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Artist TweedTone20R 20 Watt Tube Guitar Amplifier Combo

The Artist Tweedtone20R amplifier provides a great vintage-voiced tone at an affordable price. The amp has 2 channels, clean and overdrive. As is typical of vintage amps the 20R has a footswitch jack on the back that allows you to switch between clean and dirty channels seamlessly. The footswitch is available at a small additional cost.

Each channel has an independent volume control, and the amp features a master volume across both channels. This adds clean headroom, and also means that you can really drive the Clean channel hard to get that nice warm breakup at levels that don't have to necessarily annoy your neighbours. Switching to the overdrive channel provides a thick, creamy overdrive that naturally lends itself to a subtle variety of harmonically rich blues and rock tones, and the extra gain on the Drive channel means you can keep the Master volume low and still get classic tube-distortion.

Playing around with different Master and Channel volumes will provide a vast array of vintage tones, and there is some serious volume on tap with 20W of tube power!

The 3-band EQ is highly responsive and allows for a vast array of tones to suit your personal preferences.

This amp is loaded with a high-performance Celestion Seventy-80 12 inch speaker for excellent all-around performance.

The Tech Features

Model: Tweedtone20R

Brand: Artist

Output Power: 20W(RMS)

Speaker: 1 x 12 inch, Celestion 70/80 Speaker

Speaker OHM: 8 ohm


  • 2 x EL84 Power Tubes
  • 3 x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes

Control Panel:

  • INPUT - Connection to the instrument.
  • CLEAN VOLUME - Sets the volume of the Clean channel.
  • DRIVE BUTTON - Manually switch between the Clean and Drive channels.
  • DRIVE GAIN - Sets the amount of gain or distortion in the overdrive channel.
  • DRIVE VOLUME - Sets the volume of the Drive channel.
  • TREBLE - Adjusts the high-frequency equalization range as required.
  • MIDDLE - Gives active midrange equalization with boost & cut.
  • BASS - Adjusts the low-frequency equalization range as required.
  • MASTER VOLUME - Adjusts the overall volume of either the Clean. or Drive channels.
  • MASTER REVERB - Adjusts the amount of reverb added to the normal signal.
  • FOOTSWITCH INPUT - On the back of the amp. This switches the Clean and Drive channel. A footswitch is not included. (Please note, the drive button needs to be pressed in for this to work)
  • STANDBY SWITCH - Switches the amp in/out of standby power mode. Wait until 30 seconds after the power switch is turned on to prolong your tube life.
  • POWER SWITCH - Main amplifier ON & OFF.

Dimensions: in MM 495W x 445H x 255D in Inch's 19.5W x 17.5H x 10D

Weight: 18.5Kg / 41 lbs

Optional Accessories: Belcat FST22 Latching Footswitch

Power Consumption: 85W

Power Plug: (See our blog post for more details)

  • AU & NZ: 240V with AU/NZ Plug
  • UK: 230V with a UK plug (with a 13a fuse in the plug)
  • USA: 120V with a USA 3 pin plug


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All you'll need.

By: on 15 November 2023
Everything about this amp shows materials and workmanship equal to proverbial " big brands twice the price or more". I've played it with an American Strat and Thin line Tele with P90's, The tones are silky smooth with no unwanted noise. As others have said, by experimenting with the volume of the clean channel, master and guitar you can set some meaty sounds. You can do a similar thing on the drive channel. I've used the amp with a six piece band at gig volume and it cuts through with room to spare, I won't miss an opportunity to express a gripe I've long had with vintage styling amps and that's the control panel. It's really difficult to read white letters and numerals on a reflective chrome background, especially under stage lighting.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

Amazing Tone

By: on 8 November 2023
The more I experiment with this amp the better it gets. Great tones especially on the CLEAN Great value

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for the review. We truly appreciate it.

TweedTone20R exceeds expectations.

