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Artist TL69 Thinline Butterscotch Blonde Electric Guitar

The TL69BND Thinline Electric is here. It combines the elegant looks of the TC59 but with a thinline body and a single f-hole on its Mahogany Body. The guitar also comes loaded with our Bullbucker pickups. It's also lighter than the TC59, which is awesome!

Sporting Artist's in-house designed and manufactured ""Bullbucker"" humbucking pickups, the range of sound possibilities that can be achieved from the '69 whether it be jazz, blues, rock or country, is quite astounding. The ""Bullbuckers"" are fantastic pickups in their own right and are starting to make some very positive noise amongst guitar players. These ""Bullbuckers"" also coil-split using a push-pull pot for extra tonal versatility.

The vintage style maple neck is very comfortable, and the modern bridge which allows for each string's intonation to be adjusted separately guarantees that you can set your guitar up to its optimal level - such a necessary and useful innovation.

To top it all off this wonderful little axe has locking machine heads that make sure that tuning is never far from perfect.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: TL69BND

Construction: Bolt-on


  • Body: Mahogany
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fretboard: Maple


  • Material: Bone
  • Width: 43 mm / 11116

Bridge: Modern Style Bridge with Brass Saddles(Individually Adjustable)

Neck Profile:

  • Scale Length: 2512” / 648 mm
  • Fingerboard Radius: 12" / 305mm
  • Shape: C-Shape
  • Number of Frets: 22
  • Inlays: Dots


  • Neck: Artist Bullbucker with Chrome Covers / Coil-Splitting
  • Bridge: Artist Bullbucker with Chrome Covers / Coil-Splitting

Controls: 1 x Volume Knob, 1 x Push/Pull Tone Knob for Coil-Splitting, 3-way Switch

Machine Heads: Locking Machine Heads

Finish: Butterscotch Blonde Gloss

Weight: 3.5kg to 3.8kg / 7 lb and 11.4 oz. to 8 lb and 6 oz. approx.

Optional Hardcases: REC300RC, REC350BK, REC350FTB, EC500

Optional Bags: HGBAGST, BAGST


Reviews (32)

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TL69 thinline

By: on 29 October 2023
Done it again Artist .A great instrument .Powerful pickups clear to dirty. Wonderful feel straight from the box just raised the action slighty and there it was,.Thanks guys.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for your review! We are always here if you have any questions.

Blown Away!!

By: on 24 August 2023
I bought this as a light-weight gigging guitar so I'm not taking my more expensive guitars on the road. I'm blown away by how good this feels to play and sounds! While it wasn't good to go straight out of the box, all I had to do was give the truss rod a few turns to straighten the neck, a quick intonnation adjustment on the bridge and this guitar plays better than my Mexican Tele. What I'm most impressed with, is the coil split on the humbuckers; I don't have to swap guitars to go from the classic Chicken Fried Tele twang to a blistering Tony Iomi lead tone... I just love it!! Furthermore, the shipping times and post sales service from the Artist Guitars team rivals the big players like Mannys without having to pay high retail prices. Thanks guys :)

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the review. It is truly appreciated.

Better than Butterscotch

By: on 22 August 2023
You cannot fault this guitar for the price. Setup good out of the box, weight is comfortable and tone is just a matter of how you work your amp and pedals. As a average player I know there are better guitars but for my level I can honestly say it's giving me lots of good tmes. And the support team are really on the ball, helpful and friendly. How can you go wrong with a 100 day return policy. Recommended.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for your review. We truly appreciate it.

Artist TL69 Update

By: on 20 August 2023
Update from previous review I have had the TL69 Thinline for 5 months and after some experimentation with open tunings (I settled on Open C) and changing from a Boss Katana 50 Mk2 to a Blackstar Debut 50R the TL69 is a extremely versatile Guitar with Coil Splitting capability it has all the tones and sounds you need it complements all my other Artist Guitars and my Epiphone Sheraton perfectly, if you are looking for a Tele style guitar with out the weight this is the one to go for at $408.00 with a Tweed Case you can't go wrong give it a go you won't be disappointed.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks so much for your positive feedback. We really appreciate the support. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.


