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Artist ST62FR Fiesta Red Electric Guitar

Artist ST62FR Fiesta Red Electric Guitar

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Artist ST62FR Fiesta Red Electric Guitar

This is one of Artist's signature model guitars. It boasts a modern tremolo - slot in slot out arm rather than the vintage screw-in design. This is an extremely nice guitar to play with great appointments all around. It features a comfortable '62 style neck with the Artist ST style headstock. This is also the first guitar in the Artist line up to feature the Artist "Wrangler" series single-coil pickups featuring Alnico 5 magnets which were designed to replicate that great vintage tone so important to the "ST" style of guitar. Add to this the locking machine heads and medium jumbo frets and you have a great all-around axe.

The body is constructed using Solid Poplar with a Canadian maple neck and eco-rosewood fretboard.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: ST62FR

Body: ST style Solid Poplar Body with basswood veneer

Nut: Bone

Nut Width: 42mm / 158 ”

Scale Length: 2512 ” / 648mm

Neck: Canadian Maple 21.5-23 mm thickness

Fret Board: Eco Rosewood

Fingerboard Radius: 12" / 305mm

Pickups: 3 x Artist "Wrangler" Single-Coil Pickups with Alnico 5 Magnets

Switch: 5-way Switch with Woven Circuit

  • 1st - Neck Pickup
  • 2nd - Neck and Middle Pickup
  • 3rd - Middle Pickup
  • 4th - Bridge and Middle Pickup
  • 5th - Bridge Pickup

Truss Rod: Dual action (2 way)

Machine Heads: Chrome Locking Tuners

Bridge: Chrome Deluxe Tremolo with 2 Fulcrum Posts; Tremolo Arm Included

Colour: Fiesta Red

Pickguard: White

Weight: 3.4kg to 3.6kg / 7 lb and 7.9 oz to 7 lb and 14.9 oz approximately


I'm throwing out my 70's Strat!

By: on 10 April 2021
In the late 1970’s, I spent all Summer holidays working in a stinking metal parts factory to save up for a US Fender Stratocaster. The guitar I got was a 1976 Strat in egg-shell white, black scratch plate, maple neck and three-point tilt neck plate. Fast forward 42 years. After owning dozens of guitars and after reading great reviews about the ST62, I wanted to try one. I ordered the ST62 in vintage white. Because this $299 guitar was superior to my genuine ‘76 Stratocaster original, I ordered another one – in red. Not sure about the red colour - surf blue may have been nicer...but, hey, it's OK. Why is this guitar so good? The ST62’s neck has a very comfortable feel. Not too thick and not too thin. The fretboard is made of eco-rosewood (whatever that is) and has medium jumbo frets. The frets have been levelled and polished perfectly. There are no sharp fret edges. I was able to achieve an action even better than the vintage white sister guitar. There is no fret-buzz or dead spots on the fretboard. The neck sits perfectly in the neck pocket. In comparison, my genuine ’76 US Strat had a 3mm gap between the neck and neck pocket, the guys at Fender had painted lacquer over the frets (yes, you read correctly) and the tremolo didn’t work: it was never in tune and the thread wore out within weeks. In stark comparison, both the Artist ST62 are perfect. Well almost… The ST62’s vibrato uses two pivot bolts and feels good to use with little resistance. The pickups use strong alnico magnets. They sound great but due to the strong magnetic pull, you have to be careful not to raise them too high – otherwise you get weird frequencies in your tone. The 5-way switch, volume and tone controls work as they should. The ST62 is made of poplar compared to my ’76 Strat which was made of alder. As a result, the ST62 is “twangier”, “brighter”, “sharper” sounding than my original. This “edge” was also demonstrated on YouTube by Brett Kingman in his review of this guitar. If you want an edgy Blackmore sound [like on the Rainbow live album or the Deep Purple in Rock album] then this is your instrument. The guitar has good sustain and cuts through. I can’t really fault this guitar sound wise. It’s great to play on. Now the negative. The body and paint at first glance are immaculate. However, when looking at an angle, one can see the wood grain, probably because the wood shrunk after being painted. This is a minor issue, which even Fender/Squier suffers. Also, the guitar did not stay in tune. After replacing the string trees with roller trees and widening the space for the strings on the nut to move freely, this guitar stays in tune 99.999% of the time. I hope Artist builds on the solid foundation with this manufacturer. So far, I’m impressed with both guitars and Artist Guitar’s service.
By: Artist Guitars
Thank you very much for your awesome review and kind words. This is highly appreciated and we are very glad that you liked the guitar. If you need help or have any questions, please contact us again. Cheers!


By: on 23 January 2021
I'm surprised at how awesome this guitar looks, Fiesta red is eye catching to say the least, apart from how it looks this guitar is so easy to play it should be illegal. I've never played a guitar with a tremolo which is why I bought this one and I couldn't be happier, it was perfectly setup,action trem,intonation all spot on and as a plus arrived in just two days. Thank you Artist guitars for another amazing product.

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