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Artist ST62 Vintage White Electric Guitar w/ Single Coil Pickups

This is the latest in Artist's signature model guitars. It boasts a modern 2-pin tremolo with a slot in/slot out arm rather than the vintage screw-in design. This is an extremely nice guitar to play with great appointments all around. It features a comfortable '62 style neck with the Artist ST style headstock. This is also the first guitar in the Artist lineup to feature the Artist "Wrangler" series single-coil pickups featuring Alnico 5 magnets which were designed to replicate that great vintage tone so important to the "ST" style of guitar. Add to this the locking machine heads and medium jumbo frets and you have a great all-around axe.

The body is constructed using Solid Poplar with a Canadian maple neck and eco-rosewood fretboard.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: ST62

Body: Solid Poplar Body with basswood veneer

Nut: Bone

Nut Width: 42mm

Scale Length: 25.5"" / 648mm

Neck: Canadian Maple 21.5-23mm thickness

Fret Board: Eco Rosewood

Number of Frets: 22

Fingerboard Radius: 12"" (305mm)

Pickups: 3 x Artist ""Wrangler"" Single-Coil Pickups with Alnico 5 Magnets

Switch: 5 way Switch with Woven Circuit

  • 1st - Neck Pickup
  • 2nd - Neck and Middle Pickup
  • 3rd - Middle Pickup
  • 4th - Bridge and Middle Pickup
  • 5th - Bridge Pickup

Truss Rod: Dual action (2 way)

Machine Heads: Chrome Locking Tuners

Bridge: Chrome Deluxe Tremolo with 2 Fulcrum Posts; Tremolo Arm Included

Colour: Vintage White

Pickguard: Vintage Cream

Weight: 3.4kg - 3.6kg approx

Optional Hardcases: REC300RC, REC350BK, REC350FTB, EC500, EFC701

Optional Gig Bags: HGBAGST, BAGST


Reviews (34)

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Great Stage workhorse !

By: on 19 September 2023
Very little to fault, only thing is the strings, I believe another reviewer had the same issue. They were horrible and broke after simply tuning it. Put on a set of Ernie Balls and it plays absolutely amazing. Very chunky neck, I like it a lot even though it’s not necessarily for everyone. They have just the right amount of features on this (2 point tremolo, locking tuners, alnico pickups, workmanship) to be satisfactorily used on stage, have used it already for a few performances and it’s great. Highly recommend.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

lost for words

By: on 12 May 2023
i own a 50th anniversary american strat and this keeps up with it no problem and even beats it in some aspects. im utterly gobsmacked about how high quality a guitar of this price really is. the pickups are warm and thick with a proper 60s tone. quiet too. the build quality on mine is just beautiful, you could put a 3000 dollar plus price tag on it and i wouldnt bat an eye at first glance. Artist guitars, never change. will definitely be buying more gear in the future

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for your recent purchase with us. We really appreciate your business and hope you love your new guitar.


By: on 7 April 2023
I'm not a professional musician but I know what I like, and I love my new ST62. The pickups have the sound I was after. Plays great, sounds great, looks great, and the locking tuners are fab. After another few weeks I might put on some lighter strings and lower the action but it was fine right out of the box. I was both surprised and impressed with what I got for the very reasonable price (compared to other options). Delivery was very fast! Thanks Artist.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are loving the guitar and that it has been able to exceed your expectations. Thank you so much for your great review.

Artist ST62 Vintage White Electric Guitar - Simple

By: on 3 February 2023
Just received my new ST 62 Vintage White Stat.....and it is impressive! Thus is my 6th guitar from Artist I now - one that I bought in the hope it would let me replace using my classic Fender Strat ('84). Well it certainly performs amazing ...straight out of the box. Well it is ideal. Now I can retire my Fender to the 'keep-sake' status and leave it a potential heirloom to my kids! All that knowing that I will still be able enjoy the same 'ook and feel' with my new Artist. I love the playability, the 'feel' and the look of this guitar and the sounds (including some nice new sounds) I get from the new Artist Strat. This is a really cool unit - Thanks again Artist!

Artist Guitars Response
We really appreciate your continued support with us and your review for the guitar. We are glad to hear that it has lift up your expectation.

