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Ernie Ball 7 String Power Slinky Strings are widely revered for their world class tone. These strings are precision manufactured to the highest standards and most exacting specifications to ensure consistency, optimum performance, and long life. Ernie Ball 7 String Power Slinky wound strings are made from nickel plated steel wire wrapped around a hex shaped steel core wire. The plain strings are made of specially tempered tin plated high carbon steel; producing a well balanced tone for your guitar.

To guarantee consistency, maximal performance, and longevity, Ernie Ball maintains the highest quality control to exact specifications.

All Ernie Ball strings have hermetically sealed foil packaging that defends your strings from humidity, ensuring fresh tone as if they had been made just for you, right here in the USA. All insert labels are made from 100% recycled materials.

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Model: EB2620

Select Gauge: .011 .014 .018p .028 .038 .048 .058


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I love Ernie Ball Strings

By: on 21 July 2020
Ernie Ball Strings are great. They have a lovely "twang" to them when brand new. However, I DO like their Paradigm Strings the most, as they last for 6 months or more before I need to change them. Those Ernie Ball Paradigm Strings are the best, longest lasting strings that I have ever used. I wish Artist Guitars stocked the EB Paradigms (I'd have given a 5* Rating instead of 4* if they had Paradigm Strings). If/when they DO start to stock them and if their price is right, I'll purchase them for ALL my 7 or 8 guitars! ATM I usually purchase 3-pack deals via e-Bay. :D I only got these as I wanted a brand new set of 7-String Guitar Strings for my brand new and 1st ever 7 String guitar, the Artist Guitars' Spiritus 7 that I purchased recently. However, I am going to purchase Paradigm 7-String sets from now on. These non-paradigms are just temporary. I'll be purchasing another Acoustic Guitar or few in the future also, as I'd like a JB300NT V2 Steel String Acoustic as well as a new Nylon Classical Guitar. And I need a Bass or 2 also. LOL You can never have enough, let alone too many Guitars! Thank you Artist Guitars. You guys rock!

They do their job, Just.

By: on 12 January 2019
Upon unpacking this product, I noticed they were just like all other Ernie Ball strings I'd used in the past, sealed packet, but strings wrapped in unsealed paper envelopes. Right off the bat I noticed a serious problem though; The 0.58 string, the one that sets this pack apart from any old 6 string set, was almost too short. Whether it's due to slightly larger than normal frets, or the 7 in-line reverse headstock I have on my guitar, I have no clue. but the string had less than an inch spare once through the tuning peg, I ended up forcing it to bend with a set of pliers to keep it in place while tuning, and once it was in tune, it barely had made a half turn around the peg. For the moment it's holding in place, but I question it's integrity, and tuning to a drop tuning is asking for a catastrophic failure of the string. The other strings, while still shorter than ideal, went on and wound fine. Although as a whole I find the set has less "give" than other strings, which is great for staying in tune but makes stringing a lot more difficult. They sound about average for a new set of strings, nothing wrong with them, but nothing to write home about, About on par with D'addario, and a little behind elixir, although there is a deal of personal bias in that statement. They have a noticeably tinny tone at first. Which can be desirable for some, myself included as I mostly play metal and heavier genres, but I think could be a detriment when playing while using cleaner settings. When it comes to feel, they are smooth and don't catch the way some strings with larger windings might, but did require some string ease spray to make sliding comfortable. All in all they do the job, but I would likely only purchase them again if I had no other choice. Only time will tell how the hold up over the coming weeks or months, but given the issues with the 0.58, and the liberal amount of finger ease needed, I wouldn't recommend them for the long term.

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