By: on 16 August 2023
I am mostly a home studio player, rare forays into gigs. Have been for many years using an Orange MicroTerror thru an old Blues Junior cabinet, with the 12AX7 swapped out for a 12AY7 in search of a little more clean headroom. Wasn't bad but I needed a more versatile sound, so after much research settled on the TweedTone20R. Very happy with this choice, great clean channel that, as so many have said, takes pedals really well. At first I didn't get along with the onboard drive channel, but as I played more with settings I have really grown to like it - get the footswitch, for the small extra $$ it's well worth it. The very high level of quality articulation coming from the speaker immediately had the non-guitarists in the house commenting how much better it sounded compared to the same songs on the old amp. Have fitted a 12AY7 in V2 and like it even more. Particularly impressed by: the clean tones, the very effective EQ and the clear distinction between the 3 volume controls (clean channel, drive channel and master) for instance, you can turn one way down and the other way up without the effects blending too much and interfering with each other. It gets along really well with all of my guitars. Still discovering tonal capability, I do find myself wandering into the music room more often, just to fire it up for 10 mins and experiment - a good sign for a keeper purchase. Biggest downside I can find is that the knobs turn very easily, if you adjust on the fly be careful not to bump an adjacent one... Thanks to Artist Guitars, interestingly I have three of their guitars (Grungemaster, BBurst 58X 10th anniversary and a TC59) plus a Tele build with Twangler pickups amongst my collection , and they too spend a lot of time out of the rack and in my hands!

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the review. We truly appreciate it.

Great preforming amp

By: on 23 June 2023
Couldnt ask for a more elegant sound projector. Clean sound throughout amazing at all genres. And very affordable

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Artist tweed tone 20

By: on 11 April 2023
WOW, originally saw this on Shane’s YouTube channel and I’ve gotta say this amp certainly lives up to the hype! It arrived in 4 business days and arrived in perfect condition. I really cannot fault this amp, it handles pedals very well, super easy to dial in a good tone. I only really wanted this as a clean platform for my pedals but I can seriously see myself using the drive channel a lot as it’s a very usable sound. Reverb is excellent, and the overall build quality is very good! I cannot recommend these amps highly enough! 10/10 from me

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

Just. Wow.

By: on 18 March 2023
I bought a discounted "customer returned" Tweed Tone 20R after mulling over these for over two years. What an amazing amp this is - my first valve amp after playing solid states for a VERY long time. As an ageing dude bashing away in his man cave I couldn't justify forking out considerably more for something secondhand from Vox or Laney just to have something with valves in it. I really can't imagine what might have happened to make the previous owner return this one - she is absolutely beautiful. I have spent a couple of nights trying her out on a range of guitars with a diversity of pickups. Every single one has never sounded better! I haven't even moved off the Clean channel yet. It breaks up so nicely and this thing is really loud. I've barely moved off 7 o'clock on the master volume. The reverb is really pretty and I've barely touched my pedals but I can see that it's going to sing particularly nicely with a bit of EHX Soul Food being fed to it. One final shout-out to Artist Guitars: my LP59CSB and G-Master sound absolutely AWESOME through the new baby. Believe the hype, my friends - this amplifier is superb value at full price and I just regret I didn't take the plunge earlier.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Great Amp but Melted

By: on 14 March 2023
Firstly, this is a great amp. Sound is incredible and did everything I wanted it to. Sadly after my third use at a practice session the room filled with a pungent stench and the amp completely stopped working. It looks like the transformer maybe just burnt out. Before this I can’t speak highly enough of the sound and I imagine I am in a small minority with the amp dying on me. I’ve bought a lot of items from Artist and they have always had tremendous support and I’m certain I could return this, but sending it back is a painful experience with the job I have. I will see if I can get repaired locally

Artist Guitars Response
I am really sorry for the inconvenience. I sent you an email on how we can have this issue resolved for you.

Tweed Tone 20R I think I’m in love!

