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Artist TC59 Electric Guitar with Bullbucker Pickups

Artist TC59 Electric Guitar with Bullbucker Pickups

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Artist TC59 Electric Guitar with Bullbucker Pickups

The Artist TC 59 Electric guitar has certainly been a long time in the development phase but as the saying goes, "good things come to those who wait" and the TC59 is finally here and a "good thing" it certainly is!

Combining vintage styling with contemporary appointments, the TC59 is a worthy addition to the Artist Guitars brand offering everything that you could want in an electric guitar without the hefty price tag.

Sporting Artist's in-house designed and manufactured "Bull Bucker" humbucking pickups, the range of sound possibilities that can be achieved from the '59 whether it be jazz, blues, rock or country, is quite astounding. The "Bullbuckers" is a fantastic pickup in their own right and are starting to make some very positive noise amongst guitar players but when they are combined with the TC59's American Ash body and the vintage style maple neck you have an absolutely outstanding guitar package. 

The modern bridge which allows for each string's intonation to be adjusted separately guarantees that you can set your guitar up to its optimal level - such a necessary and useful innovation.

To top it all off this wonderful little axe has locking machine heads which make sure that tuning is never far from perfect.

Check this little beauty out! It is well worth the effort - you won't be disappointed!!!

The Tech Features:

Brand: Artist

Model: TC59

Scale Length: 648 mm / 25.5 Inches

Body Wood: American Ash

Machine Heads: Improved Locking Machine Heads

Finish: Blonde Gloss

Neck: 22 fret Maple Fingerboard; Satin Finish; Bone Nut; Nut Width: 43mm; C-Shape Neck

Fingerborad Radius: 12" (305mm)

Bridge: Modern Style Bridge with Brass Saddles(Individually Adjustable)

Pickups: Humbucker/Humbucker (Bullbucker pickups with Chrome Covers)

Features: 3 way switch, Coil Tapping, String Through Body, Better Wiring Shielding


insanely good quality for the price.

By: on 7 January 2021
My wife bought me the TC59 for xmas after she had observed me sussing it out for 5 months during locked down. I cant believe how good quality this instrument is for the price. The only thing i think might not work for some people is the weight of the body. Keep up the great work 'Artist Guitars' on producing affordable quality guitars.


By: on 3 January 2021
All good things are worth waiting for . Love my TC59 guitar . cheers Tony J.


By: on 25 December 2020
cant believe the guitar i got for the price, what an amazing tele copy. but the mailing was second rate, rang three times , emailed three times & they could not get back to me in 16 days, rang artist guitars and they said they would send me another guitar an they did, however once i complained to couriers please about there poor service my first guitar arrived. So being the honest person i am i informed artist guitars that the first guitar had arrived and they should not send the other guitar as that would be 2 guitars, even wrote a nice review of the t59 which they declined to put up on there website for what ever reason. So i will make Shure i let everyone i know how i was treated & the lack of customer service from couriers please.

Artist TC59

By: on 23 November 2020
Happy with the delivery time arrived around the time that was stated . The quality of the guitar is quite amazing considering the low price. The finish of the guitar is excellent the finish on the frets are smooth and clean, it is set up great(plays unreal) Overall it looks, plays and sounds as good as a guitar many times more expensive. I will be using this professionally at live gigs with confidence.

Worth waiting for!

By: on 21 November 2020
The TC59 is an awesome guitar! Like a lot of others I checked out the reviews and can completely agree with all the comments posted. It is a quality instrument, sounds fantastic and looks beautiful! It is somewhat weighty but all the other features of the guitar make up for it! I have accessorised my TC with the Artist jacquard GSJBK pink and black strap and Ernie Ball strap locks and totally love the look of the whole kit! It's a guitar I look forward to playing each day when I get home! Another quality guitar from Artist that is a pleasure to own and play! Thanks guys.

Artist tc59

By: on 19 November 2020
I have a collection of 16 guitars and was told by a friend that I should get myself an artist tc 59. I was sceptical thinking that this was a no name guitar so I watched some YouTube reviews and decided to take the punt and paid for a pre order. The guitar arrived on the day that was promised and I was completely blown away by how good this guitar is now my favourite that I pick up first every time. Straight out of the box it was brilliant just a quick tune is all that was required. I have paid a fortune for branded guitars that don't play half as good as this. I have noticed that there is a pre order for slimline tele and I am going to purchase this also. Couldn't be happier with my purchase

TC-59 with Tweed Case.

