Artist KB009 Professional Guitarist Stool with Footrest

Artist KB009 Professional Guitarist Stool with Foot Rest

This stool is ideal for any guitarist that likes to sit down while they are playing live, or rehearsing.  It's height adjustable and has has a foot rest for sitting comfortably when the stool is adjusted to it's maximum height.  It is steel and very sturdy.

This stool does require some assembly.


The Tech Features

Model :- KB009

Seat Material: Synthetic Leather

Features :- Convenient footrest, steel design

Height Adjustable :- 545mm to 730mm

​Stool Diameter :- 300mm

Colour :- Black


Good, Fast, quality product

By: Sam on 15 June 2019
Product is really good, as well as fast delivery. Received the product safe and really appreciate the way it is delivered to the TOP END. Recommend for anyone look for this kind of product. Cheers!

Happy Teenager

By: Melissa Pillion on 9 June 2019
My 14yo son is very happy with his guitar stool- it makes his busking look more professional and the foot rest assists with his body position when playing.

Great stool, except for .....

By: Alan on 6 June 2019
To be honest, there’s a design issue with this stool that prevents me giving it five stars. Sure, it’s solid and robust, the seat itself is well padded and comfortable, and the price is definitely more than competitive with the market. My issue lies with the stool’s facility to fold up neatly and quickly — this is important to me, because I have a LOT of gear to set up pre-gig, and pack up afterwards. Although the pix with the ad show that the stool seat folds down simply by loosening the bolt and then rotating the seat, that in fact is not the present-day design — instead, the bolts holding the seat need to be removed completely, the seat rotated, and the bolts done back up again (to avoid losing them!). Basically, the cut-out arc shown in the picture below the seat no longer exists — it’s just a single hole drilled in the metal. Setting back up again is a similar pain — unscrew the bolts, rotate the seat, re-insert the bolts, and tighten them back up. (And they need to be tightened VERY tightly, otherwise the seat rocks back and forth!). And I know you’re asking: So why don’t you just leave the seat permanently fixed in the “up” position? And yes, I could do that, but then the “folding” nature of this stool is effectively lost — I bought it to replace a perfectly good stool that has a fixed (non-rotating) seat position that makes it more awkward when I’m trying to fit it in an already-jampacked vehicle! In short, if the stool seat was as per the photo, I wouldn’t have a problem, but someone at the factory has “redesigned” it. ….. I hasten to add that AG readily acknowledged the problem and gave me a very prompt refund (typical Artist Guitars’ top-notch service!), but I’m afraid that doesn’t change my review of the stool as it exists at present. If AG can get the factory to revert to the design as pictured, I’ll be first in the queue to re-buy it.

Guitarist stool review

By: Stuart Dyet on 2 May 2019
Very happy with the stool. Great quality for the price. Very quick delivery. .

Comfy and practical stool

By: Daniel Quaile on 27 February 2019
I've just received this stool a couple of weeks ago, and have been using it constantly during practice, and once when gigging for two hours at a local market. The stool folds up nicely, and is actually the perfect size for my trolley so I only have to make one trip from the car. The cushion itself has a slight wobble to it, but I think some adjustment to the two bolts holding it in place will fix this, not a deal breaker. Just make sure the foot rest locking bolt is very secure before you put weight on it, don't ask how I know this!! For the price, I don't think you can beat it! Thanks also to Artist Guitars for very quick service down to Tassie!

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