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Ernie Ball PolyLock Neoprene Strap PO4145

The Ernie Ball PolyLock Neoprene strap is a high-quality guitar strap with thick padding and a smart self-locking mechanism that will suit most guitar strap pins.

It offers a high level of comfort and security and has been specifically designed to help spread and redistribute the weight of your instrument. This is perfect for those who suffer from ailments of the back or shoulders, and the thick, padded Neoprene is soft and comfortable.

The PolyLock straps are also very durable, being made from an extremely flexible neoprene these are built to last and can stand up to the punishment of any gig! The cushioning offered is superior to most standard straps yet remains lightweight and flexible. The patent-pending PolyLock tips fit neatly onto most guitar or bass strap pins and stay put for a secure, safe connection with no need to modify or add locks. These are adjustable between 46” and 52” and are suitable for most players. 

The Tech Features

Brand: Ernie Ball

Model: PO4145

Length: 46" - 52" (116.8cm - 132.1cm)



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The Polylock Locks!

By: on 20 December 2022
Awesome design. Once on the strap ain't coming off by itself. Excellent product. Can see only two issues. 1. For those that like their guitar down around their knees, they may be disappointed, as it's a fairly short strap. Not a problem for me, as I have my guitar positioned more in the George Harrison/Johnny Cash style, rather than the Jimmy Page low slung position! 2. Like a model T Ford, you can have it in any colour as long as it's black! Hopefully Ernie Ball will expand their range with these Polylocks at some stage in the near future. Functionally though, a terrific product.

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