Artist ST62 Vintage White

By: on 30 October 2022
I'm not usually a Strat player but for the price I thought I'd try it out. I found it extemely easy to play after I dropped the action slightly the feel and finish is first class, I have never played or owned a Fender (mainly Gibson's) and I have a Epiphone Sheraton Pro 2 and the Artist plays as well as the Sheraton (( two different styles of guitar) but it still feels as good I might even try a LP59GT90 when they become available. Delivery time frame was about 4 days which was great considering I ordered the ST62 on a Friday,Also the Tweed Case is fantastic.

Artist Guitars Response
We are so pleased to hear that you are happy with the guitar. Thank you so much for the review and we appreciate it.

Artist ST62 Vintage White

By: on 31 August 2022
Single coil pickups & a floating trem may be an acquired taste [not for everyone] but if that is your thing then this guitar will be right up your alley. Smooth, comfortable, satin feeling neck & ergonomic body make this a joy to hold & play. Wonderful pickups that truly rival the originals. The character of the pickups is just as good as the very expensive ones - in clean mode, Dire Straits, surf music, spaghetti westerns, & with overdrive a bit like Gary Moore or Jeff beck [same colour as Beck's guitar]. Mine was a customer return - it's very difficult to see why but their loss is my gain. This one is 4.5 kg so it's a nice weight that suits me & makes up for the Affinity I sent back months ago with poor quality issues[they don't have good pickups in them anyway]. $tratospheric value for money. **Gerard, Port Kembla**

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for the detailed review of the guitar. We are pleased to hear that you are happy with it.

Really disappointed. Get a Squier instead

By: on 25 August 2022
I’m sad to say that I’m really disappointed with this guitar. I had some high expectations. But when it arrived, it was a total mess. Sharp/sprouting frets all along the neck, intonation on the G string was strange. Action was really high…overall, very disappointed. I’ve just posted it back to Artist, and got myself a Squier Bullet Strat instead, which is leagues better. I’m honestly really disappointed, as I heard good things about Artist, and wanted to buy from an Aussie company.

Artist Guitars Response
I am really sorry for this inconvenience. We do value our customer's experience with our products and am hoping that you can try our other models in the future.

ST62 VERY under rated guitar

By: on 20 August 2022
I needed an all single coil guitar for a couple of songs my band does and have higher end main guitars. Pros- I got the beautiful Tweed case with mine that's quite good quallity. The guitars finish is flawless The fretwork is of a high standard, no work needed. The Texas pick-ups sound quite close a genuine fender! Very lively and bright. The neck feels very comfortable and overall is a pleasure to play. PRICE! wow! Great build quality and finish for such a reasonable price. Cons- Whoever wound the strings didn't put enough on 3 out of 5 tuning posts and popped out before I could get it up to tune, had to put my own strings on. The artist logo plate was put on the case crooked (small detail) The bridge pick-up was very very twangy and set way too high (easy fix) Plastic bridge block (hey for what you pay, this is fair enough I think) In conclusion this guitar is great value an of a surprisingly high quality and will probably end up using it for more than I first planned for.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for this detailed review. This really helps us improve the quality of our products. We appreciate the support. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, we're very happy to help.

ST62 Vintage White SSS

By: on 10 August 2022
The look and feel are truly classic vintage and very appealing. I like the balance, the neck just sits where I want it. The finish is great, everything feels good, no surprise sharps, intonation good, quality hardware - can't find anything to complain about. I've a few AG guitars with Bull Buckers, so was interested to hear the Wranglers and am not at all disappointed. Good high end and surprisingly low noise. The bridge trem and locking tuners work well together to maintain tune. Excellent value for money, again, thanks.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you very much for the detailed review about theguitra. We are glad to hear that you are happy with it.

