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Guitto GPB01 Pedalboard with GPB01B Carry Bag

This is a pedalboard for your effects pedals. It is made from an aluminium alloy with space for a power supply beneath it. The handles on the pedalboard are detachable. The pedalboard features collapsible under chassis for easier storage. There is also no need for velcro as the pedalboard comes with fixture blocks to lock your pedals in place and avoid them from moving when in use. Comes with a padded bag with a shoulder strap for easy carry and transport.

The Tech Features:

Brand: Guitto

Model: GPB01 with GPB01B (Bag)

Materials: Aluminium Alloy

Dimensions: 51.7 x 18 cm

Colour: Black

Weight: 1.35 kg


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A very good pedal board

By: on 18 February 2022
This is my first pedal board and I'm really enjoying it so far. I wasn't keen on sticking scratchy/fuzzy tape all over my pedals so this clamping solution seemed perfect. And it pretty much is. I've been rearranging my pedals regularly over the past week or so and it's pretty easy to make layout tweaks. GOOD: • Don't need to stick anything on my precious pedals. • There's plenty of space underneath for cables to be tucked away. • The carry bag has enough extra space to support pedals hanging slightly over the top and bottom edges. • The bag also has enough height to accommodate pedals and the expanded legs. • Easy enough to make adjustments. There's a slot to store the included allen key under the board for making changes on the go. BAD: • The fold-out legs don't lock to the open position. • Sometimes the wing-shaped nut doesn't line up the right way, but loosening and re-tightening sorts it out. TIPS: • The included power supply brackets fit the JOYO Power Supply 2 perfectly (150 x 55 x 37mm), but you could fit other power supplies under there. Using the included brackets you could fit something up to 160mm wide and about 37mm tall (pack it out with foam if it's not tall enough). If you make your own bracket (or use velcro on the power supply) you could probably fit something up to about 50mm tall and 50mm deep. • The handles might get in the way of being able to plug in your guitar/amp cables from the sides. They're optional, and personally I didn't want them fitted anyway. • You need to allow about 23mm on the left and right sides for the fixture blocks. • Also allow for 23mm horizontally in between pedals (or double if you're not able to stagger the blocks across rails). • Some people seem to think you need 4 fixture blocks per pedal. You don't. Two should hold any rectangular-shaped pedal fine. I ordered an extra pack of those blocks but I don't think I had to use any of them for my 6 pedals. • The fixture blocks can block jack sockets and cable paths, so take that into consideration. • The fixture blocks are also a bit unfriendly to the Polytune 3 mini with its side button + dip switches. There is enough space at the bottom end of the tuner for a secure fit, but I've currently got mine installed sideways to make better use of the space. • If you're installing those tiny JOYO iron man pedals sideways (like they do in one of the demo videos), the cover flaps won't open fully but they do open far enough to access controls.

Artist Guitars Response
We really appreciate it for taking the time to leave feedback and glad to know that you are satisfied with our products and services.

Very Neat

By: on 20 August 2021
Easy enough to put together. A couple more clamps thrown in would have been great but hardly expensive to get more either. A very solid premium-feeling offering that pairs neatly with my new, from Artist, JOYO JP02 power supply.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for your feedback. This is highly appreciated.

Good alternative to velcro

By: on 26 June 2020
I bought the board for a mix of mini-pedals and to mount a micro amp for bedroom practice. It is easy to set up, although some very small pedals can be hard to lock in place. My only gripe is that the manufacturer should supply more of the locking mechanisms so more mini pedals can go on the board and to stabilise larger pedals. The manufacturer should also add a few more mounting holes underneath for small power supply units. Also, some thicker power supply units might not allow the pedalboard to rest on its pop-out legs. Otherwise, it's a great option if you aren't keen on fiddling around with velcro.

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