By: on 19 December 2022
I was on the verge of buying a Fender Hot Rod Blues deluxe when I got talking to a fella who asked me if I had tried the Artist Tweed Tone 20R, I told him I had never even heard of them. After a bit of research and asking around I am now a very happy owner of one and mightily impressed. I didn’t want to be my king around with pedals and with this amp I don’t need to. It has a lovely biting clean channel and a crunchy drive Chanel and that’s all I needed and wanted, could not be more satisfied I love it, and it weighs so much less than my old Vox Ac30. Also the service from the crew at Artist was absolutely impeccable.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for your review. We appreciate it.

Best amp I have ever had

By: on 12 November 2022
These amps are so great. They sound awesome and mine has been awesomely reliable. I have owned a mesa boogie SOB and a Vox AC30 and this is better than they were. They all have different sounds but this is much more versatile. The tone is awesome. As clean as you want and as dirty as you want and it's super loud too. You can buy this for "value for money" but you can also buy it because it's a miracle amp. Also it seems of high quality, I have taken it in my car with me on long distances, always works fine. No scratchy pots. I thought i had a problem with it early on and I apologise to the Australian Artist company contact and the tech i spoke to as well for wasting their time! I thought it kept dropping in volume and tone after 5 -10 minutes of playing. They organised a courier to come and pick it up, but just before we confirmed the day, i cancelled the warranty request because i found out the problem was with my guitar pickup selector switch (a PRS guitar which is weird). I automatically assumed it was the amps fault because it was so dang cheap! If i ever become some kind of big gigging musician, I am just gona buy another one of these and run them together. Miracle amp! Miracle customer service! Great bouncy springy tube tone. I like it so much i bought the exact replacement tubes for it in advance for when i wear these ones out, but its going strong after nearly a year of mainly bedroom playing but some louder jams with a drummer too.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for the awesome review! If you need anything, please don't hesitate to contact us. Cheers!

Great value valve amp!

By: on 19 October 2022
I think you can’t go past this amp for value in a all tube 20w amp. While I’m not totally sold on the overdrive especially at low gain settings, the clean sound is superb and very suitable for recording and smaller venue gigs.

I'm a Fender amp man but...

By: on 20 August 2022
For months I've been telling the guys in the band I'm waiting for the Fender SuperSonics to come back in stock coz I'm getting one. (I'm tipping many reading this would be in the same camp) However, I saw Shane in the Blues review of both amps and thought I'd take the punt on the TweedTone20. And WOW! Unbelievable tone, this thing blew me away. Imagine the lads in the band when I roll up with this and not the SS, well they were absolutely speechless to say the least! The store eventually got the SuperSonic while the Artist was still on trial, I compared both myself but honestly could not see where the extra $1300 is justified to go the Fender. Well done Artist this rocks!

Artist Guitars Response
Wow, thanks so much for your awesome review! We really appreciate the support. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us, we're always happy to help!

Artist Tweed r20

By: on 10 July 2022
I received my amp about two weeks ago. I liked using it but wasn't completely blown away. As far as amps go it is pretty basic, offering two channels and reverb. The only thing you can plug in the back is a channel pedal. (if you can find the outlet) However, something has changed, I don't know what it is but today it sounds fantastic. Perhaps I've got the settings right; I don't know. Now I realise this amplifier does not need anything more. I've had a wonderful day. I can't wait until I can get back to my band.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for your honest review of the amplifier. We appreciate it.

The Amp You need

By: on 23 April 2022
This amp is absolutely fantastic it does everything you could ask for and more ,the valve set and circuit match the speaker perfectly.It can go from lead Crystal clean to an animal when driven I couldn't be happier,keep up the good work Artist Guitars.

