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Artist TweedToneV 5 Watt Tube Guitar Amplifier

The Artist TweedtoneV is a great addition to our Tweedtone line of amplifiers, known for providing tube -driven vintage tones at an affordable price. This five-watt tube amp is the perfect solution to low volume valve amplification and is perfect for achieving that natural break up/overdrive tube amps are known for.

It features a master volume and a presence knob, so you can blend in more high mids and treble to your tone. This will give you that livelier and raspier sound and also allow you to cut through the mix with clarity. It features a Boost switch for a little extra output boost, which comes in really handy when using low output pickups (Boost) or when using high output pickups (Normal). The beauty of the TweedtoneV is in its simplicity and ergonomic design. Anyone can flick this on and get a great tube amp tone, and it is very responsive to tweaking controls on the amp and your guitar.

The amp has a 5 watt RMS output through a high-performance Celestion G8C-15 Speaker.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: TweedtoneV

Output Power: 5w(RMS)

Speaker: 1 x 8 inch, 8 Ohms Celestion G8C-15 Speaker


  • Power Tube: 1 x 6V6
  • Preamp Tube : 1 x 12AX7

Control Functions:

  • Volume: Controls your main volume output
  • Presence: Boosts High Mid and High Frequencies
  • Boost/Normal Toggle Switch: Sets your output at normal or boost mode, allows for easier break-up
  • Power: Turns the Amp On/Off

Power Consumption: 35W

Dimensions: 31.4cm x 34.1cm x 18.2cm

Power Plug: (See our blog post for more details)

  • AU & NZ: 240V with AU/NZ Plug
  • UK: 230V with UK plug (with a fuse in the plug)
  • USA: 120V with USA 3 pin plug


Reviews (43)

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Artist 5watt tweed amp

By: on 10 October 2023
Fantastic little beast. Turn volume to breakup without the neighbours calling the cops. Love it.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for your review. We appreciate it.

Tweed tone v

By: on 2 October 2023
Great little amp and speaker for the price. Running two together at home

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate the support!

awesome little amp

By: on 1 September 2023
This little amp is so awesome for its size and price. I have already told my mates to get one. I have also tried plugging a few different pedals into it with amazing reults. I am so happy and grateful.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

Awesome little amp

By: on 15 August 2023
This little thing should be about $550 - $750, but it's not. It is awesomely surprising. Everyone do yourselves a favour and get one....... It is brilliance at a low cost

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks so much for your feedback! Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Beautiful tone

By: on 4 July 2023
This is still loud for 5 watts! It has amazing headroom, my pickups aren’t hot enough to break up the amp without some boost. Just amazing.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

Surprised at how good the Artist Tweed Tone V is,

By: on 30 May 2023
Like so many of the other reviewers, I was sceptical at how good a $249 tube amp would be but what the hell. I have a Fender 65 Princeton Reverb reissue which is a beautiful sounding amp with classic Fender tones, reverb and tremolo. It's only 12 watts but is too loud to use when you live in an apartment, as I do. I also have a Blackstar Artisan hand-wired which is way too loud to play at home.. I bought the Artist Tweed Tone V as a practice tube amp and also for guitar lessons and am really pleased with it. It's surprisingly good, especially if I run the signal through my Strymon Flint reverb pedal into it. It's very easy to carry around for lessons. Great value, and quick service from Artist Guitars. Couriers Please delivered it to Melbourne in about 24 hours and it was well packed so no problems there. I got Glove Amplifier & Speaker Covers in Sydney to make a padded cover for it which arrived today which I can recommend if you're going to be carrying it about

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Wow - all any home recording players will need

By: on 26 May 2023
This arrived today - and wow. I have far too many amps - a Vox AC 10, a Woogie 100 watt (made by Adelaide legend Franky of Custom music), a Fender Pro junior, a Peavey Delta Blues and a Marshall Dsl 40 cr. They are all fantastic, but I just wanted something smaller. This amp cost about 250 and for studio/ bedroom guitarists this amp is the best value for money I have ever seen. It has plenty of volume for a small space - way plenty. It might even do in a band practice room with drums - I will try that next time we get together. But it lacks nothing and can stand up beside those other amps. Great cleans and takes the pedals beautifully.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are impressed with the amplifier. Thank you for purchasing and leaving the amplifier a review.