By: on 21 July 2023
I own a number of Martins and Fenders but I discovered Artist Tele via my brother who raves about them. What a Tele sound and effects via split coil, the neck is excellent, the lockable tuner heads nice and quality of American Ash for the price I can’t believe it. Now looking at purchasing the Strat and a slide guitar.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for choosing us for your musical needs. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need any assistance in the future. Cheers!

Scorching Butterscotch

By: on 26 April 2023
Great experience overall. Guitar delivered quickly, no problems at all. Now my 12 year old son is ripping around, inspired,

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that your son is happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

Well I'm convinced

By: on 23 March 2023
Yep Artist have done it again, I have four tele's and each one has a different sound and tone, this makes number five. This thing "ROCKS"! Both in single and humbucker mode. I've been playing for 45 years and this thing is up there with the best in the market. once personal preferences like string height and such were done, it played just like the big name brand the body emulates, only with a hell of a lot more grunt and presence. The workmanship of the build can't be faulted, right from the neck to the body. No sharp fret ends, no high frets, the bridge is great and the nut perfect. So if you are thinking of getting one of these........ don't think, just get it, you will not be disappointed. weather you're an intermediate or pro this guitar will surprise you. I put his guitar through a high end Fender amp and it sang like a choir of angels welcoming the second coming.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

Artist TL69 Thinline Butterscotch

By: on 16 March 2023
This is my 3rd Artist Guitar (I'm still waiting for my 4th to arrive) like the 2 previous guitars the TL69 Thinline is amazing feels great in the hand not to heavy I have owned Gibson Les Pauls in the past and found them too heavy the maple neck is fantastic (just like the ST62II Black Guitar) there is no need to spend $2,000 plus on a good guitar gone are the days of cheap and nassty they on par with Epiphones (I own a Sheraton Pro 2which is fantastic in it's own right) if you want a great sounding guitar that feels good in the hand this is the job for you (taking a quote from Peter Northcote) I'm sure one of the many Artist Guitars will suit most players needs .

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that your recent purchase lives up to your expectations as the previous ones. We truly appreciate your continued business and support with us. Thanks for the review.

Deserves an extra star.

By: on 14 March 2023
Everything about the TL69 suits my playing and the sounds I want for the songs I play. On 27 February, I posted a detailed positive review, it's at the top of the list.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

Ticks all the boxes

By: on 27 February 2023
My Thin line Tele arrived in less than forty eight hours, brilliant. The usual high quality of Artist guitars. The chunky C shape neck with smooth satin back is really comfortable. Intonation and action are spot on straight out of the box. The humbuckers are punchy with no unwanted noise., coil splitting delivers the signature Tele single coil tones. Bone nut and locking tuners. Quality, features and playability of guitars several times the price. Thoroughly recommend this class axe.

Artist Guitars Response
We are so happy that your guitar arrived really quickly. Thank you for your great review of the guitar. We appreciate it.


By: on 19 February 2023
I got my thinline Tele last Wednesday and took it to band practice last Saturday. The guitar did a very creditable job and the rest of the guys were very happy with the sound, particularly as the guitar has coil splitting and in non humbucker mode it worked well the the other guitarist's Les Paul. Just one small thing - the quality control guy didn't tighten the tuner locks and I couldn't work out why the guitar was not keeping in tune. Small problem and very easily fixed. GREAT guitar and I'm very happy with it. It's as good as my Les Paul, Custom Shop Strat, and Reverend Rick Vito - Well done Artist

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for your awesome feedback! This really helps us improve more. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, we are always happy to help!

Great guitar

By: on 13 January 2023
The mahogany is heavy, and I replaced the bullbuckers (see my pickup review) with some great locally made by Rick At Brisbane’s Vertigo Guitars humbuckers and got rid of the coil tap. Locking spretzel style tuners and bucket bridge plate retained. Wholla - this guitar rocks. Bassist and drummer noticed double humbucker fullness that isn’t there on my single coil teles and it’s got more versatile cleans than my SG. ! Great feel of midway c/u neck shape, intonation and clarity all the way up the neck and that semi hollow twang as well as grunt. It’s a solid, well made and very musical instrument. Just replace the pickups and don’t go too cheap because it’s going to be a keeper.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the review. We appreciate it. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to contact us. Cheers!