Artist Guitars Response
It is our pleasure and thank you so much for leaving us this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

tweed tone 20R

By: on 24 February 2022
Received this Amp a few weeks ago,delivered on time and to the right place. Well packed and sturdy packing ,the Amp was well presented with no marks ,very professional looking after having a good look at the finish I was satisfied with the appearance of the combo .Plugged it in and turned on the power switch waited a minute and went from stand by to on ,no clicks or humm ,Good ,all knobs were firm and worked as expected ,Plugged in my 2012 Gibson Les Paul Studio set the master to 3 and the clean channel Volume to 4 ,Well what a sound damm i was impressed , full rich sound and loud,very clean tone ,after playing around with the Bass ,treble and mids ,got the tone i was looking for and Happily entertained my neighbors for half an hour ,didnt need to turn it up as was loud enough and didnt want to piss anyone off ,reverb was lovely and rich. Over to the overdrive channel and damm that was not expected ,wont need a peddle, here ,but may be on the clean channel here,DS1 OR TUBE SCREAMER OR DELAY. I AM VERY IMPRESSED WITH THIS AMP, for the price and quality, worth every cent and more, you would expect to pay at least a GRAND FOR SOMETHING SIMILAR,from the U.S.A. or the UK ,WELL DONE ARTIST GUITARS

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for the awesome review! We really appreciate the support. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, we're always happy to help!

Artist Tweedtone 20R Valve Amp

By: on 17 February 2022
Artist guitars are now my go to place for any musical product that I need. Bought this amp mainly due to Shane’s comparison of the Tweedtone 20R versus the Fender Blues Junior, which in my view the Tweedtone is leaps and bounds ahead of the Fender. Heaps more features than the competition, half the price, build quality is fantastic and the service from Artist guitars as usual in my experience is flawless. I did have a slight issue with the amp which ended up being a suspect valve, replaced and all good. This thing is DAMN loud, I have to wait till my neighbours leave so I can push the speaker a little bit. Great sounds and features. Well worth every penny.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for the review. We are happy to hear that you are satisfied with the amplifier and our overall service.

Excellent Amp and service

By: on 31 December 2021
Hi there, This Amp is fantastic, well built and sounds great, it did have a small buzzing sound that would kick in every now and then, I contacted Artist who got me to send a video, within a week I had a brand new replacement amp at no shipping cost and no questions asked, just a great company with great products, I would highly recommend this amp, you would be able to gig with it and as I’ve said it sounds fantastic , Thanks again Artist, keep up the great work, every product and all dealings with you guys have been awesome

Artist Guitars Response
It is our pleasure and thank you so much for leaving us this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Artist TweedTone amp

By: on 10 December 2021
Love it, love it and love it. Great amp, great price and I'll probably buy another to run them in stereo. I play in two fairly loud bands and I only need this amp on 1/4 volume on both the master and the channel. Great sound, plenty powerful enough, good EQ, really nice reverb and a great looking amp too. Very happy. Thanks again Artistguitars, as always super fast shipping and great back up service. I don't need to go anywhere else for music gear.

Artist Guitars Response
It is our pleasure and thank you so much for leaving us this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Wow ... what an amp.

By: on 18 October 2021
It arrived today. ... super fast shipping by the way ... and boy does it rock. I absolutely love it. Now I can get rid of my Katana, my oversize and overweight Fender and my Ashdown. This amp does everything I want. Not crazy about the O/D channel but I prefer to use pedals and just one channel anyway. For the price it is amazing. Well done yet again Artist guitars, everything I buy off you is good.

Artist Guitars Response
We really appreciate it for sharing this feedback with us. Thank you so much for the support!

Best service by far

By: on 23 September 2021
These guys are AMAZING..bought a Tweed 20r Amplifier. Was originally misplaced by Auspost. These guys sent another ASAP and arrived within 2 days . Unbelievable service . My go to shop for all my gear now. Amp is Unbelievable great sound great tone . Thanks again guys

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks so much for this review. I'm glad the replacement arrived so quickly and that you're happy with it.

Awesome Amp, awesome Service

By: on 14 June 2021
Purchased this amp, really based on price, cos I was too tight to spend $1800 on a Fender Princeton. Figured I could afford to waste $600 if I wasn't happy with it. Turns out - this little amp rocks when it needs to rock, cleans up beautifully and it has a more than adequate reverb. Principle use was for my studio but I will happily gig this baby! Company sent it to Perth, no fuss at all. The guys at Artist clearly care about their clients. Had a slight intermittency issue with the on/off light so sent it back (at Artist's expense), they replaced the offending indicator light and shipped it straight back. Perth - Sydney - Perth, all within 10 days. Very impressed with the quality and the service. I'd purchase again in a heartbeat! Thanks so much Artist Guitars, great job!