By: on 11 November 2020
Well I jumped in last order rotation and ordered the tweed case and the TC-59 15th September 2020. At lunch time today 11th November 2020 she was delivered to me. Unless the Chinese are copying the coloured ball ends of DÁddario I will have to assume she comes fitted with a set of these strings. The case comes with a lockable latch and a key, the guitar comes with 2 x 0.7mm celluloid picks, a small black plastic bag containing a truss rod allen key, and a bridge saddle allen key, and finally a thicker than normal instrument lead with a right angle connection at one end. As everbody has said she is heavy...tops the scales at about the same point as the two Ash Body Bass guitars I have. Seeing as I play at home sitting down it will not matter much. She is a little heavier than a kit built Ash body Stratocaster I have, and is way heavier than an Alder body single coil Telecaster I have. The volume and tone knobs are chrome painted push on plastic ones. The push-pull pot on the tone knob feels quite nice and has a good definite change of position to it. The locking tuners look great, the pickups have very shiny chrome covers with "Artist" etched into them, and the bridge is a nice flat wide based hard tail chrome chunk of metal. The three way switch has a firm feel to it, and a long throw switch toggle with a nice black plastic cylindrical tip. The body has a thick and quite solid cover of something akin to polyurethane and feels great to the touch.....may have to drop a few coats of auto wax on that. The single ply Black pick guard is thick. It has a nice even beveled edge all the way around. The pick guard fits under the end of the fingerboard and around the end of the neck really well. The neck and body joint is really tight and feels and looks very sturdy. The neck plate is a solid chunk of chrome metal with four big screws, it does not have a plastic/rubber vibration pad underneath it. The neck is quite amazing. I love the is very close to roasted maple in colour. The back of it carries a skunk-stripe which is obviously painted on black colour. The whole neck is finished with a satin finish and the back of the neck is amazing and fast. I like the "Artist" logo on the headstock, as it appears to be a silver painted/silk screened effort which just shows a little class. The fingerboard is a separate slab of maple on top of the neck wood. It has really nicely finished frets with no jaggy ends...some do scrape a little under bends...but a quick rub over will fix that, and they look like a little polish will make them sparkle. I can't decide what the nut material is at this stage. Either way, it is cut and fitted really well. The first fret string height is really close and will need a minimal of adjustment. The intonation on the Fat E string was way out....but tuned up really well. The string height is uniformly a little high across the fingerboard, and will come down as the neck and strings settle....and I adjust them. I have not heard the Bullbucker pick-ups before and they sound nearly "wide series fenderish" rather than "PAF" Gibson style. It is a different, but extremely grunty, tone on the bridge in full humbucker and max gain. Pull the tone pot and drop to the neck and you have some amazing smooth atmospheric tones. Wow, how versatile is this thing going to be. My only step up and do something moment are the strap buttons.....pulled straight through a webbing strap I put on it. A leather strap held it better, but some strap locks are in the mail. The case, the guitar and the pickups delivered to me for $358-00, you can't get close to that for what is effectively a Telecaster Deluxe. I am amazed at the ever increasing standard of finish and electronic performance of Artist Guitars. Very nicely done. Hmm....may have to read some reviews and wait for the hollow-body thinlines I think.

Believe the hype

By: on 6 November 2020
Been playing electric guitar for 20 years, teaching guitar for 8 years. Ordered it after hearing all the great reviews on YouTube. Got it out of the box and it feels good already. Frets are all very nice. Slightly loose tone pot but I'm sure it'll be easily fixed. The action is just moderately high, still very playable straight out of the box. No fret buzz. Beautiful finish. Very nice jazz and rock tones. I love the sound of the pickups both humbucking and with the coil split. A decade ago something like this could have cost you about a grand. I prefer it to some much more expensive guitars. The glowing reviews are well-deserved.

TC 59 What a Cracking good guitar!!!!

By: on 29 October 2020
This guitar is absolutely amazing!! I've purchased quite a bit of gear off artist and it's all been top quality stuff! This guitar I knew was going to be great even before I received it, but once I had it in my possession I was blown away considering the price. It actually feels better and sounds better than my $2000 less paul and any other guitar I've had. Well done guys, you seriously could retail this guitar @ $1000 and people would be impressed. Cheers, Leigh.

Tone machine!

By: on 21 October 2020
I recently purchased the TC59 and I'm still picking my jaw up from the floor. It's amazing! The playability, the locking tuners, the satin backed neck, overall finish, tone possibilities, all of a very high standard. It went up a notch when I loaded the Ernie Ball 10s. I play instrumental music best described as 'surf and beyond'. The TC59 split through a Blues Junior and an AC15 is spectacular, sparkling, pure and punchy. I 95% use the split single coils, bridge or bridge/neck. I've got my eye on the Thin line now! I have one question for you Artist you have any plans to produce a version with a Bigsby? I'd be up for one of those as well... Cheers Tsunami Steve.. PS...I didn't mention the weight because it's a non issue! Okay, so I've mentioned it If it sounds this good, who cares....

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