Sounds and Plays great

By: on 23 November 2021
I've been playing guitar for 20 years and teaching for 10. Ive had this one for a couple weeks and I reckon it stays true to the vintage style with its bright sparkly tone. The pickups are expressive and respond well to loud and soft playing. With 3 single coils it's not a high-gain guitar so if you want that go for one with a humbucker. On the other hand, it sounds clearer and nicer out of my Vox AC4 than my TC59 does. The action is nice, slightly higher than some people like but still lower out-of-the-box than many guitars I've bought. No string buzz even when I play moderately hard, and bends don't fret-out at all, which is great. I'd rate it up there the Artist TC59 which I own and love, but they're very different guitars. I think the Artist Wrangler pickups are brighter and more scooped-sounding than the Wilkinsons that they put on their STH model, which I hear regularly because one of my students owns that one. The tremolo is smooth and doesn't put the strings out of tune much, probably in no small part thanks to the locking tuners and well-cut nut. Guitars in this price range used to be crap, but yet again I'm highly impressed with what Artist has put together. Highly recommend this guitar.

Artist Guitars Response
We really appreciate it for taking the time to leave a review and glad to know that you are satisfied with our products and services.

Artist ST62 Vintage White Strat style guitar

By: on 9 October 2021
This guitar exceeded expectations. After a helpful discussion with Ian I went for this model rather than the ST62IIBK MODERN BLACK. As Ian pointed out the differences are the roasted maple neck and the humbucker at the neck. Although the neck might have been preferable, I wanted the traditional Strat pickup configuration. It arrived within 10 days, which is pretty good in the current COVID situation. Straight out of the box it was playable. Neck seems perfect, no fret rattle, intonation right. It seems to have 10-46 strings whereas I'd prefer 11-49 or 50. The action is acceptable, though a little too high for my taste. So a change of strings and associated setup is in order. The sound from the pickups is sweet and powerful and typical Strat single coil. The body weight is good - not too heavy but not light enough to have neck droop. The bridge really does stay in tune - this has been my main concern with Strats, but with the locking tuners & bridge design they seemed to have nailed the problem. In the best of possibe worlds I would probably have preferred the maple neck, mainly because of its lower profile. However, a very good purchase.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Great service

By: on 7 September 2021
I purchased an electric guitar from artist guitars and it came super fast way faster than I was expecting considering we were in lockdown. It came in great condition and was exactly as advertised.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Good value guitar

By: on 25 August 2021
Plays really well, wanst too keen on the stock pickups so changed them out. All in all good value and I'm happy with the purchase.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for the feedback and we're happy to hear that you're satisfied with your order.

Love the new addition of the ST62

By: on 23 August 2021
I had previously bought an TC59 then LP59, so I finally decided to add a Vintage White ST62 and again Artist Guitars have not disapointed. The ST62 is another fantastic guitar which arrived very quickly and plats great straight out of the box. Fantastic value for money for both the quality of the build as well as the features like locking tuners and bone nut. I am still learning, and will never be playing for anyone other than myself and family, so I can't see me needing/wanting big name brands, but more than proud to tell people my guitars are Artist Guitars, as anyone that trys them wouldn't be disapointed. Service yet again from the AG Team was fantastic for the advice, communication and assiatance in the purchase and delivery.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for your continued support and am stoked to hear that you are happy with all three guitars!

Worth the wait

By: on 21 August 2021
This was a guitar I'd had my eye on for a while, looking for a nice clean tone with some snap. This is very comfortable, matching my friend's USA Fender (not sure of the year) and finished flawlessly. It took a little getting used to Strat style playing after owning Epiphones but now I can really appreciate how great this guitar is. I've manged to get that 60's surf sound (essential for a Strat) and the snappy Edgar Winter Group/ BTO sound I was yearning. High quality, very comfortable and great sounding. Another friend who sold his Fender Strat a few years ago has been tempted to get another and is now really considering this model after spending an hour playing this. Throw in the excellent service from Artist and this is a real winner.


By: on 27 July 2021
Yesterday received my ST62 order placed two days ago. Arrived in perfect condition. Strings tuned super low, so when I tuned up to they were still fresh and bright I HATE buying online. I need to try and feel, but took a chance based on online reviews. Couldn’t be happier Such a lovely acoustic sound without even plugging in. A quick run through my Fender G-Dec with a variety of amp and effects settings was awesome It plays so nicely. The neck feels pretty sexy straight out of the box. Has all the classic Strat sounds. The tuners are the best I’ve ever had. Those babies lock in solid. The tremolo is smooth and responsive Could not be happier, and the price makes this even better I am not a professional muso. I will only ever use this at home to annoy the family. But I have spent years in music shops on other guitars and this as good as any I was interested in/ could afford to buy I finally have the Strat I’ve always dreamed of

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for this awesome feedback. We are stoked to hear that you are happy with the guitar and being a part of realizing your dream. Again, thank you so much for the support!

