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Artist BA30 30W Bass Guitar Amplifier with Passive/Active Input

A great electric bass practice amplifier. Ideal for people learning to play the Bass Guitar. 30 Watts will give you plenty of volume for playing at home and is small enough to carry along to your lesson or jam session.

It features a 3-band EQ for easy tone control, and headphone output - great for playing at night or when you don't want to disturb your family or housemates! It also now features a Presence knob which will give you that added boost to cut into the mix and give your tone clarity.

It now features a Low and High Input for Passive or Active Basses. This also comes loaded with a 10 inch speaker to give you that punchy and boomy low end.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: BA30

Amplifier Specs: 30 Watt, 3 band EQ with Presence Knob, Headphone Input and Speaker Output

Speaker: 10 Inch Speaker at 4 Ohms

Cab Measurements: 36 x 30 x 39cm / 14316” X 111316” X 1538

Colour: Black

BA30 - Front Panel Functions:

High / Low Input- This is your Bass guitar jack input. High at -6dB for Active Basses and Low at 0dB for Passive Bass

Volume - Governs the volume level and determine the threshold for the built in limiter

Treble - Controls the high frequencies of the Bass guitar tone. If you increase the treble your bass will sound brighter.

Mid - Dictates the middle frequency of your signal.

Bass - Controls the amount of low frequencies or bottom end in your tone. The more you increase, the more punch you will add. If your sound sounds too muddy then decrease this control to Tighten your sound.

Limiter - turns down the volume of a signal automatically when the level increases above the threshold dictated by your main volume.

Phones - Plug your headphones here for silent practising. Doing this mutes your BA30's internal speaker, cutting out the speaker sound.

Power - On / Off Switch for mains power to the amplifier.

Power Plug: (See our blog post for more details)

  • AU & NZ: 240V with AU/NZ Plug
  • UK: 230V with UK plug (with a fuse in the plug)
  • USA: 120V with USA 3 pin plug


Reviews (11)

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More Than I Expected

By: on 8 May 2024
This amp is bigger and louder than I thought it might be and sounds great with the artist PB1. At around $400 for the whole package it's hard to be anything but very happy.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

Amazing Bass Amp

By: on 21 October 2023
Ideal for home, a small gig or a jam session, though I reckon it would stand up via a PA System. Controls work! - very responsive. The speaker is excellent - great frequency responses. It just sounds great. Solid construction but not too heavy to carry!

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for your review! We are always here if you have any questions.

A good little amp big enough for a small room.

By: on 18 September 2023
I have a huge 800 w head and cab and it rattles the house on minimum volume. I was looking for something small for the increasing number of small room gigs at lower volume. It does that job fine. It doesn't sound tinny. A DI line out is probably the only thing I wish it had but it doesn't. It was perfect for what I wanted but I'm not competing with loud players. When I have to, I can fall back on the big one.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with the amplifier. Thank you so much for taking the time to writ a review for it.

value plus

By: on 9 August 2023
Great value student amp and bass package. Superfast delivery...ordered Sunday night, arrives Wednesday am....all round happy

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that your order got delivered quickly and that you are happy with your purchase. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

Succeeds as a home practice amp

By: on 4 June 2023
Pros: The amp sounds good with enough EQ latitude for a variety of bass tones. Plenty of volume to annoy neighbours. Not too heavy but a good weight and solid feel. For $199 you can't beat it for value. Cons: Constant white noise (like a tape hiss), even with all controls at zero and without an instrument plugged in. Using a mic for home recording will be problematic. Did not like the blue faceplate at first, though it's growing on me

Artist Guitars Response
Hi, thanks for your feedback. This is definitely covered under warranty so I've sent you an email to rectify this issue. Cheers!

30W Bass Amplifier

By: on 17 April 2023
Very good value, good sound. Excellent quick delivery

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Works exactly how you'd expect, and thats a good t

By: on 8 June 2022
Its a simple, 30w bass amp, not much more to say haha, sounds great, good response! Great customer service A+++

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks so much for the review. We are glad to know you love the bass amp!

Ideal starter combo

By: on 30 March 2021
This is a compact, lightweight combo amp that's ideal for bedroom/study practice, or for backing a mate on an acoustic guitar. At only 30W the tones are surprisingly warm, and you'll be able to play 90% of what you need without having to spend a lot of time dialing up good tone. It doesn't have an OD toggle, so if you want more than a standard pickup tone, then you'll need to use an effects pedal. The Passive/Active inputs work without any issues and get the job done. My only quibble is with the persistent white noise that I get when using the headphone jack for quiet practice when using my Superlux HD688 (also from AG). For under $200, or in a combo with the excellent AG JB2 , you'll be more than satisfied.

Artist Guitars Response
We really appreciate the perceptive review of the amp. Thank you for taking the time in leaving it. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would need assistance.

Bass guitar

By: on 3 June 2020
Great product for the price

I'm happy

By: on 2 June 2020
It's 30 watts, so while you won't break any windows with the output, it's plenty for me. I only get to play in my man cave/garage. Plenty of tonal scope. Pairs well with my AG105RD. Another non-dud from Artist Guitars. Thanks guys.


By: on 31 May 2020
Fantastic bass amp,Big enough to give you a booming sound and still small enough to carry around and not kill yourself.

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