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks Ray for all your trust, support and understanding. We are always happy to go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy with their orders. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help with anything. Cheers.

Value for money

By: on 5 June 2021
Artist Tweedtone 20R , What a great small to mid size stage amplifier featuring full valve 3 x 12AX7 in the drive section and 2 x EL84 for the power section so plenty of power with great tone and more than enough mid drive. I was concerned about the Digital reverb, but believe me, im a big reverb fan and im in love with the quality of sound im hearing . Amp uses a 12 inch Celestion Seventy 80 speaker ,, again, im impressed. Tweed finish looks great and I highly recommend adding this amp to anyone's collection . Ive got to give this Amp 5 stars , well done Artist

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you very much for your feedback on the amp. This means a lot to us and we are glad that you like it. If you need help or have any question, just let us know. Cheers!

Absurdly good Amp

By: on 28 May 2021
Finally got my Tweedtone R20 Amp today and I must say I’m blown away. I was looking for a big rich clean tube tone that could handle the middle position of my Gretsch Electromatic and I’m not disappointed. Beautiful reverb and a drive channel that I’ll explore more deeply later. Price aside, this is a seriously great amp! Thanks to the great team at Artist Guitars.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for leaving a review for the amp. We are glad that you are enjoying it. Feel free to contact us if you would need assistance or have any questions about the amp.

Absurdly good Amp

By: on 27 May 2021
Finally got my Tweedtone R20 Amp today and I must say I’m blown away. I was looking for a big rich clean tube tone that could handle the middle position of my Gretsch Electromatic and I’m not disappointed. Beautiful reverb and a drive channel that I’ll explore more deeply later. Price aside, this is a seriously great amp! Thanks to the great team at Artist Guitars.

Artist Guitars Response
We are really happy to hear that you are enjoying the amp. Thank you for leaving a review for it. If you would need any assistance or simply have questions about it, please feel free to reach out to us.

Absurdly good Amp

By: on 30 April 2021
Finally got my Tweedtone R20 Amp today and I must say I’m blown away. I was looking for a big rich clean tube tone that could handle the middle position of my Gretsch Electromatic and I’m not disappointed. Beautiful reverb and a drive channel that I’ll explore more deeply later. Price aside, this is a seriously great amp! Thanks to the great team at Artist Guitars.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for your feedback. We are happy that you like the amp. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Cheers!

1 Channel - has onboard FX - still worth it

By: on 18 April 2021
I've owned one of these since 2019 and it's been a very good amplifier. Very recently it's had some noises creep in - probably dry joins and some bad caps - so I cracked it open to see what would need doing (don't do this at home, I'm what you call "a professional"). Well, boy howdy, was I in for a surprise! This is a single channel amplifier with DSP reverb and a weird, 2-stage tubescreamer circuit in front of the input. Each stage of the JRC 4558D has a set of clipping diodes - without disassembly, it looks like some 1N4148 signal diodes on the first stage and a pair of red LEDs on the second. Makes sense when you realise the OpAmp is going to be used for make-up gain since it's only a single-channel amp. Sound is great, even with the weird effects stuff hanging around - should be marketed more accurately, though (not Artist's fault - this is likely straight from the factory)

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for the informative review. We really appreciate it. If you do have any questions or need any assistance with the amp, please do not hesitate to let us know or contact us.


By: on 30 March 2021
My TweedTone 20R just arrived and i am in love with it! It sounds INCREDIBLE! Beautiful sparkly clean tones, a drive channel with plenty of punch, and more than enough volume to tick off the neighbours! For this level of quality, at this price point you just can't go wrong. Shipping was super quick (arrived in 2 business days) and as always the crew at Artist Guitars are a pleasure to deal with. A+, 5 stars, 10/10!!