Great sounding amp

By: on 22 May 2023
I'm really happy with how this amp sounds and the build quality. Feels sturdy and well made. I usually play clean so I don't crank it to break up. It gets quite loud when you crank it but I use a pedal when I want dirt so it's not an issue for me. No regrets on this purchase.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

This Thing ROCKS!!!

By: on 20 March 2023
After seeing Youtube videos, I must say that I was still sceptical of this, despite how great I thought it sounded when I purchased this little amp. However, I couldn't wait for it to arrive. When it did, a few days later, and I plugged it in and turned it up, my doubts fell away quickly. It sounds great. For a valve amp to sound this good for so little $$$ is amazing. This thing Rocks! I played it for my students and 2 of them immediately brought one. Just buy one!

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

Amazing, loud little amp!

By: on 6 February 2023
Such an awesome little amp. Sounds amazing and the build quality far exceeded my expectations for such a cheap price. Highly recommended

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for your review of the amplifier.

Absolute bang for buck

By: on 26 January 2023
Searching around for a simple amp for home use led me to find the TweedTone V, checked all the previous reviews and youtube vids i could find, I had a small taste of tube amps with my old VOX valvetronix, but was after something pure tube and a great base for pedals, this ticks all the boxes, couldn't believe the price, top quality build and finish and it sounds fantastic, for an all tube amp this cheap, it looks, feels and sounds the total opposite. if you are after a super clean and simple amp that still gets loud and don't want to take out a mortage, I can't recommend this enough! awesome product and thanks again!

Artist Guitars Response
It is our pleasure and thank you so much for leaving us this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Beautiful little amp

By: on 11 January 2023
This little beauty is fantastic. Beautiful, warm tones, plenty of sparkle and just makes you want to play and play. If you’re thinking about getting it, don’t even hesitate.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for the review! We are always here if you need further assistance.

Makes me sound good

By: on 22 December 2022
This little amp is a bargain. The sound it produces actually makes me sound like a decent guitarist.

Artist Guitars Response
Glad to hear that you are happy with the amplifier. Thank you for the review.

TweedToneV Awesome!

By: on 22 October 2022
Way way better than I expected. Has a really nice tone throughout the whole range and at really low volume with reverb and overdrive, it's as good as my Fender Prinston. Artist Guitars have done a great job with this little amp. The Joyo Sweet Baby amp is more like the original champ and has a darker sound. The TweedtoneV has more sparkle and beauty to the tone yet gets very tweedy as well, I use a Nobles ODR-1 overdrive. Without pedals, it stays clean until quite loud, and with overdrive, it has a great tweed tone at very low volumes. There is in my opinion a minor design flaw. It sounds a little boxy, but if you remove the rear panel it opens up and fills the room. This also allows more heat to escape. It looks really cool, is built well, and for the price It's just Incredible! 5 stars

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the review! We truly appreciate it. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to contact us. Cheers!

TweedTone 5 Watt is Awesome!

By: on 20 October 2022
I bought this amp on special, i could not refuse the discount, and I must say even at its full price it is an absolute bargain. Having never played through a tube amp before I was blown away with the tone and warmth. Its a brilliant pedal platform and gets sweet breakup with OD pedal at low volumes, but if you are wanting it to break up naturally without pedals you will have to crank it, and its quite loud for its size, so the neighbours might not be your friends. I have taken it to practice studio and it kept up with my band, however, i doubt it would be quite big enough for any kind of gig (maybe very small venue would be ok). All in all I am a massive fan of this amp. Buy it, you will not be disappointed. I am now saving up my pennies for its big brother the TweedTone20 so I can use it at gigs.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

Tweed ToneV 5

By: on 1 September 2022
I had this amp for a couple of weeks, overall I found it to be a reasonable amp, though I found it to be too loud for my place, it may have been a good amp if it had an attenuator on it to bring it down to 1watt from 5watt, I found I could not get a smooth valve break up at low volumes. Thank you.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for leaving this feedback. This definitely helps us in improving our products and services. I do see here that this has already been returned and refunded. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Good things often come in small packages

