was using the DC15S. He promptly sat down and gave me a demo and I was sold......went home and ordered one on the spot. My ONLY critique is the sound of the drive channels but I have a BOSS Katana for that stuff..but the KATANA doesn't have a Lopper or a drum machine ;) Loving the bluetooth and mobile connectivity AND the battery. Previously if I wanted go and jam in the two bay garage I'd have to drag my Kata from out of the studio. Now I just pick up the DC15S and go. Loving it.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the review. We really appreciate it.

6 months review

By: on 1 January 2022
I've had this for 6 months now and I thought I'd give some feedback. Up to Xmas, I've used it exclusively with a Yamaha SLG200S silent guitar on "Acoustic" preset and I'm very happy with it. Sound is very clear and loud enough for my home use. Battery time is fantastic. A few things I wish were better: [1] 5 minutes timer is annoying, especially since the Amp is pushed against the wall on my desk and the on/off button is at the back. [2] Sound quality through the headphones port is not very good. But that's ok as I plug the headphones directly on the silent guitar when required. [3] The drum machine system is very confusing I had to print out the list and add markers for the patterns I like. There is no waltz (3/4) rhythm! [4] I would have preferred a knob to adjust the rythme as it's impossible to find the exact same beat as a song using the tap button. [5] The recording feature works well using the iPhone port but the sound on the Android port is quite bad. I am now using it with an Artist Guitar TC59 (love it) and the various Amp modes work really well. One thing odd: if I use for example the "Over Drive" mode and then turn off the amp, when I turn it on again, the light is reset to "Acoustic", so I need to use the knob to re-select the desired mode. Not a big deal... Overall very happy with it!

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this feedback. This definitely helps us in improving our products and services.

Fantastic Little Amp

By: on 8 December 2021
Purchased this as I needed a practice amp for home. This certainly hasn't disappointed. Has excellent features such as effects, Bluetooth, drum machine and built in battery for cable free operation. About the size of a car battery, the sound is excellent and I would definitely recommend this little amp to anyone looking for a great all in one practice option.

Artist Guitars Response
Wow! That is so great to hear. Thanks for your continued support!


By: on 26 November 2021
What a great value for money little amp. About the size of a car battery and packed with features like effects, looper, Bluetooth, rhythm machine, built in presets and a footswitch. It is the perfect home practice amp and it's 15watts is more than enough. It has a built in battery which is very handy, (don't have to have it plugged in all the time). Seems to have full range speakers which is a bonus especially when streaming music to it via Bluetooth. The JOYO DC-15S certainly punches above it's weight, if you're thinking about getting one just do it, you won't be disappointed.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks a lot for your feedback on the amp. This means a lot to us. We are very happy to hear that you're satisfied with it. If you have any concerns or have any questions, please feel free to reach out. We're always here for you.

Great little performer!

By: on 10 September 2021
Received one of these little guys for Father's day, along with a guitar. Really impressed with the delivery speed, communications and support overall. My DC15S had an annoying buzz that was very obvious in any of the clean settings and the team were brilliant in offering suggestions or an easy refund. I chose to do some self diagnosis and discovered a slight leak/rattle/buzz coming from the frame of the woofer and sorted it with some weather strip foam. Love this little unit now and all the features for the price are just unbeatable. Does everything I could want it to as a beginner guitarist. Stock status suggests others agree!

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the nice feedback. This really helps us and other customers!

What a great little amplifier!

By: on 11 August 2021
It's got so many features. 9 amp models, modulation and space simulation effects, presets, a looper module, bluetooth and line in connections, battery and AC power supply, automatic shutdown, headphone socket, footswitch and 2 speakers. And I've left the best for last ... it features a built-in Drum Machine, with 36 drum patterns with separate volume and tempo settings. It is also very well built, and great value for the price. I'm very pleased with this amplifier. It has exceeded all my expectations.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for the awesome review. Cheers

Surprisingly good little package .....

