Artist ELST942 Electric Guitar Nickel Strings Super Light Gauge 9-42

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About These Strings

Super light electric guitar strings, easy to play and great for playing fast.

The Tech Features

Model :- ELST942

Material :- Nickel Wound


sppedy delivery

By: Paul Adolphus on 14 September 2020
Good strings, good price, prompt delivery.

Great value

By: Kevin on 24 June 2020
I have been using 'budget Chinese' strings for years. I would rather change strings more often if necessary. Been really happy with that so far. So how much better are the Artist strings? Can't be much different - right? Happy to report that I think the Artist strings are a step up. I've also been a 10's guy for ages. If you saw the YouTube discussion on 'Are 9's better?' - I'm thinkin' that there might be something in that too. But give these a go. Looks like the best bang for buck to me. When the alternative is 2 or 3 times the price per set & some of the established brands react with my hands & tarnish after a week, I doubt you will be unhappy with the Artist strings.

as always, high quality product from Artist

By: Angelo on 12 June 2020
same quality as other branded strings.

Can't go wrong!

By: Stuart McKleaine on 20 March 2020
I accidentally bought a set of 9-42 strings ages back, and as I live out of town thought I'd just fit them as a stop gap. Well that was that! I loved them, and now fit them to all my guitars. I am not rich by any means, so I thought that I'd give these Artist strings a go, they seem fine so far, admittedly it's only been a week, but hey, $20 for four packs. Bargain! Give them a try. I see they have a new 10-46 supplier, maybe those of us who are converted to lighter strings might get lucky too?

Fantastic srrings

By: Josh on 26 December 2018
I put these strings on as soon as I got them and they sound fantastic. Also they were delivered before they said they would be, really good service.

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