Joyo JF18R Power Tune Power Supply and Tuner Pedal

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About this Pedal Tuner and Power Supply Pedal

JOYO Audio delivers a compact and convenient way to combine the essential tools of the guitarists pedal board that do not necessarily make a sound, but enable it to all happen. A True Bypass guitar pedal tuner and guitar effect pedal power supply.

The JF-18 Power Tune combines both power supply and tuner into one amazing product, saving space and eliminating noise

The POWER section features a filtered low noise output with short circuit and over current protection. Six outputs give you the standard 100ma power for most of your standard analogue pedals on your board, whilst two additional outputs can deliver 500ma, which will cover even the most demanding digital effects units.

The TUNE section delivers via the large LED screen, which is easy to see in any lighting condition. Using a technologically impressive rapid chromatic tuning algorithm, ensuring fast and responsive note detection for any guitar or bass player. 

There is no need to worry about your guitar signal running though the power supply, we have made sure that there is no crosstalk noise or hum, the switching adapter does not get hot unlike many other guitar power supplies. We also include 8 DC power chords and 2 polarity reversing cables.

Of course you can use the Power Tune independently, the tuner section features True Bypass circuit to minimise signal loss

The Tech Features

Brand: Joyo

Model :- JF18R

Tuning Parameters

  • Input : 1/4 mono port
  • Output : 1/4 mono port
  • Tuning Range :12Hz-4186Hz
  • Working voltage: DC9v (centre negative).
  • Running current: DC120mA.
  • Power Parameters
  • Input voltage for adapter: AC100 -240v.
  • One DC9v input, 2A input (centre negative).
  • 9 x DC 9v outputs, 2 x 500mA, 6 x 100mA (centre negative).
  • Filtered short-circuit and over current protection.

Accessories included:

  • Includes power supply adaptor.
  • 8 x DC power chords.
  • 2 x polarity reversing cables.


Joyo Power Tune JF18R

By: David Mann on 16 September 2020
Good product, combining the tuner and power distribution is cost and space saving. Well made and looks great. The tuner display is large and easy to see. The supplied power cables come in three sizes, 2 short (40cm), 4 medium (60cm) and 2 long (80cm). Plus two short polarity change cables. All in all a well thought out package. Quick delivery, good service, thank you Artist Guitars.

Joyo power tune

By: Nicholas on 2 July 2020
I am putting together my first pedal board. When I saw the Joyo power tune I thought this could be a great starting point, and I was right. As far as powering pedals goes, the power tune comes with everything you need. What I didn't expect was the tuner to be so fantastic. Very accurate and the huge, bright display looks incredible. I would recommend the power tune to any guitar player.. I love it! Great price. Worth every cent.

Power Supply for pedalboards

By: TC on 24 June 2020
Reorganise my foot pedal case and found the Joyo JF18R Power Tune Power Supply and Tuner Pedal the ideal fit as it has 8 (6 x 100mah for individual pedals and 2 x 500mah for multiple effect pedals). I put it in a boss case and tried it b4 I giged. Everything worked as it should have without annoying hums or clicks. The tuner was the cream on the cake with pitch perfect tunings. Would recommend this product for anyone doing the same. It’s a 5 star rating from me. TC

Joyo Tuner/Power Pedal.

By: Darrell Taylor on 8 June 2020
Impressed with both quality and ease of use of this product. Very well built and the tuners LED display is bright and easy to read in bright daylight conditions. The added ability to provide power distribution to other units on the pedalboard is both space saving and functional.

Joyo Power Supply and Tuner Pedal

By: Mal on 2 June 2020
This is a sturdy product and works well. It comes with a good selection of power cables lengths.

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