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This pack includes:

  • 1 x Artist TC59L Left Handed Electric Guitar + Bullbucker Pickups
  • 1 x Artist REC350FTB Electric Guitar Rectangular Hard Case with Lock

Artist TC59L Left Handed Electric Guitar + Bullbucker Pickups

Combining vintage styling with contemporary appointments, the TC59 is a worthy addition to the Artist Guitars brand offering everything that you could want in an electric guitar without the hefty price tag.

Sporting Artist's in-house designed and manufactured "Bull Bucker" humbucking pickups, the range of sound possibilities that can be achieved from the '59 whether it be jazz, blues, rock or country, is quite astounding. The "Bullbuckers" are a fantastic pickup in their own right and are starting to make some very positive noise amongst guitar players but when they are combined with the TC59's American Ash body and the maple neck you have an absolutely outstanding guitar package.

The modern bridge which allows for each string's intonation to be adjusted separately guarantees that you can set your guitar up to its optimal level - such a necessary and useful innovation.

To top it all off this wonderful little axe has locking machine heads which make sure that tuning is never far from perfect.

Check this little beauty out! It is well worth the effort - you won't be disappointed!!!

The Tech Features:

Brand: Artist

Model: TC59L

Body Wood: American Ash

Machine Heads: Improved Locking Machine Heads

Finish: Blonde Gloss

Neck: 22 fret Maple Fingerboard; Satin Finish; Bone Nut, C-Shape Neck

Fingerboard Radius: 12" (305mm)

Bridge: Modern Bridge

Pickups: Humbucker/Humbucker (Bullbucker pickups with Chrome Covers)

Features: 3 way switch, Coil Tapping, String Through Body, Better Wiring Shielding

Weight: 4kg - 4.5kg approx.

Strings: D'addario EXL-110

Artist REC350FTB Electric Guitar Rectangular Hard Case with Lock

This hard case will fit an electric guitar and keep it safe and sound. It has sturdy wooden construction with a lockable latch (the key is inside the case). It has a great sized compartment for all your accessories and spare strings.

This case will fit the following electrics - Les Paul Jr., Strat's, Tele's, RG Ibanez, Jackson Soloist or similar, ESP and Schecter and most other similar models. It will also fit our Grungemaster, AG1 and AG100 guitars.

This case will not fit - SG, PRS, Jaguar, Jazzmaster, or anything non-standard.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: REC350FTB

Material: PVC + Plywood

Covering: Tweed Vinyl

Interior: Plush Wine Red

Hardware: Gold coloured

Weight: 5 Kg / 11 lb and 0.4 oz

Internal Dimensions:

  • Length: 104 cm / 401516
  • Body: 48 cm / 1878
  • Width: 33 cm / 13”
  • Depth: 8 cm / 318


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Artist TC59L

By: on 26 August 2021
The people at Artist may think i am a problem customer as i have tried a few guitars and sent them back but i was regretting sending the first TC59 back and decided to give it another go, so i ordered another and with the usual efficiency from the company it arrived promptly and in good shape. To my disappointment the guitar had a defective tuner and another was not perfect.I was offered a search for some at the workshop then to be sent to me but i liked the guitar so i decided to buy some Gotoh tuners and installed them ..This solved the problem..Of course i needed to adjust the neck and intonation as i changed the strings to a heavier guage .The jumbo frets i think require at least 11,s in order to make my fingers feel right on the frets (personal taste i guess). Also you get a stronger tone. The nut required filing and once these thing where done the only problem was getting used to the weight..The reason i returned the first one i had but i have persevered and am now quite used to it and it is not a problem..The pickups are great and the electrics (switch and knobs ) all work well. I now have a beautiful natural finished Ash body and maple neck with lovely grain on a Tele that has a true country twang.. a great rock sound ..a very nice jazz sound ..Thanks to the versatility of coil splitting..Value for money for sure after you sort a few teething problems .. PS..i also changed the pickguard to white and looks much better

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the feedback and I am so sorry to hear about the inconvenience. I can see that everything is well now and feel free if you will require further assistance.

A Little Love from a Leftie!

By: on 26 March 2021
Being a left-handed guitarist means having to manage your disappointment every time you see a gorgeous guitar only to be told it's only available as a right-handed model. I have a Gibson LP leftie (2004 model) as well as a 12 string Ovation, a Fender Strat and a surprisingly mellow Tanglewood 6 string. I'd been considering buying a Fender Tele but then one afternoon I stumbled across a review of the Artist TC59L. I'd seen the Artist brand floating around on Facebook but hadn't considered it as being the sort of guitar worth buying. I just considered it a cheap beginner's alternative. Anyway, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to buy one. Ok ... this is where it gets interesting. I made the purchase and immediately received follow up emails from Artist confirming purchase. Later that afternoon I received Aust Post confirmations that my parcel was on its way. It arrived a few days later in great condition ... no damage. When I opened the carton I was greeted by the sight of the spectacular Tweed case and inside was the neatly wrapped guitar. After unwrapping it I gave it a careful inspection, and was pleased to see there was no damage or marks on the body or neck. Nice! I sat down and started playing it unplugged. Surprise #1 ... the action was perfect. Surprise #2 ... the neck is really nice. Surprise #3 ... it is solid ... perhaps a little too heavy but then again I'm not planning on live-gigging with it. Surprise #4 ... when I turned the guitar face down to look at the back sawdust fell out of the switchplate hole. The strings it came with were a little dirty so I changed them to a new set (LOCKING TUNERS!!!) and plugged it in to my amp ... neck pickup sounded great ... good full sound and no buzz ... splitting the coil gives you a brighter sound ... nice. Then things went downhill ... switching to the middle position sounded the same as the neck. Hmmm? So I switched to the bridge ... and ...nothing ... dead pickup? I tried playing around with the selector switch but nope ... nothing! I went to the Artist web site and posted a service call. A day later I received a bit of a non-committal reply saying it was unusual for this guitar to have a problem with its pickups. Which I thought was odd. Anyway the service reply also asked for a video to be shot showing the problem. Which I duly shot. But then I began to consider all the messing about that may go on if I sent the guitar back for warranty repair. I could be waiting for another week or so. Being reasonably adept at things electric I popped the switchplate off and had a look at the selector switch. It's a pretty cheap switch type and I realised that there was a short across a pair of terminals as well as a dry joint. And to be honest the wiring is a bit of a mess! Anyway ... I moved bits around and the pickup came back to life. Back to playing and the guitar with both pickups working sounds great. Full and meaty with a great bite. Sounds like my kind of burger! My honest opinion about this guitar is it's well made, affordable and offers value for money as an entry level guitar or a good second string axe for the working musician. Beautifully finished and thoughtfully designed. Quality control is generally good but it's obvious where the savings are being made. The problem with dubious electrics on an electric guitar is pretty obvious. I have now replaced the wiring harness, pots and switch with genuine Fender parts. Have they made a difference to the sound? Not much but I feel more confident that my electric Artist guitar will remain electric when I need it most. After all an electric guitar with no electrics is an acoustic! A very quiet acoustic! By the way, I am about to order another of Artist's amazing offerings.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for taking the time to write this review. As we mentioned to you via email, we are committed in ensuring our customers are well taken care of and that they are happy with their order. Please feel free to reach out if there is anything else we can assist you with. Cheers.

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