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About this Joyo AC20 20W Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

The Joyo AC-20 is an amplifier designed with an amplification characteristic curve circuit specifically for acoustic guitars. It gives you a nice and bright treble with rich mid-low frequencies. Its 20W of power (10W + 10W Stereo Power Amp) will meet your needs for practice sessions at home up to even small live shows.

The guitar section of the AC-20 features 3 built-in DSP effects: Chorus, Delay and Reverb, and all of which can be used simultaneously which is very rare among similar amplifiers. The other section on the AC-20 is the well designed dynamic Microphone amplification channel giving you a clear and powerful vocal sound, this channel also features a reverb, which is the key making your vocals shine.

Connect your MP3 player or CD and jam along to your music using the easy Aux input. Joyo have done it again with a truly simple and remarkably practical acoustic guitar amp.

The Power supply is included with this amp.

The Tech Features

Brand: Joyo

Model: AC20

Guitar Channel Controls and effects

  • Treble, Middle, Bass adjustment
  • Three built-in digital effects of Chorus, Delay (Max delay time up to 500ms) and Reverb
  • Volume Control

Microphone Channel Controls and effects

  • Tone adjustment
  • Reverb effect
  • Microphone Volume Control
  • Two 5-inch speakers
  • Guitar input: -18.2dBv
  • Microphone input: -40.7 dBv (this only suits Dynamic Mics)
  • Aux in: -14dBv
  • Output: 20W RMS @ 4ohm/1khz
  • Dimensions: 325mm x 190mm x 230mm
  • Weight: 4.8Kg
  • Included Power Supply: ( Input: AC 100V-250V, 50-60Hz Output: DC 14V 4A)


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Great little Amp

By: on 14 November 2021
I not only carry, but also power my instruments and muso gear, via a solar augmented electric cargo bicycle when touring. This amp fitted my needs perfectly in terms of size, weight and power requirements. I was initially disappointed when it first arrived, primarily because the amp seemed to have a lot of hiss. Artist Guitars were very helpful in their communications with me about this, especially their returns policy, but ultimately, because the amp fitted my needs in so many ways, I decided to persist with it. I'm happy I did, as it's a great little amp! Signal to noise ratio is often a contentious issue, but as I found, with the correct preamp gain settings, system gain staging and overall volume settings, I've been able to eliminate the hiss and simultaneously achieve a superb clarity of sound. If you perform to small audiences in intimate setting, I can highly recommend this amp!

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing the feedback.

Excellent Amp

By: on 24 April 2021
I can highly recommend this acoustic amp. Was going to qualify this with a "for the price", but it is excellent irrespective of the price and holds its own versus more expensive competitors in my opinion. It amplifies my classical guitar well and I really like the 3 built in effects that can all be used at once. The Chorus was the real surprise....sounds great. The last surprise is that it looks good in a cool vintage way and seems well constructed and solid. Can't go wrong with it really.

Artist Guitars Response
We appreciate your feedback on the product. This means a lot to us. Cheers!

Joyo AC20 20W Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

By: on 14 March 2019
Great little amp with clear sound - have bought 2 over the last 18 months

Joyo AC20 20W Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

By: on 19 October 2017
Very happy with product..great delivery times...within 1day!

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