Finally my dream guitar - better than expected for

By: on 15 December 2022
Wow, was I over the moon with the sound (6 varieties actually) Country & Jazz my favourites - awesome guitar and awsesome service (and of course the price). Beats a Squire hands down.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you very much for the feedback. We appreciate it!

Amazing Quality And Value for Money

By: on 13 December 2022
I just received my guitar today and boy was I really pleased. The guitar was in mint condition. Flawless neck with no sharp edges and a smooth fretboard. I took it immediately to my local guitar store to have it setup, not that it required a setup. I just like a particular type/brand of strings. Both my tech and me couldn’t believe the quality and finish on this guitar. I’m not an expert on tone and I have no complaints on that front either. All I can say it that Christmas came early for me. The only complaint is that the guitar arrived a week later than promised and that’s probably because it had to be sent over to WA from NSW. Thank you Artist Guitars!

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the great review on the guitar. We are glad to hear that you are happy with it.

Really can't fault it!

By: on 14 November 2022
Tried to find a reason to send this back! Purchased on a whim and didn't need another guitar. 2 weeks in can't put it down. Minimal adjustment to the nut and it's magic. Truly awesome neck, love the rolled fingerboard edge and how chunky it is. Pickups do the job; coil split is effective giving six different tones. Frets nice, intonation spot on, Another keeper!

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

Artist TL69BND Thinline Electric Guitar

By: on 15 September 2022
was surprised at the quality of this guitar for the low price. The guitar was basically ready for stage work. I did some minor tweaking for my own style. 1 slightly finished end of frets off then polished frets the intonation was just about perfect. I love this guitar it will be on stage with my Fender Telecaster and my modified Fender Squire.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks so much for your review. We are glad to know that you love the guitar. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, we are always happy to help.

This Tele is awesome!!!

By: on 12 September 2022
I’ve been a strat player all my life and have recently got into telecasters and just love the simplicity and feel of them.This thinline model is just as goo as my squier standard custom Tele.My title says it all.Bullbuckers,coil splitting and a beautiful lush tone from an amazing guitar company.I got this from the bargain bin.I’ve bought the gnosis,grungemaster,the eb2 budget and the 3/4 size electric and I love them all.I Hope to get the Solaris when it arrives.Yep Artist has done it again.Great work guys. Oh btw the action is perfect on these.Just get it.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our products and services. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

Amazing Aussie company

By: on 2 September 2022
Thank you guys for an amazing purchase of my new Artist TC69BND Thinline, the quality and 'feel' of the unit is outstanding. It is absolutely amazing )again) how this Aussie company can organise/design a such an affordable musical instrument which the aspiring muso can well afford! I am deeply impressed with the build quality which is equal to others priced well beyond its price range. Congratulations guys , you bring music well into the affordable area for all Aussie musos!.

Artist Guitars Response
It is our pleasure and thank you so much for leaving us this feedback. We really appreciate the support!


By: on 3 August 2022
Great guitar!.. really enjoy playing this ,more than solid body TL.. lightweight & playing setup is good.. Again A/G's Thanks!.. (PS, i think this model will be great ele.12 string guitar..! just a ideal ..)

I can't get over how good it is

By: on 13 February 2022
So I've owned a few different Artist guitars over the last few years. Couple of the semi hollow 58's and grungemasters which impressed me but got traded along as my collection changed. Just recently I ended up with a TL69. I initially thought I'd probably modify it with the Seymour Duncan's I had lying around and then use it as a backup guitar. But when I actually played the thing I just couldn't stop smiling. Literally everytime I play it I just shake my head in disbelief that it's only bloody $299! How's that even possible? The bullbuckers pickups are spot on. Nice and warm on the neck and crisp on the bridge and the coil split really enables you to cut through the mix. The neck is a little fatter than a fender tele modern C which is perfect for me. The only thing I'll pick on and I'm being a bit picky here is the locking tuners aren't amazing. Tuning stability is still fine but they don't feel the highest quality but that's about it. I can honestly say if I had to choose between the TL69 and a fender player series HH tele whckh retail for 4 times what the TL69 go for, I'd 100% choose this one. Well done Artist. Well done indeed. Can I respectfully request that you bring out a blonde thinline single coil model as well? I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks so much for your awesome review! We really appreciate the support. I assure you we are constantly expanding our product range and I will forward your request to our team. Cheers!

