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12 Sets (1 Box) of Electric Guitar Strings Nickel Wound 10-52

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Model: ELST1052 12 sets

Type: Nickel Wound

Gauge: 10-52


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Value or what!

By: on 9 June 2014
For the price these strings are unbeatable. I am privileged in playing 4-5 times a week and change my strings weekly, just because these strings are cheap they shouldn't be written off. I suggest try a set and see what you think. Artist even give free postage!!!! I have tried most makes of strings over the years and yes more expensive strings, the ones that are hand wound by tibetan virgins at midnight and then delicately packaged at midight under a full moon MAY sound better and MAY last longer but then sound is subjective isn't it? I personally see myself using these from now on.