Love it!!

By: on 20 July 2021
I have never been a Strat man but dude this thing is great really nice neck feel the pickups are great and clear real chirpy and straight out the box the trem was great position 4 and five on the switch are amazing great work artist pitty U don't sell hats n tshirts I'd wear an artist shirt

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for the feedback and we're happy to know that you're satisfied with your guitar. We do have some apparel items available on the website like tank tops, caps, bags, etc which you can see if you search for apparel in the search box.

Great BUT......

By: on 19 July 2021
Under normal circumstances this would be a 5 star review, the guitar looks great and sounds great, BUT..... i already own the ST62IIIBK which is an amazing guitar and the best thing is the neck. The profile on this neck makes it one of the nicest necks i've EVER played. I wanted to get another ST62 with single coils and white color. But first i called customer support (i spoke to someone from the Aussie warehouse, not the offshore customer support) and i asked if all the ST62s had the exact identical neck, because that's what i loved the most. I specifically said i loved the profile. He assured me that all the ST62s had identical necks. But when i got this guitar the neck has a completely different profile. Not that it's "bad", but it's just nowhere near as good as my ST62IIIBK, and as a result it's nowhere near as enjoyable to play. It also has buzzes and scratchy fret ends. I'm not too fussed about that, i know how to fix that, but i can't do anything about the profile. In fact, i also bought one of the budget strats (Artist STH) at the same time, and it's neck is much nicer than the ST62 so i'll be swapping the necks and i'll have to also swap the bone nut and machine heads. So i'm just annoyed that i was given incorrect information and really disappointed in the neck. Other than that, the guitar looks great, the wrangler pickups are awesome, and in general it has the quality you would expect from an Artist Signature guitar.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks as we appreciate all kinds of feedback to further improve our products and services. Please respond to the email we sent so we can further assist and make this right for you. cheers

Artist ST62

By: on 4 June 2021
This is my second guitar from Artist Guitars my first being the TC59 which was exceptional straight out of the box. The same with the ST62 great finish, but most important great sound. The pickups are just great giving plenty of tonal variance , could not ask for a better guitar. Great work artist now I'm looking at a Cherry 58 to add to my collection .

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the amazing review. We are stoked to hear that you're happy with your ST62! Thank you for all the support. Cheers.

I'm throwing out my 70's Strat!

