Nux NBK5 Masamune Booster and Compressor Effects Pedal

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Nux NBK5 Masamune Booster and Compressor Effects Pedal

Given that a Booster pedal and a Compressor pedal will always be considered great additions to the boards of professional musicians then a pedal that combines both these options in one has got to be worth a look.

The Nux Masamune Booster and Compressor Pedal is that pedal. The Booster section will add colour and warmth to your tone while the Compressor section will make sure that your input and output signal can be perfectly balanced. Without a doubt, this is a great addition to any pedal board.

The Tech Features:

Brand:- Nux

Model:- NBK5




By: Nicholas on 15 July 2020
This pedal is great. The compression does wonders for you clean and overdrive. The boost fills your sound beautifully. The sustain, that spanking squashed up sound it's all there. I cannot fault this pedal. I have to give it five stars. Its the pedal you didn't know you wanted, that is until you hear it.

Masamune NBK5

By: Roedi Braad on 20 May 2019
Great pedal , well built great value for money, I love it

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