Superlux SP108 300W Compact Portable PA System

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About these Superlux SP108 Compact Portable PA System

The SP108 compact design allows for ease of transportation, while its user-friendly controls offer ease of operation, making it the perfect choice for schools, churches, civic organizations and small musical groups. The SP108 features dual two-way speakers driven by an eight-channel, 300 Watt stereo powered mixer, making it ideal for both vocal and musical applications.

Among many professional features, the mixer includes digital reverb and music/speech switch. The convenient accessory compartment storage for cables and additional microphones. This clever design allows the powered mixer to be installed in the speaker compartment or detached for easy positioning and access. The SP108 is a high-performance live-sound system that will deliver your music or message where you go, indoor or out.

  • Easy to carry, transport and setup.
  • 8-ch powered mixer with 150W+150W class D power amp, 2-band channel EQ digital reverb, and mic stand mountable.
  • Powered mixer can be used either while installed in the speaker compartment or detached for easy positioning and access.
  • Using optional microphone stand adapter, the powered mixer can be mount on a microphone stand.
  • Storage compartment in the speaker cabinet for packing the included cables, and your microphones.
  • 2 x 8 2-way speakers can be used as mains or floor monitor

NOTE: These speakers need the Superlux SA04 speaker brackets which are sold separately.

The Tech Features:

Brand:- Superlux

Model:- SP108

Maximum Output Power:- 150W + 150W / 6 @ 10% THD at 1kHz (Speaker L/R)

Frequency Response:- 20 Hz , -20kHz

Total Harmonic Distortion:- 0.5 % @ 20 Hz -20kHz, +14dBU


Enclosure:- Bass-reflex type

Speaker Unit:-  

  • LF: 8" (20cm Cone)
  • HF:1" (2.54cm) Compression Driver

Crossover Frequency:- 4kHz

Frequency Range: 55kHz-20kHz

Maximum Output Level:- 112dB (1m)

Components:-  2 x 8" 2-way speakers, 1x 8-CH Mixer, 2 x 5m speaker cables, 1 x Power Cord.


Superlux SP108 300 Compact Portable PA System

By: Malcolm Gladstone on 1 June 2019
I received my Superlux SP108 in pretty much record time from Artist Guitars. I have purchased a number of things from them before, but it's always a great surprise to receive such prompt service, backed up by excellent after sales service. I love dealing with this company, they are always attentive and professional & happy to deal with any issues. My first experience of the SP108 was twofold - delight & then not so pleased. First of all - the good stuff. For the price, this compact system is a joy to use, easy to set up - and only with the glaring omission of Bluetooth - sets an excellent standard in terms of performance. I tried it at an outdoors market - I am a solo artist, guitar, vocals & stompbox - there was enough power to do the job, vocals & guitar crystal clear. A bit lacking at the bass end, but that's to be expected and did not detract from a pleasant performance overall. Now, to the not-so-good stuff. When I unpacked the speakers & stands, I noticed the bolts to fit the stand adapters were already installed. They were just crazily tight & in the end I used a "rattle gun" to remove them. It is obvious that the bolts are inserted when the black paint (or coating) is still not set and this effectively glues the bolts to the speakers. Once these were removed, I fitted the stands using the adapters provided. A word of caution here - the adapters are not "speaker specific", it is obvious that they are built to fir other speakers as well and as a result they really looked bolted on - very inelegant, Superlux. Why not just folloe the lead of the 500Watt system & have moulded holes for the speaker stands? So now to my main irritation - FAN NOISE! Yes, it really is that noisy, I was so displeased with this that I asked for another set to be sent to me - well, I paid for another SP108 so I could compare the two systems side by side. It is clear that 2 fans are used, both of which are extremely noisy and distracting in a quiet environment - rather like a hairdrier on medium setting - not pleasant at all. However, I have kept the second system for now. I recommended the 500watt system to one of our markets, they purchased it and the fan noise is almost non-existent. This is really something that should be sorted out by Superlux. I know it's a budget system, but the small upgrade cost to the 500w system give you moulded holes for the speakers & pretty much silent running plus more power. I would love to rate this 5 stars, but I've cut off one star for the bolt extraction and awful adapters, and one star for the noisy mixer. Clearing up those issues would make this a 5 star superb budget PA system.

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