TL69BND as a Christmas Present

By: on 7 February 2022
My wonderful wife got me this guitar as a Christmas present. We listened to Peter Northcote's video on the Artist website and she simply liked the sound of this beauty. And on Christmas day I found it under the tree. What a present. And what a guitar. It comes with some great features like locking tuners and the wonderful Artist Humbuckers which I have in a few guitars already. Coil splitting is included and gives this guitar even more sound options. I really like the maple neck. The finish is great even though I have to say that the finish inside the sound hole is not perfect. But when I consider the price and the overall high quality of this guitar I couldn't be bothered about some minor there. After a couple of years of intensive playing there will be plenty of other marks on this guitar. But for me a lot more important than the great finish and looks is the amazing sound this guitar can create. We have a few other Artist Guitars in the house with the same Artist humbuckers including a semi-hollow and still the Butterscotch sounds completely different again. In my opinion it excels with everything Rockabilly and Rock'n Roll but with the right settings you can definitely rock full on. Considering the unbelievable price of this guitar I think it is an absolute bargain and it will be difficult to find something comparable on the market with so many nice add-ons like said locking tuners. My guitar came nicely set up but I gave it set up anyway. It wasn't necessary but I think I managed to improve the playability even more. It's a wonderful instrument that I get out of the case quite a bit.

Artist Guitars Response
We really appreciate it for taking the time to leave feedback and glad to know that you are satisfied with our products and services.

Thinline sublime at this price point

By: on 1 January 2022
Just got my Artist Tele style Thinline and took it to a rehearsal the next day - sounds and plays great and initial impressions is that the coil split seems to work well. Only negative is that with my strap it dives rather than being perfectly balanced - early days but looks brilliant for the price especially with locking tuners and Coil split.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for your great review! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, we are always happy to help!

TL69 Absolute bang for buck

By: on 22 December 2021
I just received my TL69 and what a great guitar, straight out of the box. The finish and attention to detail is amazing. The neck feels great in my hand as is easy to play. The fret ends are perfect. This things is set up ready to go. Intonation is spot on. Not my first set of Bullbucker pickups and again these deliver. So much guitar for the money. Awesome customer service too, so easy to deal with. Won't be my last Artist guitar that is for sure.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing your experience.

TL69: Amazing Value, Amazing Guitar

By: on 2 September 2021
Short version - great guitar, excellent fit and finish, superb playability and terrific tone, has buckets of sustain. Coil-tapped humbuckers provides tonne of versatility. Longer version - Let me start this review by saying up-front that I'm a guitar teacher and performing musician and have a cupboard full of 'brand-name' guitars. On behalf of my students I've purchased several student style guitar packages and have seen a few older Artist guitars brand-name copies come through the door in the hands of my eager students. However this is the first time I've bought one to use for myself and I have to say I am more than pleasantly surprised. Most guitars straight out of the box require a fair bit of setup to get them playing right but this one was fine, was even in tune! The fit and finish of the instrument is almost perfect with the only issue being a 10 cent coin-sized spot of paint overspray visible in the f-hole. The fit of the neck to the body is super-tight, not even a hair-width gap. No issues with the frets which are nicely finished with no nasty sharp bits or overhang, so young fingers are safe. Also of not is considering for a child is it's weight, or lack of it. It's not a heavy guitar weighing about 3.5 kgs and will suit kids down to 10 or 11 years of age. The guitar sounds brilliant too. If you're keen you can look up my FB page (Ironbark Music Services) for a couple of short vids showing the guitar. Based on my experience with this TL69 I would recommend anyone in the market for a quality, value instrument should consider Artist Guitars. Their after-sales service is excellent too. Occasionally I've had to return a student-level guitar and the process has been painless. Also, if you have only one or two questions they are very prompt to reply via their web page's chat feature.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to write this detailed review. We appreciate it a lot and all your support. Cheers!

