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About this Ernie Ball E4249 Wonder Wipes String Cleaner 20 Pack

Individually sealed 20-pack of Wonder Wipe String cleaning moist towelettes. Clean & extend the life of your strings in one easy swipe. Ernie Ball's proprietary lubricating formula eliminates acid, dirt, and grime while maximizing the life and tone of your strings.

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Brand: Ernie Ball

Model: E4249

Quantity: 20 Individually Sealed Packs


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Job done at a reasonable price

By: on 30 November 2017
Not a lot you can say about string wipes. In fact, I normally use a cloth to wipe down my strings at the end of a gig or practice session, but I thought I'd give these a try, and I'd say they do a better job — must be the the "Ernie Ball proprietary lubrication formula"! :-) (But I guess it stands to reason that "wet" wipes are going to clean up a string better than a dry cloth.) Anyway, for about 80 cents a gig, these aren't going to break the bank, and perhaps they'll extend my string life(?). I've found you can use both sides, so one wipe will do a couple of instruments at the end of the night. Incidentally, the wipes themselves are about 15 cm x 13 cm, although they're obviously all folded up in their small individual sealed packs, so they're easily slotted in to the guitar case.

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