Artist MSL110 Lap steel 6 String Metallic Black

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Artist MSL110 Lap steel 6 String Metallic Black 

The Artist MSL110 Lap steel is a 6 string Metallic Black Lap steel with a Basswood body, with a rail pole pieced styled mini humbucker pickup, coil tap Push-&-Pull Tone control. 

This is a very popular Country Music Instrument.  You would have heard this unique sound on many classic albums.

It comes included with legs, a gig bag and even a tone bar.  Everything you'll need to play right out of the box.

Tech Specs:

Model:- MSL110

Scale Length:- 26.5cm

Wood:- Basswood

Pickup:- Single hot wound rail pole piece mini humbucker pickup

‚ÄčIncluded Accessories: Gig bag, tone-bar and stand.

Colour:- Metallic Black



By: Billy Robertson on 8 February 2019
As usual the item was posted immediately, I think it took 3 or 4 working days to arrive and it was very well packed and protected. The instrument itself is very nice, the only blemish I could see was a little bit of gold paint missing from a couple of frets but that is not worth bothering about and doesn't affect performance of the instrument. For the price I think it is a great starter instrument and sounds great. I would have spent that money in one afternoon at the pub but instead I am having hours of fun on this little lap steel. Would recommend it to anyone considering getting one.

Lap steel.

By: Mick on 26 December 2018
I learnt to play one 50 years ago but sold it to buy other gigging gear. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this unit and as always the delivery was right on at a busy time of year. The intonation is ok and a quick retune to A6 posed no issues. Seems to hold its tuning pretty well. The pick-up & tone ranges are ok as well. Would have liked a contoured slide bar but the one supplied seems good quality. All in all a great company to deal with.Thanks

Great Lap Steel Sound from a reasonably priced ins

By: Reg Jones on 12 December 2018
have played guitar for many years and always wanted to try a Lap Steel. I read many reviews on Lap Steel guitars and settled for this model, as a beginner I am more than satisfied with the tone and play ability of the instrument. I chose to change the strings to 13-56 and I found that suited me better. Great Instrument.

lap slide guitar

By: David Forbes on 13 April 2018
I am extremely happy with the steel guitar I recently purchased. I have only just taken it up again after nearly fifty years and it is a real pleasure to have an instrument with such a nice tone even though I am learning from a beginners standpoint as the new tunings and methods are very different from my previous experiences. i was surprised at the apparent high quality at such a reasonable cost.

Artist Lap Steel Guitar

By: Dave Irving on 17 January 2018
This is an excellent value instrument, and has a really good sound. The pickup is loud and punchy. Unfortunately, the strings it comes with are not quite heavy enough, but are acceptable for a C6 tuning. The purchaser will need to level the strings and set up the intonation for the chosen tuning, but this is not too difficult and there are instructional videos available on YouTube. (It would be unreasonable to expect this to be done, given the price of the instrument, as it takes some time.)

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