By: on 10 April 2021
In the late 1970’s, I spent all Summer holiday working in a stinking metal parts factory to save up for a US Fender Stratocaster. The guitar I eventually bought was a 1976 Strat in egg-shell white, black scratch plate, maple neck and three-point tilt neck plate. Fast forward 42 years. After owning dozens of guitars and after reading great reviews about the ST62, I wanted to try one. The guitar was delivered super-fast. To my surprise, this $299 guitar is superior to my genuine ‘76 Stratocaster original. What? Why? The ST62’s neck has a very comfortable feel. Not too thick and not too thin. The fretboard is made of eco-rosewood (whatever that is) and has medium jumbo frets. The frets have been levelled and polished perfectly. There are no sharp fret edges. I was able to adjust the lowest action of any Strat-type guitar ever. There is no fret-buzz or dead spots on the fretboard. The body and paint are immaculate. The neck sits perfectly in the neck pocket. In comparison, my genuine ’76 US Strat had a 3mm gap between the neck and neck pocket, the guys at Fender had painted lacquer over the frets (yes, you read correctly) and the tremolo didn’t work: it was never in tune and the thread wore out within weeks. In stark comparison, the Artist ST62 is perfect. The ST62’s vibrato uses two pivot bolts and feels good to use with little resistance. The pickups use strong alnico magnets. They sound great but due to the strong magnetic pull, you have to be careful not to raise them too high – otherwise you get weird frequencies in your tone. The 5-way switch, volume and tone controls work as they should. The guitar uses quality locking tuners*. *Well, not quite…there’s a twist to the story. The ST62 is made of poplar compared to my ’76 Strat which was made of alder. As a result, the ST62 is “twangier”, “brighter”, “sharper” sounding than my original. This “edge” was also demonstrated on YouTube by Brett Kingman in his review of this guitar. If you want an edgy Blackmore sound [like on the Rainbow live album or the Deep Purple in Rock album] then this is your instrument. The guitar has good sustain and cuts through. I can’t really fault this guitar sound wise. It’s great to play on and rocks. Now the negative. Two of the locking tuners were faulty. The tuners were hard to turn. The cog wheels inside were grinding. However, Artist Guitars did not hesitate to send me replacements. I take my hat off to Ryne for the extremely quick turnaround. Unfortunately, Artist Guitars sent the wrong replacement tuners. Instead of sending the tuners with large square heads, they sent the ones with small round button heads. Ryne resent two more tuners. Hopefully these will be the correct ones. Also, the guitar did not stay in tune. The faulty tuners were one reason, the second more obvious reason was that the strings were wedged in too tight between the nut grooves. After replacing the string trees with roller trees and widening the space for the strings on the nut to move freely, this guitar stays in tune 99.9% of the time. Once I get the replacement tuners, all other issues should be gone. Kids nowadays are spoilt rotten when it comes to great and affordable gear. I like it when an overseas manufacturer takes a guitar icon and improves on it. I am glad that I can go out and buy an affordable guitar where the technology used and manufacturing standards exceed that of the big guitar brands of the 1970’s.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you very much for your awesome review and kind words. This is highly appreciated and we are very glad that you liked the guitar. If you need help or have any questions, please contact us again. Cheers!

Gig worthy Guitar

By: on 22 January 2021
Well, the reviews and other accolades led me to expect good things and Artist delivered. You could have delivered this to me at a gig and (apart from a bit of string stretching to stabilise the tuning = normal on new strings) I'd happily play it live out of the box. The pickups are good, hardware is good, the weight is just right, and I love the neck (the part that tells me whether I'm going to like playing it). One day I'll A-B it against a real Fender Strat for curiosity's sake. I'd recommend this to beginners and any other level player who wants a strat. I was going to mod it immediately but I like this one as it is so I'll just have to buy another one! Will be back for more soon.

Above & Beyond

By: on 4 January 2021
One of the best Strat copies going 'round. Love it!! ... right out of the box and, a couple of minor tweaks later, this very well built axe really delivers. I will have no hesitation and have full confidence in letting the 'baby' lose on stage. "Well done Artist Guitars - keep 'em coming"

Great Guitar, Great Value, Excellent Quality

By: on 1 December 2020
This was my second Guitar purchase from Artist. And Like the first I was amazed at the Quality and value for money. Yes it is not a Strat, but it's so damn close to one who cares. Artist always offers great value and they haven't failed on this one. Beautiful to look at, flawless finish, Pickups are brilliant the two way tremolo works exceptionally well. It sounds so close to a Strat, only the highest trained ear would notice any difference (If Any). The neck, and frets are very well finished, bending is so smooth (no notches on the frets). You want a Strat without having to pay Thousands of dollars, get this baby, you won't be disappointed!

Artist guitars ST62- A beautiful strat

By: on 17 August 2020
This is an amazing guitar for the price. Really well built, very comfortable to play and sounds really nice. For the price, you really cannot fault it. Will be visiting Artist guitars again.

A beautiful instrument

By: on 15 August 2020
I am so impressed with my recent purchase of the Artist ST62 electric guitar. It came out of the box in mint condition, with a lead and a few picks put in to sweeten the deal! The guitar itself is a quality instrument. Only wish I had purchased one years ago! The action on the fretboard is fantastic and the feel of the neck is so smooth. The sound is perfect and even better through the Joyo vintage overdrive effects pedal that I got at the same time. I love the fact that Artist guitars is an Australian company.

Very happy with this guitar

By: on 24 July 2020
I was surprised by the build of this guitar. It's a brilliant guitar and quite versatile too. Warm and woody or clear and glassy sounds are easily found.

A great guitar!

