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Joyo AC40 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

The AC-40 acoustic amplifier is was designed on the popular AC-20. While retaining the high sound quality, it is more powerful, more portable and due to its built in battery a great choice for outdoor performances. Its 40W (RMS) power can easily meet the requirements for small live shows and can be used as long as 3 hours continuously when fully charged. Based on the AC-20s DSP circuit, it delivers the same sonic clarity and will satisfy your amplifier demands without a doubt.

The Tech Features

An amplification characteristic and EQ curve specially designed for acoustic guitars. It gives you a nice and bright treble with rich mid-low frequencies.

  • 40W of power(20W+20W)
  • Built-in high performance DSP chip to provide 3DSP effects(CHORUS, DELAY, REVERB)
  • 3 DSP effects can be used simultaneously.
  • A dynamic microphone channel gives you a clear and powerful vocal sound.
  • Mic channel features a reverb.
  • AUX IN to connect CD player, MP3 or similar devices.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery to support outdoor performances.
  • As long as 3 hours of usage when fully charged.
  • 2 x 6.5" Speakers
  • AC Power adapter output: DC 15V 4A

Dimensions: 390L x 200W x 267H mm


Reviews (18)

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Nice Sounding Acoustic Portable Amp

By: on 11 July 2022
I recently got back into playing acoustic guitars and wanted a nice sounding, portable acoustic style amp that I could also run on battery. I looked at a few but eventually settled on this Joyo Battery Powered Amp. I haven't bought a Joyo amp before, but I've purchased plenty of their pedals and always found them to sound great and good value. So it was a no brainer to get this. It's got twin 6.5" speakers, pumps out 20W per speaker, has a stated running time of about 3hrs and some built in effects. What really sold me on this was the built in effects - you gotta have chorus/delay/reverb for any acoustic amp and this has them all (and can use simultaneously). It's amazing how many actually don't. While it has a separate mic channel, it only has a reverb effect. The guitar channel has all the normal suspects with Master Volume, bass, middle and treble. Once you've got these right, your guitar can generally take care of any tweaks with its EQ to your desire. Considering it's only 20W per speaker, the output power is pretty good and you could do a small give with it. It did take a while for the battery to re-charge back up again, but I got a few hours out of it playing at moderate levels. Being so small, it could probably use some kick stands, or just pop it up on a table or chair. For me this was the best pick out of the bunch of acoustic amps. Great value for the price and glad I bought this. BTW Do yourself a favour and watch the associated Youtube video and have a laugh. The kid playing the guitar is miming really bad LOL. So it begs the question how the actual amp sounded and what they actually ran the voice through, because it wasn't this amp. It does sound pretty good though.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Joyo AC40 Battery Powered Acoustic Guitar Amplifie

By: on 22 June 2022
Happy to get this for those times when 240volts is unavailable. My Artist fretless bass works well with it along with acoustic bass & guitar. Well worth the money & the tiny amount of hiss mentioned by others is not noticeable if you are playing & not listening for obscure little faults. Compact size too..**Gerard, Port Kembla**

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Fantastic service!!!!

By: on 22 February 2022
First unit I received was faulty, battery problem. Contacted Artist, Jeremy, and was assured all would be fixed. Sure enough Artist provided free return to shop and despatched another amp , which I received in super fast time. This amp works perfectly, no humm, hiss, just great natural acoustic sound. The way Artist backed up the product was absolutely phenomenal. Big thanks to Jeremy and Jason for their efforts to fix things. The service provided easily top class, highly recommend Artist Guitars for gear and service!!

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the kind words! We're always happy to help in resolving any issues. Cheers!

Joyo AC40

By: on 26 December 2021
I have only had the amp for about a week and haven't used it outdoors as yet, but probably enough to say that I pulled it out of the box and two hours later was still playing. It's great. Love the three effects being mixable and I'm having heaps of fun playing to the delay. Great sound when you've got the timing together. The mic input having independant volume and reverb is excellent. The hiss that some people have mentioned is just not an issue. I can't see why it would bother anyone who wasn't looking to nit-pick. Super prompt delivery. And all so affordable. I bought it because I had busked at a market the week before with a borrowed battery-powered amp that was very poor in comparison. Thankyou very much. I love it.