By: on 28 August 2022
I'm solidly impressed with the Artist Tweed Tone V tube amp! It delivers on so many levels. It looks great and produces that genuine classic sound many guitar players crave. It's small in size which makes it practical as a home amp bit still has enough sound for a large room. It is the mouse that can roar, or more precisely, growl. It's much better value than a certain brand competitor ;-) but it still delivers on sound. There is a reason why artists choose to mic up this type of amp for more sound volume, despite having access to modelling amps or larger tube amps. I have another great low power tube amp with a 12" speaker and the surprise for me was that despite the much smaller speaker size, the Tweed Tone V doesn't seem to be lacking in anything. It must be the right speaker choice and the open-back design which allows it to avoid that undesirable "boxy" sound of small combos/cabs. If that's your thing, the affordable price also allows customisations and experimentation which you wouldn't do to an equivalent vintage item. Artist definitely hit the sweetspot with this one. Unfortunately, I missed out on the earlier lower price but even at the current $299 it's a no-brainer to get. Considering the tight electronic component supply at and worldwide supply chain difficulties right now, it's a good idea to grab one now. I'm happy I have...

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for the great review of the amplifier. We truly appreciate it.

That vintage sound. A 5w beauty!

By: on 8 July 2022
Im a blues harmonica player and have been searching for an amp to emulate that vintage blues sound so many of my idols had. This amplifier (couple with the Superlux harp mic purchased for Artist) had taken me to blues harp heaven! With a rich and warm sound with the levels at 12 o'clock and a driven, crunchy tone at louder levels, this amp has brought out the best tone on my aying for sure. I've only owned this amp for two days but I've quickly fallen in love with it. Keen to run a delay and overdrive pedal through it in the future. More keen to get my hands on the larger tweed valve amp... Xmas is only around the corner! Hint hint. Thank you Artist!

Artist Guitars Response
It's our pleasure and we are glad to hear that you are happy with our products and services. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

A little beauty

By: on 6 May 2022
The perfect home recording / practice amp. Tube tones at bedroom levels. If you push it, the amp gives you the driven tone just like it should. Great cleans, and seems to like pedals. If you are old school and just can't bring yourself to go digital, this is the home amp for you. And it looks the goods too. Service from Artist Guitars was exceptional as always. Delivered within a few days.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

great little amp

By: on 8 April 2022
now my go to amp. dirty with my tele or clean with my casino its really a great sounding minimalist amp. after a few hours through it the tubes seemed to have bedded in and the sound has rounded out a little. worth every penny. if you are reading this and wondering if you should pull the trigger, stop wondering and do it. i very much doubt you will regret it

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Fantastic amp

By: on 3 February 2022
Fantastic amp. I done a lot of research on the net regarding the 5f1 circuit of the champ amp from the 50's. Read hundreds of reviews. I finally settled on a tweed tone v from Artist guitars. I've been playing guitar since I was 16, I'm now an old dude. I grew up with the tube amps of the 50s and 60s, so I know how they are supposed to sound. I am very impressed with the tweed tone v. I would recommend this amp to any muso who needs a bedroom tube practice as it gets that lovely tube break up, without blowing your brains out. 5 watts is ample, actually it van be quite load with a over drive pedal. Well do to Artist Guitars, I salute you.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you and we really appreciate the review that you have left.

Great sounding amp

By: on 28 January 2022
Great sounding amp. Easy to use. Responsive to volume and tone control changes using Tele pickups and Sg humbuckers.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Tweedtone 5 watt valve amp

By: on 7 January 2022
This is a fantastic little amp for the money. Perfect for recording.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Artist v 5 watt amplifier

By: on 24 December 2021
At last my little tweed amp has turned up, definitely worth both the wait and the price. Artist products continue their unblemished record,thankyou artist support staff. See you again in the very near future

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for your continued support! We really appreciate it!