Great guitar should go on must buy list

By: on 26 August 2021
This guitar is exceptional , locking tuners, split coils , individual string intonation bridge, terrific finish and a great neck. How Artist Guitars can make such a great guitar for the price amazes me and to cap it off they includesd a lead and a couple of picks. You have to time your buying right as this model sells out quickly.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for the review and we're happy to hear that you're satisfied with your new guitar!

TL69BND Thinline

By: on 17 April 2021
Waited three months before posting this review as I didn't want first impressions to make me look foolish. This guitar is absolutely exceptional for the price. Where it counts, on sound and playability, it blows anything else below $1000 out of the water. Smooth neck, nice tuners and great pick-ups make for a tele-style guitar that it seems is too cheap for the quality. I only hope that my enjoyment is not bought with the tears of cheap child labour.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review Doug. We really appreciate your support and I can assure you that our factory does not use and strongly condemn child labour. :)

Ridiculously Awesome

By: on 6 April 2021
This guitar just arrived today, the 4th guitar i bought from Artist. The only thing i had to do was lower the action. Will probably polish the frets at some stage too if i'm going to be picky. This thing is just awesome to play, absolutely superb guitar and outstanding value for money. I was a bit worried that the yellow color might be a bit bright, but it's not, it's a really nice butterscotch yellow, very attractive!

Artist Guitars Response
We really appreciate your continued support with us Yuri. Thank you so much for the awesome feedback!

Excellent customer service

By: on 27 January 2021
guitar arrived with some issues, which were quickly and effectively resolved by artist - highly recommended for excellent customer service and support.

Lovely guitar

By: on 21 January 2021
I ordered this 13/Jan and received it 19/Jan. I am returning to guitar after a long time away so am re-learning how to play - yes very sore fingers. Guitar finish is excellent, cannot fault quality of the guitar in any way. The only minor issue I had is that the 2 lower strings (High E, B) were not wound around the peg sufficiently. When I tuned these strings up they pulled off the pegs and were too short to reattach. I did report this to support and they were very apologetic and were kind enough sent me replacement strings (even though I had bought some locally as I didn't want to wait). If I have any other issues in the next 3 years (warranty period!) I will be sure to report it. But considering this guitar is constantly sold out I don't think there is doubt about the quality of the product, nor the support.

Great guitar!

By: on 15 January 2021
I was torn between getting this and an entry-level t-style guitar of another brand BUT I am absolutely happy that I went the Artist TL69BND. I was very impressed with TC69 reviews on YouTube and have been waiting for the Thinline version for a lighter axe. It's definitely the most bang-for-buck guitar at this price point, considering its split-able coils and incredible finish. Out of the box, it's set up nice and plays like butter. I honestly don't know how Artist produces guitars like this and sells them at these price points – absolutely floored! I am also very happy with Artist guitars' customer service since I've been asking about the pickups on this vs other Artist signature guitars (bullbuckers!). Can't wait to keep practice with my new TL69BND and ordering a Cherry58 in the future!

Nice guitar at a really nice price.

By: on 12 January 2021
My thought process for buying this guitar was 1. I've wanted a tele type guitar for many years 2. the reviews for the solid body looked great 3. at that price it would be rude not to. I've been playing it for the last couple of weeks and am delighted with the feel, the quality and the sound of this guitar. It's nicely balanced, the neck is nicely rounded and how can you go wrong with a Butterscotch colour scheme. Thanks

Artist TL69BND

By: on 4 January 2021
I guess I got one of the first . Out of the box , the guitar played well . Fit and finish is excellent .. no need for intonation or action adjustment . No need to change strings immediately . The inclusions of splittable "Bullbuckers" and locking tuners are great at the price point . Can you believe my only gripe is that one of the string trees was slightly off line .. a five second fix ! Highly recommended

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