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Nux GP1 Guitar Plug Headphone Amp

Nux GP1 Guitar Plug Headphone Amp

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About this Nux GP1 Guitar Plug Headphone Amp

The Nux GP1 is a portable guitar plug amplifier with distortion. You can play your electric guitar anytime, anywhere. Plug in your headphones and enjoy the GP1 with a British Rock distortion. You can adjust the gain and tone level according to your preference. The built in aux input allows you to connect any media device and play along to songs or backing tracks. Now you can practice anytime, anywhere and on the go without having to worry about waking your neighbours.

The Tech Features:

Brand:- Nux

Model:- GP1

Colour:- Black

Inputs:- Aux-In, 3.5mm Headphone Input

Knobs:- Gain, Tone, Volume

Power Requirements:- 2 AAA Batteries (Not included)

Battery Life:- 40 hours with alkaline batteries and 8 hours with carbon batteries

Dimensions:- 10cm x 8.8cm x 2.3cm

Weight:- 43g without the batteries



Practice without disturbing the family.

By: Craig on 31 July 2020
Bought this as an option to practice with headphones, and not disturb the family. Build quality is good for the price. I haven't used any other similar products, so I can't comment on sound quality comparison, but these are quite good for the price, but don't expect high quality sound. There is some occasional noise, but I rhink these a a good value oprion if you just want to prractice, without disturbing others.


By: Jason on 3 October 2019
Absolutely an awesome idea and little gadget. HOWEVER.. I was using it with my Bose headphones and the sound came through very distorted? I tried adjusting the settings and volume and it was still distorted, grainy? I could hear the A strings viabrations whilst plucking the D and G String..? I have only just picked up a bass (never played guitar or any instrument in my life before) and I love my artist PB2 Bass, so Im no expert, but this was just my first thoughts on the Guitar Plug. Ill continue to try and use and even try different headphones. :) But


By: Allan Carpenter on 19 September 2019
Very compact and convenient. Performance is very good for what it is. Wish I hadn’t bought the PHT-2 now.

Nux plug in

By: Paul Harrington on 30 May 2018
Ordered and received in 4 days. Works a treat and you can practice anywhere. Worth the money. Very happy

Buy it you will love it

By: Andrew on 6 February 2018
Use it anywhere you want no need for mains power, sound is very good and the distortion is as they clamed very British. Head phones have to have a 3mm plug, my 6mm to 3mm adaptor fowls on the units, housing all in all Love It Andrew

Great little headphone amp

By: Paul on 28 December 2017
Neat little unit that allows you to plug headphones directly into in rather than through your standard amp. Sound is reasonably good considering the size

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