Perfect little home amp

By: on 29 September 2021
Sure it's another Chinese clone of the champ 5F1 circuit, probably out of the same factory as the other brands.... BUT this variant is certainly winning the beauty stakes, pulling off a decent tweed appearance and perhaps more importantly adds a presence dial. The tone is exactly what it should be - tube champiness. It takes pedals well and I've settled on a NUX MG-300 with great results. Do yourself a favour and buy one if you want a simple, tasty, affordable tube amp for practice or studio.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Great Amp

By: on 21 September 2021
Love this little amp. Sweet clean and dirty tones. Loud enough for me, not too loud for the rest of the house and the neighbours. Artist Guitars were great to deal with. Highly recommended.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Artist v 5 watt amplifier

By: on 20 September 2021
I purchased a customer returned unit in late July still haven't received it. I have spoken to artist customer service and I was informed that it was a failed delivery, much to my relief as I feared it stolen, having bought many artist products without hassle rather annoyed. I'm not blaming artist guitars but would in future pay extra to hopefully guarantee successful delivery

Artist Guitars Response
Hi there, we are sorry to hear your experience hasn't been great. Hopefully, we have solved this with you in our emails together. I hope your next experience with us will be better.

Tweed Tone V - A Little Ripper

By: on 26 August 2021
Really impressed with the build quality and the tone is amazing for the size - plenty loud enough with a full rich sound. The simple layout makes it easy to use. Very happy with the purchase and highly recommended.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for the feedback and all the support

Great Practice Amp

By: on 14 August 2021
This is the second of these amps I have bought. Best amp for the price on any market. Very pleased.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks a lot for your feedback. This is highly appreciated. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We're always here for you.

Artist TweedToneV 5 Watt Valve Guitar Amp

By: on 10 August 2021
I've had this amp for a few weeks now, it's simply great. Beautiful tone, plenty of volume. I run a Boss ME50 into it and never tire of exploring the sounds it has to offer. For home use it's perfect, I might even record with it. Great job Artistguitars!!!!!!

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the review and for all your support.

Great tone in a small package

By: on 13 July 2021
Completely agree with the other positive reviews about this amp. It sounds sweet, provides a range of tone from the simple controls (sometimes less really is more) and is a fantastic practice amp all round. Excellent value for money and a quality product. Service and delivery from Artist was great as always.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks Andrew for all your support. cheers.

Tweedtone V amp is a little ripper.

By: on 10 July 2021
Still very loud if you have close neighbours, but very good tones can be had. I got it for $239 Au with a 10% off from ebay, which is about what you pay for a decent guitar pedal. Very happy....I have been a customer of Artist Guitars in the past and will again in the future. Keep up the good work. AAA+++

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks a lot for your feedback and continued support. This means a lot to us. Cheers!

Perfect home practice amp

By: on 9 July 2021
Excellent response, sweet tone. From reading other reviews, there may be some variation in volume output. The unit I have has a volume that makes it perfect for using without annoying anyone else in the house, and I doubt the neighbor's would hear it even if it was cranked right up to max. I am an electronics tech, so I may at some point have a look to see what there is to see, but at the moment this is exactly what I was looking for, so no rush. It doesn't mind a bit of reverb or echo added into the mix, and handles it really well. Happy with the purchase, and really enjoying my first baby tube amp.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for your trust and all the support. Cheers!

Follow up.

By: on 14 June 2021
Yes, it does the job mic'd up in a 4 piece alrighty. Real well. The lack of a tone control is not a problem - it's sound is right where it needs to be to cut through and I've been surprised at how loud I can get it on stage without even looking like feeding back, and no trouble at all hearing it. Of course it doesn't sound like a big amp, but that doesn't matter. A great little bit of kit.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for the feedback. We're happy to know that you're satisfied with your TweedtoneV amp. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Cheers.

Little Ripper

By: on 2 June 2021
I wish I had bought one earlier! This is an outstanding amp for its size and price. It's well built and feels solid, and for a small amp it nails the Tweed tone. I was surprised how loud it is when dialled up - it has big balls for a small amp (am I allowed to say that?). I like its simplicity too. I am yet to break it in, but it sounds great regardless. Well done Artist Guitars!

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for the review and we're glad to know that you were blown away by the TweedtoneV amp. Cheers!

Tweedtone v

By: on 27 May 2021
Wow what a great little amp , arrived couple of days ago and I’m still playing with it every day . More than enough power and tone wise it is simply great , thanks Artist for another great product !!

