Superlux PRA383XLR Clip on Instrument Microphone

About this Superlux PRA383XLR Clip on Instrument Microphone

The PRA383 is ideal for saxophones, woods, eastern and western strings and percussion because of its high SPL capability and flat response. The PRA383 is easy to clip onto various instruments and simple to adjust by bending the short gooseneck for the sweet spot. A good choice for mid-high frequency range instrument sound pick-up, the PRA383 is a necessity for live sound and a studio recording device.

PRA383TQG TA4F connector for wireless system with a 1.5-meter cable

PRA383XLR TA3F connector for PS418S preamp (phantom power only)

PRA383DXLR TA3F connector for PS418D preamp (either phantom power or battery)


  • Gooseneck with clip can be installed on brass and string instruments easily
  • Cardioid polar pattern suppresses sound from rear and sides
  • Built-in 1.5-meter cable for connecting to preamplifier device

The Tech Features

Brand:- Superlux

Model:- PRA383XLR

Type:- Back electret, 9.7 mm (0.38in)

Polar Pattern:- Cardioid

Frequency Response:- 40-18,000 Hz

Low Frequency Filter:- N/A

Sensitivity:- 42 dB/Pa (7.8 mV)

Output Impedance:- 200 O

Minimun Load Impedance:- 1,000 O

S/N Ratio:- 71 dB

Equivalent Output Noise:- 23 dB Max.

SPL:- 137 dB

SPL Dynamic Range:- 114 dB

Power Requirements:- 12-52V DC, 3.5 mA

Finish:- Black

Connector:- TA3F, 1.5-meter cable

Dimensions: Microphone:- 12.5 27 mm (0.5in  1.1in);PS418S:21 106 mm (0.83inx4.18in)

Net Weight: Microphone:- 160 g (5.64oz);PS418S: 118 g (4.2 oz)

Accessories Furnished:- PS418S preamp (SOLD Separately)

Packaging:- A1 carrying case;Colorful outer packaging


Great for home recording

By: Samm Dylan Pickup on 4 March 2020
The microphone was ordered on a Wednesday and I received it the following Monday. It comes in a durable hard plastic case with specifically cutout durable foam for absolute protection and for such a small device it is robust. Please make sure you can provide 48volt phantom power, otherwise they wont work. For $69 the type of microphone it is, has quite a decent and direct pick-up of sound. Instead of using my Samson Q51's on the 2 up rack toms and 2 down floor toms when recording, I prefer these. You get close enough clarity and are less intrusive in your playing space. I have accidentally struck the microphones a number of times with medium impact and they still work. No, they aren't perfect for laying down the final tracking of (in this case, drums), however they are a good quality microphone to get you started. When you buy budget quality equipment, that is what you usually get. These microphones are budget but they are a step above that label. Artist has provided me 3 cymbals, a 10" brilliant finish splash, an18" light crash in brilliant finish and an 18" medium rough crash to which all complement my Paiste cymbals. I have also bought good quality drum bags, heavy duty hardware bags and a great cymbal bag. I highly recommend Artist.

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