Superlux DRKA5C2 Extended 7-Piece Drum Mic Set

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About this Superlux DRKA5C2 Extended 7-Piece Drum Mic Set

The DRKA5C2 drum set microphone is designed for live stage and practice rooms. It is comprised of 2 PRA268AH condensers for overheads,  1 PRA218A for kick, and 4 PRA228A for tom-tom and snare. 
All microphones include permanent attached mic clip.

The DRKA5C2 drum set includes:
1 x PRA218A supercardioid, for kick
4 x PRA228As supercardioid, for tom-tom and snare
2 x PRA268AHs condenser, supercardioid, for cymbals and hi-hat.


The Tech Specs:

Brand:- Superlux

Model:- DRKA5C2

Included mics:-

  • 1 x PRA218A supercardioid, for kick
  • 4 x PRA228As supercardioid, for tom-tom and snare
  • 2 x PRA268AHs condenser, supercardioid, for cymbals and hi-hat.


  • 2 x HM10S mic clips with screw knob for PRA268A
  • 5 x Ppermanent attached mic clips
  • 7 x YA2 threaded adapters


Pleasantly surprised

By: Harry on 2 May 2018
For the price point of this item I really didn't expect the sort of quality that rocked up on my doorstep, the mics themselves are very sturdy in metal casings (I expected some plastic rubbish that would simply do the job til I got better) the stands are heavy which is good since they've got to hold mics quite high, the kick Mic stand is heavy aswell which is good and the leads seem good and reliable (havnt put them through the ringer yet but I have confidence in them) all in all I'm very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this item

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