By: on 5 August 2021
Look, this is not going to knock the building down with ear-splitting volume — it’s a 15-watter, after all — but it’s advertised as a “home practice” amp and, in that context, it does the job admirably. In commenting, I don’t intend to cover the sound from this little box (since that is demo-ed more than adequately in AG’s video), but instead I’ll mention a few points that aren’t currently included in the blurb ….. (1) Size-wise, it’s approx. 26cm (W) x 19cm (D) x 23.5cm (H), and weighs in at around 4 kilograms (kinda reminds me of a car battery! ☺) (2) Construction is robust, with solid sides and back, metal grille, and rubber feet. The metal handles on the top are handy for picking the thing up, and would also help protect the knobs against inadvertent damage. (3) Unlike most amps, it actually comes with the footswitch necessary for switching presets — wish my big-and-expensive amps had included the switching pedals I later had to buy! (4) To be honest, I haven’t played with the looper or the drum machine much, apart from checking that they work — I bought this just for plugging in a solid-body for a quick practice in my music room. (5) The ability to have two switchable presets set up is handy. (6) Most amps of this size and price would have one tiny (and tinny!) speaker but, surprisingly, the DC-15S has what appears to be a 5.25 inch main speaker, another 2.5 inch tweeter, and even a small bass port — not bad, and these allow the unit to punch above its weight, so to speak. (7) One curious feature is that the amp turns itself off after five minutes of non-use (i.e. no input from the guitar), to (quote) “save electricity”. While I can understand the logic of that if you’re running from battery, five minutes is rather short if you’re on mains power; it’s not uncommon to be distracted with a phone call or whatever, then return to find that your amp’s shut off. Yeah, okay, it’s just a matter of flicking the power switch off and then on again, but I suggest that the manufacturer could look at disabling this feature for mains power, or at least extending it to, say, 15 or 30 minutes. (8) The 8-page manual is just adequate, but could do with some fleshing out — for example, the section on setting Presets needs more explanation of the sequence needed, because it takes a bit of experimentation before you get it down to a fine art. ………. Criticisms? I find the Tone control is mostly ineffective — I struggle to tell ANY difference between the Tone set at 0 and the Tone set at 10 (or at any point in between). Just sayin’. And I also found the amp to be susceptible to shrill mains-related “noises”, so much so that I needed to interpose a hum eliminator before the input jack but, in fairness, I do have a lot of electronic gear in the room (multiple computers, multiple other amps etc.), so I’ve put it down to the environment, and haven’t deducted stars for that. Overall, 4+ stars (if the Tone control wasn’t so useless, I’d have opted for 5.) ………. Is the DC-15S worth the $$$? I say yes — it’s a feature-packed little amp wrapped up in an attractive package. AND it’s so small that, with any luck, you can hide it away in a corner, and your long-suffering spouse will never suspect that you bought yet another amp. ☺

Artist Guitars Response
We appreciate the detailed review and feedback. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns that we can help with.

Little Pocket Rocket

By: on 27 July 2021
This just arrived, i was able to set it up and have all the features figured out within minutes without ever touching the manual. As a home practice amp, with the drum machine and looping features this is just brilliant. The only single thing i could say is slightly lacking is it doesn't quite have the saturation and sustain i'd like for shredding. But for 99% of what most people would want, this totally delivers. Packed with features, great sound quality, awesome value.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for the feedback and we're happy to hear that your satisfied with your new Joyo DC15S amp!

Absolutely Brilliant

By: on 26 July 2021
This amp is absolutely fantastic. It has now completely replaced my more expensive Blackstar Id Core V3. It has so much built-in it's unbelievable. Also love not needing a power point as it's good being able to move it around the house and the built in battery last for hours. Built in drum machine, looper, and footswitch comes with it. And it also sounds better than my Blackstar amp to top it all off. Buying this amp for home practicing and jamming is a no brainer imo. Also Artist Guitars customer service is 2nd to none.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this review. We really appreciate your support. Cheers!

Joyco Dc15s amplifier

By: on 5 June 2021
It’s a great little amp but find I can’t use it with wireless system. I was hoping to be able to go cordless. Just get buzzing all the time. However, I am enjoying getting to know the amp. Instructions very basic so have to work out a lot of things on my own but I’m getting there. A good clear sound when settings are right. Thank you A Guitars. Your service is awesome.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you very much for your feedback on the amp. This means a lot to us. I sent you an email regarding the compatibility of your wireless unit with the amp. Kindly check we look forward to your response.

Excellent practice amp

By: on 19 February 2021
I got one of these from the first batch without seeing any reviews. The gamble paid off. The features I love are the inbuilt looper, drum machine and footswitch. I use pedals for effects but the inbuilt ones are pretty solid for someone on the move. The amp is more than loud enough for practice, handles a little bass playing and is clear and clean. It seems well built and it's not too heavy for mobile use. If you want a battery powered amp with a looper, look no further.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you as we truly appreciate your review. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Cheers!

This Joyo is a go!!

By: on 8 January 2021
I bought this amp with no reviews or demonstrations online so I had to make my own judgment and.....I’m glad I did.This amp is pretty solidly built feels like steel or metal grille in front.The amp models are ok but I’m daily only using the acoustic model and I love it.Sounds so full and loud enough for outdoor use which is where I will use it mostly through the Aussie summer.The built in looper is good and Bluetooth connection is excellent.Drum machine works well and the included foot switch is solid also and the buttons feel great to use.only negative is the amp controls themselves feel a little flimsy and could have been more solid to implement but this is not a dealbreaker for me.This i recommend if you want an amp to busk or practice with.Just get it.