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Nux MP2 Mighty Plug Guitar and Bass Amplug with Bluetooth

Nux MP2 Mighty Plug Guitar and Bass Amplug with Bluetooth

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Nux MP2 Mighty Plug Guitar and Bass Amplug with Bluetooth

Mighty Plug is a handy silent-play gear for both guitarists and bassists, featuring various effects, modeling amplifiers, and Impulse Response (IR) cabinet models. With built-in acoustic guitar IR models and acoustic amps, you can play regular electric guitar to simulate acoustic guitar. The embedded Drum patterns can let you play along with your favorite music styles.

Guitar Mode: There are 3 channels and an Acoustic Guitar simulator for electric guitars.

Bass Mode: There are 3 channels for bass guitar. 6 effect modules and 25 variety effects in total.

You can choose the Bluetooth connection AUDIO mode to play along with your favorite music only. Or APP mode to control the effects and customize your presets, and store it. You can also playback any music when APP mode is selected. The audio mode option is useful when you connect any Bluetooth device that you can not install the Mighty Amp application.

You can record your instrument without using any audio interface. Mighty Plug has a built-in audio streaming function, so you can connect the Amplug directly to your computer with a Micro B USB cable, and it is ready to play and record. A driver free* solution that helps you to produce music with direct connection. You can use the headphones output for monitoring, you will hear both your guitar and the audio from your computer.

Mighty Plug Mobile App: There are loads of pre-amp models and guitar cabinet IRs and effects available with our FREE MightyAmp app. And the best part is that you can save all the changes you made to a channel for further use.

Perfect For All Styles Ultimate Compatibility: Mighty Plug works perfectly with active/passive electric guitar and bass, and acoustic-electric guitars with piezo or magnetic pickup. The signal is crystal clear.

Also, the compact and light-weight design allows you to play comfortably on any guitar and bass body types, including acoustic guitars and ukuleles.

The Tech Features

Brand: Nux

Model: MP2

Modes: Guitar, Bass

Additional Features:

  • Acoustic Guitar Simulator with Impulse Response Acoustic Guitar Emulation
  • 13 Amplifier Models 
  • 19 Variety of Effects
  • 20 Impulse Response Files (Speaker Cabinet and Acoustic Guitar)
  • Physical Amplifier Modeling Algorithm
  • Noise Gate

Drum Beats: 10 Patterns and Metronome

Bluetooth: Dual Mode Bluetooth 4.2

Battery: Rechargeable Li Battery

Playing Time: Approximately 3 Hours


wow - just wow!

By: on 27 July 2021
This little plug is amazing, the sound it produces is great, through headphones, an amp and even my small bluetooth speaker, it's great! had I known how good this was going to be, I might have skipped on buying an amp and put more budget into my bass. I think this is a must-have for any electric guitar or bass player!
By: Artist Guitars
We appreciate the feedback and thank you for all the support.

Amp in my Pocket

By: on 13 July 2021
what a great bit of kit! i've got kids so don't like to make too much noise at night time, I just plug the Nux MP2 in and its like I've got the guitar going to a proper amp! Set up was easy, phone interface works well... what's not to like?
By: Artist Guitars
Thank you so much for the awesome review. Cheers!


By: on 11 May 2021
Recently purchased this terrific little gadget. I have toddler twins so cranking up the amps after 6pm is a no go. The NUX let's me satisfy my inner rock star needs without annoying the rest of the family. Easy to set up, crystal clear sound, decent volume, and enough effects and modelling to keep you happy. Highly recommended.
By: Artist Guitars
Thank you so much for the review and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Cheers!

Great variety of sound. Great value.

By: on 12 February 2021
We've got two of these in the house now. Got one for my daughter for xmas secretly hoping she wouldn't like it so I could have it, but she loves it. I do too. The four guitar settings are very versatile. Clean sound is nice, plexi overdrive sound is great, fireman lead sound very nice and the accoustic sim is a lot of fun. I've also managed to get some very usable overdriven clean sounds from the three bass settings, so effectively I've got 7 settings for my guitar. You may have to tweak the levels a bit to sound nice with your headphones but that's not too hard and has more to do with the small headphone speakers than anything because if you plug the output signal into an amp (even a home stereo) it sounds great. Very glad I bought this product.
By: Artist Guitars
We truly appreciate your review and we are always happy to hear that our customers enjoy our products. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. Cheers!

Simply the Best amp plug on the market !

By: on 27 January 2021
I bought this amp plug after seeing all the reviews and demos on youtube. It is truly amazing that you get all those features in a tiny guitar plug for Electric Guitar or Bass guitar.

Better than expected

By: on 20 December 2020
Don't get me wrong, I wasn't expecting to get rubbish when spending $99 lol. I actually bought the unit so I could do quiet practice when the family was in bed, and the MP2 does work brilliantly for that - just plug it in and Bluetooth/connect directly to your headphones, or better yet Bluetooth to your phone to use the app with your headphones connected to your phone. And that is where the bonus was in my eyes for the price you pay. Sure it says in the blurb that it does have the effects and amp models built in, as well as other stuff like an acoustic guitar simulator, but to be serious I read all that and thought it costs $99 so didn't really think the extras would be much good. Happy to say I was wrong (don't tell my wife I admitted that), they actually work quite well when you take into account the size of the unit. Of course they aren't perfect but they get the job done and when you consider that you paid $99 for something you can literally carry in your pocket the effects are more like a brilliant free bonus. I can pick up my guitar & headphones at midnight, phone in one pocket and plug in the other and head out under the stars to practice. The rechargeable battery means no fiddling around either, just plug it into a power bank and stay out all night lol. My only nit pick with the Mighty Plug is the length of the supplied USB cable as I think most people will find it's too short to be really useful, but that will depend totally on each person's PC setup. These days though that's a quick fix anyway as there are tons of places to pick up a reasonably priced USB cable of a decent length.

Great product, excellent service

By: on 23 November 2020
As per usual Artist Guitar delivered the product within 3 days (country NSW). The NUX MP2 - what a great little product. Easy to use. I suggest using the QRCode in the documentation to quickly locate the correct app for the phone. The one app handles multiple NUX devices. The app store has multiple apps and it isn't clear which one is the correct one. Great selection of 'pedals' to experiment with but can't change the order of the 'pedals'. The only other downers is that 1) some of the sounds a very soft - not much louder than when the guitar is unplugged - but this is easy fixed by adjust some setting in the app 2) that the jam tracks do not play through the headphones.

Great stuff

By: on 14 November 2020
I'd been looking around for something portable I could plug my guitar and headphones into when out camping or at the beach and this does the trick and then some! Best buy I've made in a while. I was surprised to find I can use this little wonder as an USB interface to record directly on my PC! an interface alone will cost you more than this little plug! amazing value.

Nux MP2 Mighty Plug - the mightiest plug I have ev

By: on 13 November 2020
I won't go into details of its features, however this is the best sounding "amplug" type of guitar headphones amp I have ever tried. Bluetooth connects without hassle every time, the app is easy to use and it is very easy to dial in a usable tone in a matter of minutes. I do wish there are physical gain/tone/volume dials on the unit itself but this is really nit-picking, especially when the price is taken into account.

Nux does it again!!!

By: on 20 October 2020
I sure wish I could’ve had this when I was a kid.The best amp modelling Bluetooth ir response Plus effects drum machine and audio streaming.And it all fits in your pocket.Oug of the box I managed to tweak by sounds through the app and boo-bam I was ready to go.A very reasonable price tag attached too.Grab one now they are sooo worth it.Cant wait to take my traveller guitar headphones and this guy out for a play.So good I will probably get an extra one as backup.

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