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Joyo BSK80 80 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier with Built-In Battery

The BSK80 is an Acoustic Guitar Amplifier by Joyo, ideal for busking and street performances. The amplifier boasts 80W of solid state acoustic amplification, with a huge range of inbuilt features and effects to suit any acoustic performer! 

With an inbuilt Lithium battery, the amp can be used on-the-go with an 8-hour battery life, and it even has a dedicated 9V/500mA output to power your effects pedals at the same time! Inbuilt effects such as Chorus, Delay, Reverb and an Anti-feedback control are all processed by the built-in high-performance DSP chip, plus the included footswitch allows you to control the effects, mute the output, and operate the built-in 30-second looper while you play. With a tilt-back kick stand and dedicated microphone channel, the BSK80 is a powerful and all-inclusive modern busking solution.

The BSK80 also features Bluetooth connectivity and an AUX input so you can connect your device and play along to your favourite songs and backing tracks. The 10” speaker provides a rich acoustic tone, with ample bass control, plus the tweeter keeps you cutting through the mix. With a variety of inputs and outputs, you have control over your own levels and effects for guitar and vocals, plus this can easily be connected to an external PA via the LINE OUT for larger performances and additional volume. 

The amp is housed in a very stylish dark wooden enclosure with a sturdy metal grille and fittings that are built to last for outdoor performances and musicians on the move, plus at approximately 14kg the amp can be lifted and transported with one hand! 

The Tech Features

Brand: Joyo

Model: BSK80

Output: 80 watts RMS

Effects: Chorus, Delay with Tap Tempo, Reverb, Anti-Feedback

Channels: Independent Channels for Guitar and Mic, with independent effects control

Battery Usage: 8 hours continuous use

Bluetooth: 4.0

Added Features:

  • 9V 500mA output for effects pedals 
  • Anti-Feedback for guitar
  • Signal Phase Inverter for Guitar
  • Independent Reverb each for mic and guitar channels
  • Built-in 30 second Looper 
  • Live recording output jack for Streaming performances via your phone
  • Includes a Multifunctional Footswitch pedal and connecting cable

Weight: 14.2kg / 31lb and 8.9oz

Dimensions: 50cm x 29cm x 37.5cm / 191116” X 11716” X 1434


This product contains a lithium battery.
Orders containing lithium batteries cannot ship via Express or Airfreight.

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Joyo BSK80 80 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier with

By: on 24 August 2023
This acoustic guitar and mic amp is a beauty! Plenty of power and the Bluetooth connection is a real boon, perfect for playing backing tracks or background music during performance breaks. The tone controls are adequate. The instrument volume is good, with practically no distortion, even when up full. The mic volume is very low with the condenser mic I'm using. I'll run a test using other mics but I might need a preamp. The vocal sound is excellent, with no distortion. I found the Reverb to be excessive right from the slightest initiation. Setting it very low is OK. The Chorus parameters are non-existent, but it worked OK at a middle setting. The Delay is quite good. The looper is very hard to use precisely. I haven't attempted to use it in a performance as yet but I will have a go at upskilling with it if I need to. Overall, this amp is perfect for guitarists who sing or accompany a vocalist. Being battery-operated, it is ideal for busking or performing anywhere. I haven't tested the battery's duration so I can't comment on the claims.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate the support!

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