By: on 24 July 2020
My opinion on this guitar is, a fine instrument, overall! The finish is excellent, the neck is straight and smooth to play, the frets are finished very smoothly (no fret sprout!) the weight feels good, and the action is fine, before I even look at it. I'm already playing it as is, and I'm fairly fussy about string action, height, etc. The tremolo arm has a small grub screw that has to be loosened, to allow the arm to slide in, and I had never had this on my other trem systems, so I didn'y know about it! (Perhaps I should've looked harder!) Artist Guitars gave me the right advice and help with this matter, and it's working like a charm! So, all in all :- great finish, smooth action, I can get good tones from this excellent instrument, plus it has locking tuners, and also, a good size metal block in the trem system, which adds to the sound and sustain! What else would you want from a guitar? I am suitably impressed with the fact that they can supply this guitar for their affordable price, and still maintain the quality that we all want! This is my sixth Artist Guitar, apart from other accessories, and I have to say that I've never been disappointed with any purchases! Thank you, Artist Guitars for great instruments and great service!

Good guitar but......

By: on 10 June 2020
This guitar is great does not include the trem arm even though it has a trem system and their official videos all show one. When I quized their Customer service they only go off their website. The customer service definitely have no idea on their products. Would have been a five star but the after sale support brought it down.


By: on 26 May 2020
Great guitar.. very good for it's price.. the tremolo has a thick solid block rather the thin block you see on another brands at this price range.. P/U's sound's good.. neck feels smooth...

Fantastic Strat for the money!

By: on 31 January 2020
I love this beast. I've had it for around 6 months. It's finish is equal to the best guitar I've ever played including some costing thousands. The playability is great. It only required minimal setup and the tone is spot on. The alnico staggered pole pickups have that real Strat 'chime' and switch positions 2 abd 4 have that 'quack'. My favourite position for must stuff is the neck pick up. The eco-rosewood fingerboard and frets are so smooth. It's a joy to play! Even has locking tuners. Not perfect but they hold tune well. I wouldn't be surprised if this was as good or better than any of the Squire brand Strats. Keep it up Artist!

what a guitar

By: on 8 January 2020
I have seven guitars all strats and teles 2 of these are artist guitars and the others are very expensive either original fenders , G&L American strats or very nice partcasters, these Artist guitars were brought to my attention on YouTube by the likes of the great guitarist Brett Kingman and others, most comments were about what great value for money they were, to me it either a great guitar or its not. Both my Artist guitars are great guitars so well set up and with good quality fittings and I love them,don't take my word for this watch Brett's channel and listen with headphones or good speakers, or better still go in and try them if there are any left. Thank you Artist guitars, PS no I don't work for them or even know anyone in the shop, in fact I am not even in the same State, regards Tom Adair.

Nice guitar but it will need to go to luthier

By: on 30 December 2019
This is so close to being a great guitar but falls just short. The good bits: the neck and body are beautifully shaped, the paint is perfect, the satin finish on the neck feels great, the pickups sound good, the frets were nicely polished. The not so good bits: one of the frets has a notch in it which I feel when I bend, the end of the tremolo arm kicks up at a weird angle (by design), it came with a really high action and a medium action is the best I can get (lots of fret buzz with lower action) . The bad bit: the nut is cut poorly (really high on strings 2-6 and really low on high E) which affects the playability and tuning stability in a big way. This is all fixable by a luthier and given the price of the guitar I shouldn't complain too much but I have bought other guitars for similar money and haven't had these problems (to be fair the other guitars had problems this one doesn't have but they were things I could fix myself).

Great guitar for the price

By: on 17 July 2019
This is one hell of a guitar for the price tag. Feature-wise, it does not differ a huge amount from my deluxe strat. It is decent weight but not too heavy, pickups sound great, comfortable neck with the fretboard well finished.

Great strat

By: on 8 July 2019
This is one very nice guitar. As good as any Strat but without the high price. Thanks John for your help. Very nice comfortable neck. Plays like butter. Great tones and clarity when needed. Can be used for guitar twang, funk, blues, fusion, jazz. Whatever you want will work with this. Not too heavy just a good weight. Lovely low action. The Antique White stands out on stage against my black or electric blue clothes. Sounds and looks great. Get yourself one, you will love it.

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