Just what I wanted

By: on 21 May 2021
Was hunting around for a valve tube amp around october last year, after listening to the intheblues review decided I liked to tone and was ready to order; unfortunately the amp was out of stock with no outlook on a restock date. Having bought a new amp in the interim, I got an email a few weeks go for the restock alert and ordered immediately. Turned up a few days later, looks great, nice and compact, and sounds lovely and warm with single coils and humbuckers. Essentially I liked the tone I heard from the video, and it lives up to that in real life. It's simplicity for me is a real plus, and what is offered is done well. Thanks Artist guitars for a quality product at an affordable price.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the review and we are happy to know that you are satisfied and happy with your new amp! Cheers.

Tweed ToneV

By: on 7 May 2021
Firstly thanks for the speedy, free delivery. Very good. I bought this thing for harp and after only a few hours I reckon it's exactly what I was after. First impression was that it's louder than I'd expected. I have changed the preamp tube to a JJ 12AX7 which has a bit less gain than the stock 12AX7 which had tonnes of gain - good for guitar perhaps. With that small change (I haven't gone down to a 5751 or anything,yet) and a volume control at the mic or in a pedal it was easy to get sounding the way I liked. It has a 'boost' switch which I didn't need but maybe with a much lower gain preamp tube it might give like two usable channels with the 'boost' bringing the gain back up. I might try that down the track. Another happy surprise was that the cleaner tone, volume control at about 12 o'clock, was warm and juicy and eminently usable. From there on up it breaks up like a little champ ion, can get as dirty as you want, well as dirty as I want anyway. Some harp players may look to replace the speaker with something a bit more scooped but it's alright by me. I've only had it today and haven't tried it miced in a band situation but I'm confident it will do the job. I haven't had it long enough to find a problem perhaps, but so far it's five stars - and $250 !

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you very much for your feedback with the amp. This is highly appreciated and this means a lot to us. If you have any questions or need any help, just let us know. Cheers!

Quiet? Am I missing something?

By: on 6 October 2020
I love this little beast! It feels solid and well put together, warms up quickly and satisfyingly and responds beautifully to my input. Sometimes I use a little delay or tremolo but mostly love its clean, unadulterated tones. I'm surprised when I hear people describe it as quiet. I haven't gone near cranking it to full volume but it scares me with my guitar volume set to just 2 or 3. I think I could easily get myself evicted with this little pocket rocket. Love it!

Worth the wait

By: on 6 August 2020
Preordered it 4 months ago but it was well worth the wait. Great little amp, sounds proper tweedy and the presence knob really adds some versatility to the tone. I tried a Joyo 5 watt and this leaves it for dead, it’s dead silent to, no hum until the vol knob gets almost full on. Even then the hum is barely noticeable. Swapped out the preamp tube for a 12AT7 and that gave a bit more clean headroom and seemed to work a lot better with humbuckers. The distortion with humbuckers at full volume seemed a bit tinny on some bass notes. The amp looks good to. A good little brother for the Tweedtone 20R.

Tweed never sounded so good!

By: on 21 January 2020
Brett Kingman got me onto this with his YouTube review. I didn't know needed a small tube amp until I heard him play through this. What a little beast! Best of all it takes pedals extremely well. Two rotary knobs, what could be easier. 5 watts is still enough to annoy the neighbors so adding a TS type pedal lets me play dirty at a lower volume. I was lucky getting the last one in stock just after Xmas [store demo model] - very grateful for Ian at Artist for getting it to me so quickly. Highly recommended.

Great Little Amp

By: on 27 December 2019
I really like this little amp. Great cleans and growls nicely when you drive it a bit harder. About as good a 5W practice/small studio amp as you can get. The first one I got did did have a technical issue so I can't give it 5 stars, but I still love the tone, and Artist Guitars dealt with the issue about as well as could be done, so 5 stars to them for the after sales service.

Quality all the way!

By: on 17 August 2019
Honestly this amp is just stunning value for money - if a Fender badge was stamped on it no one would blink an eye. The build quality is on par with anything out there, nice weight to it and all knobs and controls are very high quality. The Celestion speaker sounds excellent and they really nailed the voicing - bass and treble levels are good by default and the simple presence control gives you enough control over the tone and cut through. It stays nice and clean on the normal setting which makes it great for pedals but can be pushed more easily using the boost control which is very handy. It records very well with a 57 or ribbon mic and actually can get very loud so don't be fooled by the size. Could take a star off for no external speaker output but honestly what's on offer here is just that damn good. Best purchase I've made in a while!

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