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About this Gruv Gear Medium Fret Wrap - Black

Play cleaner, sound tighter, instantly! GruvGear FretWraps are a professional string dampener or muting accessory that every session or gigging guitar player should have! THIS MEANS YOU! Slide on the GruvGear FretWrap to your guitar and quickly cut unwanted overtones and ringing open strings. GruvGear FretWraps are adjustable so you can fine-tune the pressure and dampening of the strings for your specific needs. Slide the GruvGear FretWrap over to the tuning post side of the nut and open strings ring free again!

  • Cuts overtones and open string vibrations and noise
  • Perfect for live performances and studio recording
  • Fits 5-string basses & 6-string classical guitars
  • Used by Pros such as Guthrie Govan, Andrew Gouche, Andy James, Norm Stockton, Robert Bubby Lewis, Tosin Abasi and more!

The Tech Features

Model: FretwrapMedium

Dimensions: Total 171mm x 25mm, Dampener 66mm

Colour: Black


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I’m Wrapped!

By: on 2 November 2021
I recently purchased the Gruv Gear Medium Fret Wrap after reading about it on the Artist Guitars website. As soon as it arrived I put it straight onto one of my electric guitars to try it out. I was keen to experiment with it, and to see if it actually did what it says it does... to help mute or at least limit extraneous string buzz and squeaks from vibrating strings that aren’t necessarily being played, or from the strings between the guitar nut and their respective capstan tuners. Immediately I was impressed with the way this Fret Wrap damped down unwanted string ringing noise. I tried it at the Nut position and also on the Neck across the frets at various places, depending on what I was playing and where I wanted the noise reduction. I also tried it on several of my electric guitars and on my acoustic (which has a lot of spurious unwanted string noise)... it worked as brilliantly as the information had promised. I can see that I will be using this great little accessory in most of my studio recording sessions from now on. Thanks Artist Guitars and Gruv Gear... you could say I am definitely ’wrapped’.

Artist Guitars Response
It is our pleasure and thank you so much for leaving us this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Gruv Gear medium fret wrap

By: on 2 September 2020
Does a good job on muting the ringing sound by the neck of my 5 string bass guitar

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