Artist Guitars Response
We really appreciate the kind words and we are happy to hear that you are having a blast with the amp. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


By: on 7 March 2021
Further to my other post, turns out the whole front grill is held in place by velcro, it pops off, a clever design which makes it quick and easy to get a mic on the speaker. Unfortunately mine has a big overspray of clear glue or paint dribbling down the timber panel above the speaker. If a light hits it on the wrong angle it looks bad but it's only cosmetic. Apart from that I'm enjoying recording with this amp, it gives a solid tube tone!

Artist Guitars Response
We are sorry to hear about the cosmetic issues with the amplifier. It is not something that we normally encounter with the amp. Please send us an email to in order for us to assist you in getting this resolved. We have tried to look for the order associated with the email address used to place the order but we are unable to find an order on our system. Thank you and looking forward to your email.

A couple of Problems

By: on 25 February 2021
Firstly one of the screws holding the speaker in place was totally loose ex factory so I had to fix that. Second people should be aware the speaker is at least one inch offset behind the grill. If you want to close mic the speaker at a gig or recording you can't do it easily. Those 57s seem to like being closer to the speaker. I'm contemplating cutting a hole in the grill and fitting a plastic cover thing from a drum shop, drummers use em when cutting into kick drums. Apart from that I like all the controls, these amps are pretty loud and it has a fairly useable valve tone.

Artist Guitars Response
I am so sorry to hear that your experience with the Tweedtone20R has not been that convenient for you. If there is something that we can do to help, feel free to reach out to us at

Great Amp!

By: on 7 January 2021
This amp is outstanding. Beautiful shimmering cleans, a more than adequate drive channel. It is loud but can be turned down to bedroom level and still sound amazing. I would definitely recommend this little beast. Nice work Artist Guitars.

Artist tweed tone..

By: on 4 January 2021
Awesome 20 watt tube amp... i own several other amplifiers but since receiving this it has become my number 1... Great amp Great price.. Awesome service overall..

Above & beyond expectations

By: on 9 December 2020
I bought a Tweedtone 20r, which is a great little valve amp for the price, beautiful round clean tone with my Fender & roars on the drive chanel with my Epiphone....but I absolutely must give 5+ stars to the staff at Artist. - Being close to Xmas there was no end of trouble with the courier, but they chased it up on my behalf several times & kept me in the loop the whole way. They were courteous & responsive to my queries & I was never made to feel as if I was a bother. **Awesome Aussie Company ** shop with confidence - JB

One of the Best sounding Combo amps for the money

By: on 2 October 2020
Absolutely a pleasure to play through I have used lots of different brand Amps over the years this one has all the important things you need, I was so impressed with the 1st one I brought another as a backup. For the Money you can't go wrong this is a fantastic Amp with plenty of punch if needed and a great sound all round..

Amazing amp no matter what it costs

By: on 27 March 2020
Too good to be true and I am still shaking my head in disbelief. I am feeling this amp would sound great ran into a 2x12 cab. For the price I paid for this amp brand new I am going to buy another. This amp is gig worthy and can be very loud but sounds great in a band situation. If I had to describe the sound of it then I suppose you could say its a cross between a Vox and Fender, almost Dr Z Carmen Ghia. I would like to try it with a Celestion 2x12 cab.

Great for cleans and high gain!

By: on 24 February 2020
No one has mentioned how this amp is also a high gain monster! Great sparkling cleans with a strat and was also getting huge metal tones from my LP with blackouts. Great open-back tube amp combo that's very responsive to touch. Love it!

