Artist Multi-coloured finger picks 3 Pack AP3M

About These Picks

High quality materialpicks come in a pack of. Muliti-coloured finger picks are a steal,  especially at this low price!

These picks are randomly packaged and may not contain every colour shown in the picture.


The Tech Features

Model :- AP3M - 3 Pieces per pack

Material: Celluloid

Colour :-  3 Various coloured picks (the colours vary for each pack)

Gauge:- 1.5mm

Size:- 14.80*27.80mm


glossy and remarkable

By: Nigel on 23 September 2020
I say they are remarkable because as soon as I get them on friends remark on them (artificial nails). These are sturdy and up to the job while my broken old nails aren't. Again, thanks to Artist for their service and reliability.

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