Artist CFP20 Classical Guitar Quick Change Guitar Capo

Artist CFP20 Classical Guitar Quick Change Guitar Capo

This model is designed to only suit Classical or nylon string guitars, for steel-string and electric guitars we suggest our model CCP20.

We're always on the lookout for new guitar tools that do a better job than expensive brand name products, this Capo is a really good unit. Its made of metal so its really strong and it has an easy to use lever when you want to put this on your guitar or change keys. It has a strong smooth mechanism.

A Capo is one of the most useful guitar tools and we think this one is really good. Don't let its cheap price fool you, personally I would use this Capo over any other Capo I have tried. 

The Tech Features

Brand :- Artist

Model :- CFP20

Material : - Metal and Rubber

Suits - Classical (nylon string) guitars only  (Doesn't suit - Steel string acoustic, 12 strings or electric guitars)


Very good quality

By: Jake on 18 September 2020
Very high quality capo. Strong, wide grip. Suitable for bass guitar and quick arrival. More than worth the low price. I have bought capos worth twice as much that weren't nearly as good.


By: Martin Reynolds on 20 July 2020
Great comms,great product, great price great company.

Nice looking but spring not very strong

By: Jorge on 14 July 2020
Overall looks good quality for the price, and feels well crafted although the spring is not very tight in my opinion and it doesn't press all the strings down as hard as it should (which is the main function). It does the job but could be better.

Great capo does the trick

By: Jen on 4 November 2019
My son is very happy with his new capo. Seems solidly-built and does what it should. Friendly service - bought in store.

Nice capo

By: Alan on 30 August 2019
The range of classical capos is nowhere near as wide as ordinary guitar capos, so I'm always on the lookout for new and improved models. Up to now, I've been using a Shubb S2, with an Artist CFP10 as a backup. This new CFP20 is an improvement on the CFP10 (smoother spring action, better design), and I now prefer it over the Shubb, particularly as it's faster to apply/move.

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