NuX Cerberus Integrated Multi Effects Pedal & Controller

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NuX Cerberus Integrated Multi-Effects Pedal & Controller

Cerberus is a multi-function effect pedal which can be used standalone or with the 4 cable method (see below) and comes packed with extraordinary features including inside routing, IR loader, analog overdrive & distortion and digital effects

You can use Cerberus as a stand-alone device to prepare your setup and control as a stomp-box chain and/or save any combinations including routing as a preset and recall by a single click. You can add your essential gear into the chain with using 4 cable method no matter which equipment you use. Cerberus also offers MIDI control to organize your own effect pedals and improve your effects control at the same time.

We've put together 2 selected analog Drive / Distortion pedals, modulation effects, plus delay & reverb effects. All these sounds and effects were improvised both from the all-time-classic and newly most-liked gears.


Analog Effects:

Overdrive (Blues Breaker): Cerberus Overdrive sound is a tribute to the 70’s Little Wing / Hendrix playing-style.  The technology is only about 10 years ago but it quickly became one of the most-preferred overdrive sounds on the market. The Overdrive Channel simply takes your guitar tone to the next level without adding mid-frequencies or any other unwanted characteristics inherent in “Tube Screamer Style” circuits, and provides a transparent overdrive sound.  Any pedal can sound amazing but when you create an effect chain, harmonizing the sound is critical for maximum efficiency.

Distortion (Brown Anger): If you prefer high gain distortion with a Classic British flavor, rich bass responses, thick mid-frequencies and a balanced treble response, Cerberus Distortion will soon become one of your all-time-favorite sounds. We’ve also considered compatibility in respect to the Overdrive and Distortion channels. Whether you use distortion standalone or combine with overdrive, when you hit your distortion switch, you’ll feel the classic JCM touch on your sound.


Drive section has analog circuitry with digital control parameters and it remains analog (AD/DA converter starts from the MOD FX section).


Modulation Effects:   

Tremolo: Cerberus Tremolo creates authentic vintage tremolo guitar sounds and it is an easy-to-use compact effect but it offers wide parameters for precise effect tailoring.

Phaser: It’s warm, organic, and rarely harsh and burnt-orange phaser. From simple and warm,  to tuneful character melodic?

Sleepy psychedelic swirl, with rich high-end harmonics, Cerberus’s Phaser is a joy to use.

U-vibe: For guitarists who really dig the swirling vibes sound-- especially in "vintage" mode, Cerberus’s U-Vibe offers a massive swirl, that’s true, it’s more than “feeling the U-Vibe” sound, you can jump on it. We made sure our U-Vibe effect included the classic favorites, and Cerberus has them ready


Chorus (CE - Analog, SC - Digital, ST - Modern)

CE Chorus: This chorus type is from early years of Chorus effect. There is no any other vintage sound without an analog chorus touch.

SC Chorus: SC Chorus adds a dreamy chorus sound and creates an ambient guitar tone. That’s another alternative chorus if you like a digital touch and to create and ensemble chorus effect.

ST Chorus: This is the most common chorus effect. From clean arpeggios or strumming and fat-drive power chords to sparkling distortion killer solos, Cerberus ST Chorus fills in the gaps to complete your sound.


Delay (60’s, 70’s and 80’s)

60’s Delay (Tape Delay) 55ms - 550ms: Tape delay effects that never get old.  We picked a heavy-lift tape echo and shrunk it to add one of the delay modes in Cerberus. In 60’s Delay mode you can create aged over-saturated repeats -- the way tape does!

70’s Delay (BBD) 40ms - 400ms: This mode can handle all or your performance needs if you prefer to use analog-style repeats. It has a decreased modulation so you feel really the popular analog-like BBD sound repeats.

80’s Delay (Digital Delay) 80ms - 800ms: 80’s Delay sounds fantastic is super easy to use.  Its simplicity makes it the best mode if you are already using modulation effects, and all you want are crystal clear repeats.


Tap Tempo:

All of the Delay effects provide an original sound and each one has its own delay speed range. When TAP TEMPO is activated, the Time Knob controls the repeat quantize and TAP TEMPO delay range is 125ms - 1500ms for all delay types.  And while you tweak the Time Knob, it still allows you to have the original delay time range to emerge infinite feedback, run-away/oscillation as physical tape echo and BBD delay.


Reverb (Plate, Hall and Spring)

Plate Reverb: Plate reverb helps you to have the touch of reverb. If you are in need of a deep ambiance, long decay parameters will give you the deepest but also versatile and organic reverb sound.

Hall Reverb: It offers the spacious feeling of a well-architected performance hall with natural reflections in a studio quality reverb effect.

Spring Reverb: Based on a tank sound, get the warmth and richness of a vintage reverb unit with Cerberus’s Spring Reverb function.


Impulse Response Loader

Cerberus has stereo outputs:  one is a dedicated Output with speaker simulation for direct connection to the mixer or your audio interface. When using both Outputs, you can activate or deactivate by pressing the Speaker Cab Sim button.  This comes in handy when running 2 amps. The headphone output is cabin simulated and ready-to-play. It can run any 3rd party IR files as well.


Features and Requirements of Cerberus’s IR loader:

Built-in IR: High-Quality 4x12 Closed Back Cabinet

Zero Latency

44.1kHz Sampling Rate, 24-Bit

Max Resolution: 512 Samples

Nux factory cabs and 3rd party IR files can be loaded to Cerberus via Cerberus Editor software (coming soon)


4 Cable Method Connection

You can connect your all-time-favorite gear to Cerberus by placing it between analog and digital sections. You can use any combination of amps or pedals you desire.


