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Artist Vintage-Hybrid White Fretless Active/Passsive Bass Guitar

The Artist Vintage Hybrid Bass is an innovation model that blends the traditional features and now having its fretless version. Get to play the unique sound and tone that can only come from a Fretless bass.

It comes with a white gloss finished Ash body, red 3-ply scratchplate, matte finish natural Canadian Maple neck and headstock, 20 fret Eco-Rosewood fret-board with dot inlays and a bone nut. It also has open-geared chrome tuners.

With a newly designed active preamp circuit that delivers deeply exhilarating active and passive tones, our Artist Vintage Hybrid Bass can deliver both a classic vintage sound with modernity that modern bassist's demand... passive pickups with the added EQ control from the active preamp plus cut/boost bass and treble controls. There is also a separate battery chamber for easy battery replacement.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: Vintage Hybrid Fretless

Neck Construction: Bolt-on

Body: Ash, white gloss finish

Neck: Canadian Maple, natural matte finish

Fingerboard: Eco-Rosewood, 20 Fret, Bone Nut

Pickups: Neck Split Single Coil Alnico V Magnet, Single Coil Bridge Alnico V Magnet

Controls : 1x Volume, 2x Active Tones (bass & treble cut/boost) ,1x Balance

Hardware: Chrome

Machine heads: Vintage Bass open-geared.

Neck Profile:

  • Scale: 34" (864mm)
  • Nut Width: 42mm
  • 1st fret Thickness: 20mm
  • Neck Shape: Modern D
  • Radius: 1334” (350mm)

Optional Hardcases: REBC300RC, REBC350FTB



Reviews (10)

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By: on 31 January 2024
I am a seasoned musician of 40 years and have amassed a collection of nice guitars and basses over the years so I do know what is what. I'm not into fretless basses but my son plays bass and guitar and was interested in trying a fretless bass but I really did not fork out on a name brand as really he may not use it much and there is not that many affordable ones available on the market. I knew of Artist guitars and read some reviews on the bass they had so decided to take a punt and get a fretless active bass from them. When it arrived I was very surprised, great build quality , great sound and overall just a good instrument and considering it was about $300 AU it's just amazing. Plays well and overall just fantastic. I did have one minor issue with the bass ( an earth issue) but the company quickly fixed it at no cost to me at all. All you can do is judge a company by what they do, not what they don't do. All in all a good experience and I would recommend this bass to anyone and I think Artist are doing a fine job at getting affordable very good quality gear to musicians and students . Well done!

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks so much for your review! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

High quality at a low cost

By: on 26 April 2023
I'm a double bass player who has been meaning to pick up a fretless electric for some time, but I haven't been able to justify the $1000ish price tag for other entry level models. This particular bass from Artist punches well above its weight, possessing the feel and performance of a much more expensive instrument. The pickups sound great and the tone and volume pots are responsive and feel solid. The quality of the neck is outstanding, a flawless finish for fast flourishes up and down the neck. I have replaced the stock strings with nylon flat wounds and they sound incredible, on both the active and passive modes. Overall, I was blown away by the quality of this instrument for the price and would happily buy more instruments from Artist guitars.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy and having a good time with the bass guitar. Thank you so much for your purchase and for leaving it a review.

Artist Vintage-Hybrid White Fretless Bass

By: on 9 January 2023
Here is an instrument you can try out & see if you love/hate the idea of fretless bass, without spending a whole lot of money. It is very P Bass in look & feel with the added J Bass pickup in the bridge position. This will be my second one because I want to have one strung up with flatwound strings as well as the other one with standard roundwounds for the feel & sound differences. Very well made bass & sounds great, passive or active. Its nice to know if the battery fails, the passive circuit is there as well with a working tone control. Highly recommended. **Gerard, Port Kembla**

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you very much for your review. We sincerely appreciate it.

cheap gimmick?

By: on 9 October 2021
absolutely not. for the price it's hard to say whether it'll be worth the money but artist guitars have punched way beyond their weight. this bass has the feel of a more expensive instrument for half the cost. the neck feels great and the active electronics give numerous tonal possibilities. only downside is i have to work on my intonation ;-)

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback. We really appreciate the support!


By: on 1 September 2021
Simple design, great, light and amazing for slides! The best fretless bass I’ve ever tried. Would recommend!

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for being an awesome customer and giving an awesome review

Nice Bass

By: on 13 March 2021
The fit and finish of this bass is of a high standard. I have a number of basses that cost many times what this one does and the finish is right up there. After doing a basic setup to suit your preferences the playability of this bass is excellent and it produces plenty of that classic ‘mwah’ fretless sound. Shortly after receiving this bass I replaced the factory strings with some La Bella nylon tapewounds and this bass is really sounding great and sits nicely in a mix. I highly recommend it if you are interested in trying a fretless. The electronics in this bass offer plenty of tonal variation with virtually no hum. Overall an excellent bass for the price and thanks to Artist Guitars for doing something a little different & offering up a fretless version.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for such an awesome review. This is highly appreciated. We are happy that you are enjoying the bass guitar. Rock on!

Very very good bass for its price

By: on 19 October 2020
I had been watching this for a while, and when Artist had this on sale I pounced. I cannot see how you can get a better tone out of something this price, and I would probably expect to pay 2-3x for something of this quality. I cannot emphasise enough the quality, it is is a gig quality instrument.

My Fretless Bass Guitar

By: on 15 July 2020
I am very pleased that I bought this guitar. The construction is strong and stylish and the woods used in its manufacturer are excellent. It took me a while to get used to how the four knobs work (I have only played acoustic instruments)) but a quick trip back to the shop sorted this out. I am sure that some documentation on the electrics would be a good idea. Meanwhile, I am enjoying learning to play this quality instrument which cost much less than I was expecting to pay. I'm very pleased with my Artist Fretless Bass.

Artist Fretless Bass VHYBF

By: on 6 February 2020
Same attention to detail & friendly playability as the Vintage Hybrid but fretless. Great feel & balance with tone that only a fretless can give. For the price, it's an absolute steal. **Gerry from Port Kembla**


By: on 28 August 2019
Beautiful feel! sound is great. great range in tone.

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