Awesome - Artist TweedTone 20R 20 Watt Tube(Valve)

By: on 28 February 2018
I love this Amp. At $499 It is pound for pound (and Dollar for Dollar) the Best value Valve amp around. it has separate Clean and Drive channels that You can toggle(noiselessly)between using an optional footswitch (I already had one) And both are Great The Clean is sparkly Clean and the Drive has some real Grunt. I have tested it with My Jimmy Vaughan Fender Strat(Single Coils), My PRS SE277 SemiHollow Baritone Guitar(P90s) and My Artist LP59 (Humbuckers)and all the Guitars really Shine through this Amp. My other Amps are a VoxAC15HW(Alnico Blue) and Vox AD60 VTX and this Little Champ is right up there with them at a fraction of the price

TweedTone 20R

By: on 16 October 2017
Amp arrived this morning and I was immediately very impressed with the packaging. Plenty of cardboard protecting this beauty and although there are bumps and tears in the outside of the box the amp was untouched deep inside. After unpacking and a read of the one page instructions I powered it up and plugged in my Artist Butterscotch Tele (one of my favourites with new Tonepro Vintage Plus pickups fitted!!) An hour later I stopped playing and was stoked! Great amp and great fun! Before I bought this amp I wasn't sure if I needed it (not a reason I've worried about before) because I already had a Joyo 5 watt valve amp that really does all I need. As soon as I started playing though I new that I had a new favourite. Love the switchable clean/drive! Amazing possibilities of tone with heaps of grunt.

Brilliant Amp!

By: on 26 March 2017
Super happy with this tube/valve amp combo. Sounds great with single coil or humbucker equipped guitars and can go low enough to be a practice amp for the house/bedroom, without annoying the neighbours. Build quality is excellent. This amp's value for money factor, can't be beaten, anywhere in the world, IMO. Buy with confidence. Free foot switch and leather strap intro offer was a nice touch, BTW.

TweedTone20R 20 Watt Tube Amp

By: on 25 March 2017
This is a very good amp. For the price I don't know of a better amp. I have several amps and have used many over the years. I also have the Fender SUPER-SONIC 22 COMBO (cost over $2000.00) which weighs a ton and does not perform any better. The tweed tone is also loud. The tone for the clean channel is just that and there is great tonal range from the dirty channel. The foot switch works seamlessly between channels and there is no noise when changing channel. Overall a very good tube amp at a very good price.


By: on 24 March 2017
After 50 years of different amps from Goldentones to Fender Hot Rods via Marshall Quads, Roland and Peavey I have finally found what I want at a price I can afford. I am blown away by this little beauty....the tone is sweet with my Strat and it rings with acoustiv harmonics if I stick a Maton in it...You see the venues I play have volume issues and I never get a chance to wind out previous amps and warm those tubes...but this amp allows me to push it to the sweet spot with heaps of headroom left. Maybe if I do an electric band gig it might need to be miked but then I usually looks great....and sounds delicious. Only negative was I was expecting a bit less weight than the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe but its still pretty heavy (Yes I'm guessed it) but that weight translates to good quality components. for $400...I am stoked

Half the cost twice the value.

By: on 9 March 2017
I have had this amp for a week now and am incredibly impressed. First thing though it's tone is not the old Tweed amp tone of the 50s, more a Vox/Marshall sound. I tried a Blues Junior 3 a few weekd ago and this amp has a similar sound, as it should with the same tube configuration, but the top panel gives this Tweedtone much greater range and capability at half the price. I did a Db test using the clean channel with channel and master volume knobs set at 5 and the tone knobs also all at 5. At a distance of three metres I got a reading of 106Db. With the volume at 3 it read 100Db so this amp should be plenty loud enough to hold it's own in most situations. Using a Tele, a Strat and an Artist Guitars Cherry58 I have been exploring the clean tones and so far have not found anything I do not like. I mostly play clean and there seems to be a ton of headroom. The drive channel I have yet to explore but from the small forays I have taken into it it should suit those who like that overdriven sound. The combination of the Cherry 58 and this amp allows me to get everything from a great rounded jazz sound to hard driven rock aka Chuck Berry with something close to a BB sound in there as well. The amp is pretty quiet even with single coil pickups and works well with both Tele and Strat. The Tweedtone worked fine with all of the pedals I have tried on it so far analogue delay, chorus, tremelo, mini wah, acoustic simulator and overdrive. The only problem with this amp is going to be settling on one particular setting as there is so much variety. The trad tweed look is great and my wife loves the retro chicken head knobs so it's a hit all round.

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