More Features

An integrated loop switcher, IR loader, kill dry function, 0 to 20dB volume boost and an accurate tuner into a simple-to-use floor unit. Great tone, ultimate flexibility, easy control, and extreme portability make Cerberus ideal for all players. It also has an additional foot control switch for the selected functions of your choice and you can also connect an expression pedal while it becomes a volume control option before the digital section.

Control switch can be assigned as Reverb, Mod FX, Drive Section Bypass or Clean Boost (0dB - 20dB)


MIDI Implement / Global Settings

When you're using any kind of MIDI-compatible pedals and stompboxes, they are extremely handy when paired with a rack processors or even a guitar effects software. Cerberus provides full MIDI implementations that you can use and combine with any MIDI-supported gear.


Dimensions:  32 x 11 x 4 cm
Power Specs: 500ma 9v dc



great product

By: Terry Lee Barker on 7 September 2018
I had my eye on this Cerberus multi FX for a while as I am sick of tap dancing around a stack of pedals on the floor,so when Artist had a 1 day flash sale and it was on the sale list I jumped on it,timely delivery from artist as always so it arrived in a couple of days,I had already checked out the demos of the Cerberus on youtube and was pretty happy with what I had heard,but what a nice surprise this product is plug and play literally very user friendly I particularly like the 5th multi assignable switch which you can program to switch in and out several different functions I am using it for the clean boost which is an absolute asset I use this unit in manual mode,the many options on each FX module are excellent boost is a pristine clean boost,the analogue drive is nice and transparent the distortion can be set up warm and creamy modulation I dont use a heap but there are some nice options here that I will definately use,the delay section is excellent particularly the simulated tape delay which I like a lot all up a very user friendly quality FX unit with an abundance of banks you can store settings in cant really fault this product it does everything I need and then some in a very tidy package Nux have really nailed it with this one if your'e looking for a great multi FX for a very reasonable price point this baby's for you,if you only buy one FX unit this year make it the Cerberus I doubt you will be disappointed.

Great grab-and-go unit!

By: Simon on 1 May 2018
I ordered the Cerberus from Artist on Sunday afternoon, it was delivered on Monday, I took it to rehearsal on Tuesday and gigged with it on Saturday! Great service from Artist and a great product that delivered exactly what is was looking for. I was after a small effects unit that would fit in a gig bag so I could use it as a back up to my larger rig (Axe FX II) and as a grab-and-go for quicker set up at rehearsal or for smaller gigs. I run it into the front of a little Vox MV50 amp (which doesn't have an effect loop) and run MV50 into a traditional guitar cab, but I've also tried it in 4-cable-method with a Blackstar HT 60 and the Axe Fx and played through headphones. I gigged with the MV50 setup at an outdoor venue and people tell me it sounded great. The drive and overdrive are particularly good. I found the set up was pretty intuitive, but then I'm used to configuring the Axe Fx :) Burgs's video above pretty much covers all the sounds. My unit sounds exactly like his in the video. I didn't get any of the 'clunk' when switching from a driven sound to clean like a previous reviewer mentioned. The description above mentions that the Cerberus Editor software is coming soon. It is available now (go to the Nux Cerberus support page on the Nux website) and I've used it to load up 3rd party IRs - it works as it should and sounds great. For more advanced users, you can use the IR loader to load up IR's that you've created yourself to effectively add Parametric EQ, which is a cool feature. So far I've only used the unit like a traditional pedal board and haven't tried the preset feature. It's true that you need to remember what preset is what, given the names are just 1A, 2A etc, but I see the preset feature as an added bonus that some alternative fly rig units don't have. I also haven't played with the midi functionality yet but it looks intriguing (I wonder if I can use it to switch amp channel on my Blackstar???). The unit looks to be really solid. The footswitches seem to be good quality. If I have a complaint (and I'm nit picking) I can see that I'll have to be careful of the power jack or risk breaking it. I bought the package with the Xvive power supply. Mine didn't have a right angle jack like the one in the picture, so you might want to check that if that is important to you. All up, I'm really pleased with the Cerberus. It does exactly what I need it to and, combined with the Vox MV50, gives me a giggable setup that fits in a tiny package.

NuX Cerberus - lots packed into a small package..B

By: Kenneth on 9 January 2018
I have played for many years, still play in a working band and have owned tons of gear, amps, guitars and pedals. Acquisition syndrome? Well yes... So the NuX Cerberus multi effects was an interesting purchase. I use a fairly large pedalboard and have looked at a few small footprint multi units. This one has a number of effects but being able to create presets for multi switching looked promising. So the pros - solid little unit. Usable effects, Ability to create presets within a number of banks. Lots of routing and looping options. Now the cons - Reasonably steep learning curve, not as intuitive as one would hope (or maybe I'm just slow), you have to write down or remember what has been programmed into what number ie. you can't name the presets. Finally the deal breaker (for me) - If you are switching from an overdrive preset to a clean preset, there is a notable clunk. There are a few songs where I switch mid phrase from clean to dirty and back and the change must be silent. Consequently, I am not able to use it in a live performance :-( Who is this good for? Anyone starting out will get an inexpensive neat versatile solid little multi effects pedal that will be fine in a garage, jamming or rehearsal. Not so good if you are doing complex switching live on stage.

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