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Artist ELST1152 Electric Guitar Strings 11-52

The Artist ELST1152 are one step up from our standard 10-46s, with a slightly thicker gauge for all six strings. Perfect for any style of music, and optimal for down-tuning to Drop-D or D-Standard, these affordable nickel strings will make it easy to give your guitar a fresh pair of strings and make your instrument sound as good as possible. The strings have been individually sealed to ensure the string-changing process is as easy as possible.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: ELST1152

Material: Nickel Wound

Gauges: .011, .014, .018, .030, .042, .052

Packaging: Individually Sealed

No. of Sets: One


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Fat tone

By: on 12 April 2022
I grabbed these 11-52's to try a different sound. Heard they produced a jazzy tone. The tone is fatter down low and I liked that. The feel is good tho a little bit more pressure is needed when fretting notes. All in all a top product.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Artist 11-52 Strings

By: on 19 November 2020
This is my second set of these strings. They are very good and smooth, I find they last 3months before i find any issues. They suit the Artist guitar reputation of excellent and affordable quality that I have come to expect and rely upon for my music needs. I like my guages a little heavier and can't fault this particular string set. It is great! keep it up my friends. 100% Customer Satisfaction time after time! Make Artist guitars your first choice, you won't be sorry.


By: on 12 December 2019
The strings that I ordered from Artist arrived quickly and were exactly as described. I sure am a happy customer.


By: on 23 November 2019
As a broke musician, being able to restring my guitar for $6 without loosing quality is a life saver!

Electric guitar strings.

By: on 9 June 2017
Great set of ARTIST strings at a fantastic price.

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