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FZONE P4 Personal In-Ear Monitor Amplifier with Belt Clip 

The FZONE P4 provides a clean, clear, and easily-adjustable in-ear mix for all types of performers and musicians!

This portable personal in-ear amplification solution features an ultra-compact design with a strong yet lightweight aluminium housing, plus features like the easy clip-on belt clip make this accessible and adjustable to suit any instrument or player! The convenient combo-jack has a locking mechanism to prevent accidental disconnections and is universally suitable for use with both XLR and TRS jacks. The stereo/mono source switch allows you to select the source signal type, and the inbuilt volume control puts you in charge of your own mix level and ensures you get a crystal-clear mix, whatever the performance. Plus, with a 3.5mm stereo output, you can easily connect your own favourite IEMs, earphones, or monitoring headphones for use with the P4!

The level control acts as your power ON/OFF, and the LED power indicator is bright enough for any stage! With up to 12 hours of continuous use from just 2x AAA batteries, this long-life and compact unit is a must for the front pocket of any gig bag!

The Tech Features

Model: P4

Brand: FZONE

Input Connections: locking dual XLR/TRS with switchable mono/stereo input

Output Connections: 3.5mm / 18” Stereo Output

Battery Life: 12 Hours

Power Requirements: 2x AAA batteries (not included)


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Does what I need it to, in a user friendly and wel

By: on 16 January 2024
I was using a single Behringer P2 for my drummer but found the unit to be lacking in small ways (have to slide the case off to replace batteries, the clip bends easily. Just a few minor issues). When I went to get a few more units for our rehearsal space, I looked at the FZONE P4 and could not be happier. They perform as well as the other unit but are designed in, in my opinion, a much more user friendly way. The clip isn't part of the outer shell and is replaceable/removable, and the battery compartment is easily accessible. For any drummers out there, or other musicians looking to get into IEMs cheaply, I would highly recommend.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for your review. We truly appreciate it.

FZONE P4 - great step up from a wedge!

By: on 27 December 2023
So far this has been an outstanding addition to my gear. Being a drummer & singer… I have wanted to progress past the wedge foldback to inears. This is a cheap but quality step if you don’t need wireless. I tested the P4 with my noise cancelling Bose headphones and now progressed to some Shure inear buds. My first rehearsal with the band using these was massive change in the experience.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for your review. We appreciate it.

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