Artist VHYB5 Vintage Hybrid V 5 String P-J Style Bass Guitar

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About This Artist VHYB5 Vintage Hybrid V 5 String P-J Style Bass Guitar

The Artist Vintage Hybrid V 5 string Bass is an innovation model that blends the traditional P-style Bass and J-style Bass features.

It comes with a gloss finished Ash body, black 3-ply scratch plate, matte finish natural Canadian Maple neck and headstock, 20 fret Eco-Rosewood fret-board with dot inlays and an ABS nut. It also has open-geared chrome tuners.

With a newly designed active preamp circuit that delivers deeply exhilarating active and passive tones, our Artist Vintage Hybrid V 5 string Bass can deliver both a classic vintage sound with a modernity that modern bassist's demand... passive P style and J style pickups with the added EQ control from the active preamp plus cut/boost bass and treble controls. There is also a separate battery chamber for easy battery replacement.


Tech Features:

Brand: Artist

Model:- VHYB5

Neck Construction : Bolt-on

Body : Ash, gloss finish

Neck : Canadian Maple, natural matte finish

Fingerboard : Eco-Rosewood, 20 Fret, ABS Nut

Pickups : P-Bass Neck Alnico V Magnet, J-Bass Bridge Alnico V Magnet

Controls : 1x Push/Pull Volume for Active/Passive, 2x Active Tones (bass & treble cut/boost) ,1x Balance

Hardware : Chrome

Machine heads : Vintage P-style Bass open-geared.

Neck Profile

  • Scale : 34'  (864mm)
  • Nut Width : 42mm
  • 1st fret Thickness : 20mm
  • Neck Shape : Modern D
  • Radius : 14' (350mm)


best value you'll get out of a bass in the sub $10

By: Chikai on 25 August 2020
I own a 4 string Fender Player P Bass and Fender Vintera J Bass. I wanted to try out and practice on a 5 string bass, so I bought this model from Artist. For $300, this 5 string is a steal in terms of tonality, playability, and design. I could not believe how well this thing handled and sounded, so I went to a retailer music store and checked out the Sterling Music Man Ray 5. With just ONE humbucking pickup, it came around three times the price of this model. And man, I just keep thinking how much better it felt and sounded on the Artist PJ Bass. Seriously, you're not going to be disappointed AT ALL for the price this bass is selling at. The only Cons I do see with this Bass is: - Heavy. My shoulder was dying for the rest of the day from just a 2 hour session where I was standing the entire time. Use it while sitting and problem solved. - The B string is a little flabby, but manageable. - I had to adjust the action when it came out of the box. You will get a lot of buzzing if you do not know how to setup the bass to your own playability. Easy fix though, go YouTube and watch the tutorial. It's simple. I highly recommend this bass for anyone, whether you are a learner or a seasoned bassist. You will understand how greatly those big retailers and famous branded manufacturers are price hiking their instruments.

Learning The 5 String Bass

By: Rory on 7 August 2020
In this money hungry world, where even the entry-level big name brands are out of the question for people like me on a very low income, the prices of Artist Guitars are an encouraging reminder that the pursuit of learning a musical instrument is accessible and affordable and that it is still possible to get well-made instruments for a good price. The free postage and returns are an extra bonus and reinforce to me that Artist Guitars stand by their products. All these things mean that I can realistically learn to play multiple instruments and not break the bank. I support Artist Guitars. In my opinion, they are the best value for money online instrument retailers on the market today. Recently I decided to learn bass guitar and decided on the 5 string bass. The Artist VHYB5 Vintage Hybrid V 5 String P-J Style 5 String Bass Guitar is awesome !!! It's well made; even heavy-duty. It's a joy to learn on and I'm amazed with its resonance and long sustain. It's also a work of art. In my opinion, this is a no-risk purchase. For me it was one of the best purchases I've ever made.

Awesome product

By: Dario Antoine on 31 July 2020
I love this guitar this is the second one I bought artist guitar are awesome great price awesome sound would definitely recommend

5 string bass guitar

By: george enchev on 31 July 2020
5 string bass guitar is AWESOM ,thank you ARTIST

I am not a bass guitarist

By: Marc Bradley on 26 July 2020
Wow I am not a bass guitar, but I wanted to add a bass to my studio set up , so I purchased this vintage 5 string Artist bass guitar with active pick ups. It is brilliant , straight out of the box , It played and sounded great. Now I am not a bass guitarist , so take the word of my bands bass guitarist. He has a $1500 bass and I took my bass to rehearsals, just to show the guys , he plugged it in and wow , he not only loved it but the rest of the band said it sounded better than his bass.The words I think were it lifted the sound.The playability right out of the box was impressive, as was the finish.Thanks Artist great work , I might add the customer service was and has always been really good, the bass was on back order and Artist kept up to date all the way, well done , I will buy again.

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