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Artist TXC10EQ Solid Wood Classical Guitar + EQ + Hard Case

This is the newest classical guitar to come into our wide range of classical guitars. This solid wood classical guitar is on a class of its own. Boasting a Solid Cedar Top plus Solid Mahogany back and sides. You can expect a superb and warm tone as the TXC10 features an ebony fretboard and bone nut for great tonal transfer, and a carved Spanish Heel with a Dovetail join to give you superior resonance and sustain.

Accompanying the choice quality timbers is the unrivalled Fishman INK 4 OEM preamp which offers a 3 band EQ and a built in tuner that can certainly give you your tone needs whatever the situation.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: TXC10EQ

Body Size: 39" Classical Guitar


  • Top: Solid Cedar
  • Back and Sides: Solid Mahogany
  • Neck: 3-piece Mahogany

Fingerboard and Bridge: Ebony

Neck: 3 piece Mahogany, 25.5 inch Scale Length, 52mm wide and 4.8mm deep Bone nut, Truss Rod

Machine Heads: High-Quality Classical Guitar Machine Heads with Black Buttons

Strings: Savarez AJ510

Included Hard Case: Artist CC300 Full Sized Classical Guitar Hard Case

Optional Bags: BAG39, HGBAG39


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Great value for money

By: on 10 February 2021
My review is based on my playing style, with is chord melody jazz, and the pickup allows me to run the guitar through an amp and add some pedals that allow me to achieve a jazz tone I am looking for - fingerstyle and with a pick - (somewhere between nylon string Pat Metheny and Ferenc Snetberger - look him up, he’s a great player). Build quality: This guitar feels extremely solid and well built, will all wood cedar top and all wood sides. It can handle the high tension Savarez AJ50 strings well. Sound and sustain: The sound and sustain of this guitar is excellent for the price. It is better than quite a few $1000 classicals I have tested out over a few years. I used to own an Esteve 3ECE (electric cutaway) that cost me AU$1300 in 2012. The Artist TXC10EQ gets 80% of the way there, but at $500 less. It suits someone looking for a mellower, darker, warmer tone, not a bright Spruce top or a flamenco player. Projection: This guitar has good projection. Naturally it does not project as well as a flamenco guitar, but it is not weak in this area either. It depends on your playing style too. Intonation: I tuned the guitar up and did an intonation test and it was spot on accurate for each string. Balance: The balance of the sound and sustain across the six strings is very good. The 1st string, the thinnest, I would prefer this to have a bit more sustain, it is good, but not quite up to the other 5 strings. However, this is often an common problem in mid to lower level classical guitars, but not worth spending another $1000 on unless you are a pro. I adjust my technique slightly to compensate. Neck: The neck is a standard classical size, it has a really nice feel, all frets feel even, and are free of any buzzing anywhere on the neck. Fishman pickup: The Fishman pickup is really good. It has bass, middle and treble, plus a brilliance setting which you can crank up to get a brighter treblier sound. Through a good amp (I use a Peavey 30w Classic tube amp) it projects the sound cleanly and with no noise issues. Finishes: The finishes are very good. However, this is probably where improvements need to be made. Whilst only slight, some of the neck stain is variable, not enough to look bad, but not great looking finish either. Also, the guitar I received has a slight fade in the cedar top stain on the face near where the lead plug goes. It is like it was not coated right up to the edges. But it is only a few millimetres, noticeable up close but not from a few metres. This may sound critical, but I have owned a Yamaha C40 guitar for $120 and did not have these issues. I would prefer they were not there. Naturally the sound and sustain quality of the C40 is nowhere near the the Artist TXC10EQ. Overall: If you want to play an amplified classical guitar that is not a thinline model, that is all wood sides and top, then this would do an excellent job for the price. I have not played the Cordoba c5 CE, which is closer in price but with a soft gig bag, not a nice hard case. I would prefer the Artist TXC10EQ to be a cutaway, but I have found that I can adjust my left hand and access the notes past the 12 fret on the top three strings, up to the 15 fret, with relative ease (and really how often do you play up there?). I give the Artist TXC10EQ 4.7 out of five stars. A couple of minor things mentioned above just make it fall short of 5 stars. I am very happy playing this guitar.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the detailed review Darren. This means so much in helping other customers. Cheers!

TXC10EQ Solid Wood Classical Guitar + EQ + Hard Ca

By: on 14 September 2019
Top quality guitar. I think it is a spruce top, not a cedar top, but sounds great.

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