Artist Guitars Response
We are so glad to know you love this amp! Thank you so much for your awesome review. Please do not hesitate to reach out should you need assistance, we're always ready to help!

noisy hiss

By: on 11 October 2021
I bought one and the noisy hiss is very noticeable. People comment on it. I wouldn't have bought it if I had known it would be so loud. It's not a fault just bad design. Avoid

Artist Guitars Response
I am so sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for sharing this. I have sent you an email so you can let us know how we can help you with this problem.

Joyo AC 40 amp

By: on 1 May 2021
I am getting a great sound from this amp with my Cole Clark Angel acoustic guitar. The fx are all I need and I am looking forward to experimenting further to get the most from this amazing little amp.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you very much for your feedback. This means a lot to us. Cheers!


By: on 30 November 2020
I purchased this amp to use with a double bass in situations where power is not available. What I have found with other battery amps of a similar size (not to mention price!) is the output level just doesn't cut it. With addition of a pedal graphic eq, the sound is very good and cuts through with a full band while still retaining an authentic acoustic bass sound. Played for 5-6 hours before I charged the battery again just in case. And as a bonus it sounds great with my hollow body 6-string jazzbox. Great purchase!

Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

By: on 27 November 2020
I've now bought a few instruments through Artist and have been well pleased each time. A couple of acoustic guitars - nylon and steel string. Both perfectly fit for purpose. Excellent value for money. The latest experience is no exception. I had a small modelling amp which I was using with the guitars but was never delighted by the sound - too harsh and brittle. Plus I liked the idea of something that didn't have to be plugged into the mains. The Joyo AC40 is that amp. Very simple to use. And a nice, warm sound when used with the two Artist guitars. Again, excellent value for money.

Joyco AC40

By: on 7 September 2020
Outstanding service from Artist Guitars. Joyco AC40 gives all that is promised.

Joyo AC40 battery

By: on 16 June 2020
Pretty good sounding amp food value for money

Joyo amplifier

By: on 1 September 2019
Joyo 40 watt rechargeable amplifier

joyo ac40 battery powered acoustic guitar amp

By: on 21 August 2019
thanks artists this an excellent amp I cant wait to get my resonator finished to test it out as for the microphone I forgot to buy a cable so at the moment I cant test the amps mic port out again great amp once I plug a cd player in the back il be a walking concert thanks artist regards wayne

Joyo Amp

By: on 28 November 2018
Excellent from the moment i turned it on. It exceeded my expectations.

Awesome service

By: on 3 December 2017
This a perfect busking amp but more importantly the service from the Artist Team is always amazing for new purchasers, returns or repairs. Thanks heaps!

Awesome Little Amp

By: on 5 November 2017
Everything I expected I got. Excellent effects . Great sound for an acoustic slide guitar set up with pick up. Enough power to run with my one man band drum kit.

Wonderful amp

By: on 11 October 2017
I can't believe the quality of this amp for the price. Sounds great, very good effects and easily powerful enough to use for smaller gigs, indoor and out. So glad I purchased one.

Tone as good for tenth of price

By: on 18 September 2017
AM very happy with this amp, the built in effects are good quality and the overall tone is excellent, my Ovation sounds dreamy! I wanted a top quality amp but did not want to pay thousands, this is a bargain for what you get. I immediately used it in my studio and recorded! Very Happy...!

Joyo AC40 Acoustic Amp

By: on 20 May 2016
I purchased this for a at home practice amp, having 40 watts it is loud and clear. The built in battery allows me to use it anywhere for up to 3 hours, it is awesome. Delivered three days earlier than predicted, excellent job all round Artist Guitars.

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