Artist BST45130 5 String Bass Nickel Roundwound Strings

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About These Strings


These are budget quality Nickel Wound Bass Strings to suit 5 string Bass's, for the player who has lots of gigs and needs to keep costs down. They are perfect for 1-2 gigs.

They are also perfect for that Bass Player who is beginning and needs to stay under a budget as other more known Bass Strings are $30 or above per set. 


The Tech Features

Model :- BST45130

Type :- Nickel round wound

Gauge :- Medium 45-130


Best value strings on the market

By: Taz Hennessy on 12 October 2020
I've become a huge fan of Artist Guitars, I have several of their instruments in my collection and have recently decided to start using Artist strings across the board. I've used most of the main brands of string over the years on both guitars and basses. They're all great, slight differences in tone of course, but no one brand ever stood out. Bass strings though, at an average of $50 a set were causing me real financial grief, as I tend to wear strings out fast and I like the bright clangy tone of fresh bass strings. Well my grief is over, at this price I can afford to change my strings more often and buy the bulk packs. They sound great, not inferior in any way to the other brands. Hard for me to say whether they deteriorate faster, as I wreck them so fast its impossible to tell. The only con I can notice is they are slightly less 'soft' feeling. That is, after jamming like a madman for many hours my fingers would hurt slightly more than usual. But after a couple of weeks, my callouses just got tougher and now they feel fine. Bottom line, the other brands cost at least 4× more, they certainly aren't 4x better in any way. I use the 45-100 for std E/drop D tuning, although I have gone as low as drop C# and it works, but that's my personal limit. I use the 50-105 for std D/drop C and again, half step lower to drop B is possible. The 45-130 5 string set drop to drop A no problem, never tried lower as physics gets weird at that point. Highly recommend these strings, especially if like me, you wear strings out fast or aren't a millionaire.

5 string bass strings

By: Allan Shephard on 25 July 2019
I used the thickest 4 strings from this 5 string set to turn transform a cheap 4 string bass. Now I have a low B to match my Ibanez Universe. Haha. These are some smooth strings too. A world of difference over the rough and nasty stock strings.

Bass strings

By: Gavin Todhunter on 28 January 2019
Great strings been buying them for over a year used in recordings and at gigs for the price it’s worth trying them for yourself

Bass Strings

By: Jason Brooks on 19 September 2018
I have been using Artist strings for awhile now, with gigging most weekends, they haven't lost any freshness, and sound great.

Sweet Strings

By: Colin Sutherland on 16 August 2017
Strings seem good so far, have not had any problems. I think they are just as good as any other brand. The price is fantastic and fast delivery.What more could you ask for.

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