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Guitto GGP03 Piezo Contact Acoustic Guitar Pickup

An easy to use and install Piezo contact pickup that can be used with many stringed instruments. With its small size, it is easy to carry around and can easily fit in the pocket or accessory compartment of cases. Simply stick it onto your instrument, plug in and you are good to go.

It converts vibrations from your instrument into an electric signal that can be amplified through an amp or house speakers.

It features a pure copper-plated connector and silver-plated signal cable to replicate and deliver your instruments natural tone.

The Tech Features

Brand: Guitto

Model: GGP03

Suitable for: Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Violin, Cello, Ukelele


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Surprising bargain

By: on 20 May 2022
My luthier friend was a bit dubious when we installed this into my lap dulcimer, but neither of us expected it to be as clear., so maybe you don't have to break the bank for a pickup...

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the review. We appreciate it.


By: on 30 November 2021
What you see is what you get - a great external pickup and it is adaptable to any acoustic instrument. And it is interchangeable. Most important is the sound - Great sound production and great price. Thanks

Artist Guitars Response
It is our pleasure and thank you so much for leaving us this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Really good value for money

By: on 23 November 2021
Bought Guitto GGP03 Piezo Contact Acoustic Guitar Pickup and it is working perfectly. No noise but good sound. Highly recommended if you need a pickup for your acoustic guitar.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback. We really appreciate the support!


By: on 22 February 2021
Great pickups supplied and arrived before due date. Brilliant service.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for the cool review of the product and our delivery service. We really appreciate it. If you need help or have some questions, feel free to reach out to us.

The usual AG value-for-money

By: on 11 February 2021
I had an acoustic guitar I wanted to amplify, and I figured I had four choices:- (1) investing in a good microphone; (2) installing Fishman-style piezo pickup gear in the instrument; (3) getting a magnetic soundhole unit, or (4) attaching something like this Guitto with contact pickups that sit behind the bridge. I admit I have more than enough guitars already (ask my wife!) — all either electric or acoustic-electric — but I recently picked up a passable classical acoustic at a secondhand shop. Its price didn’t justify options #1 or #2, and #3 was out for nylon strings, so I settled for #4. I didn’t know anything about this GGP03 but, having bought from Artist Guitars many times before, I figured it would be a safe bet. Presentation is surprisingly good — rather than all the pieces being tossed into a plastic bag like some such kits, you get a neatly laid-out box with slots for everything. (See AG’s photo.) Installation is a piece of cake. There’s even a Youtube video specifically for this model if you need it. The only slightly confusing thing that held me up for a minute was the apparent inclusion of a few extra washers which seemed to have no purpose — I suspect they come into play if the jack is installed through the body of a guitar(?), which is obviously not the application here. The bits and pieces have been well thought out — there are ten extra double-sided stickers supplied in case your contact pickups eventually become “un-sticky” (probably unlikely, unless you’re frequently moving the unit from one guitar to another), four small cable guides if you want to pin the cables down to the instrument’s surface, and even a couple of cable ties for the same sort of purpose. (I personally think the latter make the installation look messy, so I’ve given them a miss — no real need anyway.) I had lift-off within five minutes, and the result through my Fishman Loudbox was better than I’d expected — mellow, with a reasonable blend across the various string frequencies, and an acceptable volume level. Of course, the tonal result will depend on the quality of your instrument (and what out-board EQ’ing you choose to add), but I’d have to say that my cheap classical sounds quite presentable. Undoubtedly, it would be better with a higher-end guitar. Of course, the downside of a pickup like this is that there are no on-board Volume/EQ controls, but those enhancements come at a cost, and typically require cutting largish holes in your guitar, and perhaps adjusting the bridge to compensate for the addition of a rod piezo — jobs perhaps best done by a pro, unless you’re confident in your own luthier skills. Is this the world’s best pick-up? Of course not. For the money, does it do the job to an acceptable standard? I say yes, particularly as I saw other sites charging an extra 75% above AG’s price for this same model, so I have no complaints. For value-for-money, I give it five stars.

Artist Guitars Response
A huge thank you for this awesome review and I have sent you an email to clarify some questions about the included washers. Cheers!

Great Product

By: on 25 January 2021
This product has been awesome. Have used on an acoustic guitar and violin with great success. Easier to play well without having to be limited to being near a microphone.