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Artist ABS520 Guitar A-B Box Pedal

Pulling out the lead from your guitar while your amp is on to change guitars creates that horrible ""popping"" sound. use this sweet little box, hook up both guitars, one switch, and you'll never need to worry about popping again. And remember, all our pedals our hard metal, Made for the stage!. This can be used for 2 guitars into 1 amp, or 1 guitar into 2 amps (and lot of other combinations) . Please note this is not an ABY pedal so you can't run both amps at the one time.

The ABS520 is an passive pedal so it can be used in 2 different directions (you can have 2 inputs or 2 outputs) it has volume controls but these are passive and just reduce the volume (if you turn them down).

We also have 2 active versions, the active version allows you to boost the signal (great for lead solo's) but can only be used in 1 direction (we have 2 different models)

The Tech Features

Model: ABS520

Features: Passive A-B Box, can be used as ""2 inputs to 1 output"" or ""1 input to 2 outputs""

Case: Metal

Input Impedance: 1Mohm

Output Impedance: less than 1Kohm

Current Draw: 1mA

Connectors: Input jack,Output jack,DC Input

Controls: A-Ch Level, B-Ch Level

Bypass: True

Power Supply: 9V Battery or DC 9V ADAPTER

Dimensions: W 110mm*H 60mm*D 53mm - (4.3"" X 2.4"" X 2.1"")

Weight: 225g


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Belcat a/b selector

By: on 23 December 2020
I recently bought a Balcat A/B selector from artist guitars with the intention of giving it to my rhythm guitarist to use like an "amp channel footswitch" between two channels of an interface to go from a clean sounding amp sim to a distorted one for videos and mid recording takes. It worked perfectly as intended.

Perfect fix

By: on 24 September 2020
Worked exactly as advertised and is solidly constructed. Good stuff.

Perfect to switch between electric guitars

By: on 6 July 2020
Being a long time beginner guitar player, I got my second electric guitar and having only one amp with one input I did not know how to swap between guitars in an easy way. Googling around found this amazing pedal. It connects easily and both guitars sound fantastic as if they were connected directly to the amp. Pedals responds well. Unfortunately I think it is only used for playing one guitar at a time and cannot be used to play both guitars at the same time if I wanted to play them with somebody else.

Pedal - very pleased.

By: on 24 May 2019
Could hardly have had a better purchasing experience. Thank you.

No battery required

By: on 21 May 2019
This is a great little unit. From reading other reviews and product specs., I couldn't determine whether it would function without power. I plan to use the battery to utilise the LED indicator but I am happy to report that it doesn't require power to function.


By: on 8 March 2019
Got this pedal to A/B between amp and DI for YouTube vids and it's doing its job fabulously.


By: on 3 October 2018
This switch does exactly as advertised. I use an electric Bass guitar and an electric upright bass, when there's quick changes from one instrument to the next, and this pedal works flawlessly

Solid pedal

By: on 4 December 2015
for $39 this pedal is everything you expect. Solid little box that performs exactly as advertised. Would recommend.

Guitar A-B Box Pedal

By: on 6 August 2015
Bought this quality little pedal so I can change from one guitar to the next or from one amp to another at the click of a footswitch. No more loud POPPING when unplugging leads. Also love how it can be used in reverse (2 leads into 1 out, OR 1 in 2 out).

Good, solid switch

By: on 7 June 2015
I bought this unit to switch between guitar and mandolin into one amp, but (as the blurb says), you can also run it in the other direction to switch one instrument between two amps. Construction is solid - you're not going to hurt this easily unless you start hurling it around the stage and, even then, you'd probably break only the plastic level knobs, rather than the metal hardware itself .......... I've found its operation reliable. For me, the volume level knobs are of little value, since I can achieve the same effect by adjusting the instrument in question, but I can see their possible value in the other direction, to allow differential adjustment of the volume of one instrument out to two separate amps. In short, this switch works well .......... Why only a 4-star rating rather than 5 stars? Well, because there's no battery compartment as such - yes, there's a 9V battery supplied, but you need to undo 4 screws and remove the base to get at it - you'd better remember to have a Phillips-head screwdriver with you if the battery gives out mid-gig! Of course, most users will probably just run it from AC power anyway, but it's a pity that some manufacturers choose not to have an easily-accessible battery compartment.