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Artist GS019 Wall Mount Guitar Hook/Stand

The GS019 Guitar Stand is a wall mountable guitar stand, that can either screw into your wall or be put into slat board. It holds the guitar up by the headstock.

The yoke is foam coated so will not mark the finish of your instrument.

Suitable for home, shop and studio use.

The Tech Features

Model: GS019

Colour: Black

Screw Hole Diameter: 4mm


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Exactly what you expect

By: on 11 December 2019
It's a wall hook, its well built. It has not failed me so far and I don't have any qualms hanging my guitar on it.

A surprise

By: on 26 January 2015
I wanted a way to always have my guitars ready at a moments notice and don't have space for a rack. What I really liked was that with the purchase of a couple of "Smart Panels" from Bunnings I was up and running quickly (I am lucky to have solid wood need the ceiling so I just screwed it into the wood). These are very flexible I can even hang up my dulcimer without any trouble. This flexibility is also the one negative I have, the prongs have a tendency to close up when the guitar is removed and since I have these up high I need to put the guitar inn sideways to open up the prongs. But even this is really a small quibble. I would recommend these to anyone needing to improve their storage of guitars.