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Artist OMC500SN Solid Wood Acoustic Electric w/ Supernatural Preamp

Featuring the legendary Supernatural preamp, the Artist OMC500SN is one of our finest acoustic guitars yet. With a solid Cedar top, and solid Acacia back and sides, the OMC500SN produces a deeper, more mellow tone when compared with a brighter wood such as Spruce. If you tend to gravitate toward warmer-toned acoustic guitars, you'll find all the mid-range you need with a single strum!

Designed by Brad Clark, former CEO of Maton Guitars and co-founder of Cole-Clark guitars, the Supernatural is the latest offering from the local Australian guitar pioneer. Clark’s products were known for the exceptional performance of his pickup designs and associations with noted players including Tommy Emmanuel, Eric Johnson, Keith Urban, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper and more.

The new Supernatural Pickup System ushers in a new level of natural acoustic sound for live performance, reproducing all of the nuance and acoustic character of the guitar when plugged into an amp or stage rig. The new Supernatural pickup system is comprised of two main sensors inputted into a preamplifier. The sounds are “tuned” to match the design, wood and performance of each guitar model and the profiles are pre-stored into the preamp unit for recall. There are four presets of sounds to please most guitarists, venues and playing styles, and an onboard 3-band EQ for fine-tuning the sound to the venue.

The Supernatural delivers unprecedented realism and flexibility when performing live and when recording.

The Guitar's Gotoh 510 chrome tuners are extremely reliable and make for smooth and stable tuning, especially so combined with the OMC500SN's bone nut. The 5-piece mahogany neck is paired with a high-end ebony fingerboard, making this stunning instrument play as beautifully as it looks.

It comes strung with D'Addario EXP 16 strings and includes the Artist FC350 Hard Case

**Includes FC350 Hard Case**

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: OMC500SN

Body Size: 40" OM Size Acoustic Guitar


  • Top - Solid Cedar
  • Back and Sides - Solid Acacia

Fingerboard and Bridge: Ebony

Neck: 5 piece Mahogany

Scale Length: 25.4 inches

Nut: Bone 44.5mm

Machine Heads: Gotoh 510 Chrome

Truss Rod: Dual action (2 way)

Accessories: Artist FC350 Hard Case

Strings: D'Addario EXP16

Colour and Finish: Natural Gloss

Preamp: Supernatural SDP-FS Preamp

  • The preamp features 2 pickup inputs; The Super Discrete Power Bridge Sensor and the Supernatural Face Sensory
  • Control Plate is fitted into the soundhole. Features a 3 band EQ, Volume Knob and the Push Button to cycle through presets that balances or mixes the 2 pickup inputs.
  • Low-Battery LED indicator
  • Easy to change battery changing tool


Reviews (6)

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Love it

By: on 21 May 2023
I bought an OMC200 second hand for very cheap of marketplace to try out the Artist brand. That is an impressive guitar and soon became one of my favourites. When an OMC500SN with customer returned discount came up on the Artist site, it was a no brainer to give it a try. It is the most understated, intuitive and responsive guitar I have ever played, particularly given I finger pick. The Supernatural pickup is without a doubt one of the most impressive features. It can take some finessing with the different default settings however this gives the guitar a versatility that many others do not have. Can not recommend this guitar enough. I guarantee it will exceed your expectations. Most of my peers are using Cole Clarke Angels or Maton 808s. Frankly, the OMC500SN is a superior guitar to anything I have seen up to the $3K price point.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the review. We appreciate it. Cheers!

This guitar is unbelievable

By: on 3 February 2022
When I ordered this guitar from Artist Guitars I had already purchased a few other instruments and gear from here. But still - spending this amount of money on a guitar without ever playing it was no easy step for me. So glad that I did. I had some questions beforehand which have all been answered by the amazing team of Artist Guitars. And so I did it and ordered the thing. Well, the thing got named "Belle" and has been my go-to acoustic from the day it arrived. Just put some new strings on it and I didn't even have to work on the setup. First of all the finish is absolutely beautiful. The dark tone of the top stands out and the beautiful binding is simply perfect. The back is awesome, too. The pictures don't do her justice. But as much as I appreciate the beauty of this guitar more importantly it simply plays great. It's not often that I have played an acoustic with a sound that clear and brilliant. The sustain is unbelievable and I can easily say that this is the most versatile guitar I own. It simply will sound awesome from classic, blues and jazz to kids songs. Nice for strumming, but I think it excels at finger style. I wouldn't hesitate to compare this guitar to other instruments five times the price. I think I would still pick this one. And with that I haven't even mentioned the Supernatural Amp which is absolutely stunning. Thanks, Artist Guitars, for this amazing product.

Artist Guitars Response
We are so glad that you have decided to purchase the guitar. We are all always more than happy to assist with any questions or concerns regarding our products and services. We truly appreciate the review.


By: on 27 August 2021
I have had this guitar for nearly a year now and I was reticent to write a review of a higher end guitar, as I'm no professional, probably higher end intermediate at best. I tossed up whether to buy an "expensive" guitar by my standards and was actually looking for a broader nut width than the 43.5 on mine but the survey discount I got, persuaded me to jump in. So glad I did. I bought this guitar for finger picking and flat strumming. The sound, tone, sustain of this guitar are all first class. Minimal setup was required other a lowering of the action and a fret board nourish. The Gotoh 510 tuners are absolutely top notch, (they feature on some "Signature Guitars" worth 25 times the OMC500SN). I have 5 acoustic/electric guitars with 4 different pick ups and although a little fiddly initially, the Supernatural is absolutely my favourite. With a little work, it actually does sound "natural". The included case is great quality and a nice touch. As I said, I have 5 different acoustic guitars in various tunings and the telling thing for me, is that after a year of use, whenever I pick up this guitar after playing the others, it just feels SO right and comfortable. It has actually made me a better player. Thank you Artist.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the detailed review. We are so happy to hear that you're satisfied with your OMC500SN guitar.


By: on 1 August 2021
This purchase was a leap of faith, based on my previous positive experiences with the Artist range of electric guitars. This was an expensive guitar for me, and buying it without being able to hear it or play it first was a bit stressful. I was either going to be an absolute idiot or an absolute genius. I am a freaking genius. This thing is just so damn pretty. I am blown away by the fit, finish, tone and playability. I have Ibanez, Gretsch, Seagull and Ovation acoustic guitars and I was hoping for at least a 'hold its own' sound out of this guitar, but this is the next level up. I can't believe the sustain you get out of the OMC500SN, the clarity and tone just blows me away. I don't really have a need for another plugged in acoustic and have only played it au naturale, so can't comment on the pickups or preamp performance. This is a damn nice instrument, and I can hear it calling out to me right now.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for taking the time for leaving a nice review though I am not sure if the 0 rating was by accident. Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with the guitar if so.

Excellent Guitar

By: on 14 July 2021
This is a great little guitar with an extraordinary sound acoustically and a great EQ System as well..this is the third OM guitar I have bought from Artist guitars and they have just gotten better with each one..although I absolutely love the SHADOW EQ that came with the second (and still my favourite) OMS7SEQ..but the OMC500SN come in an deliciously close second

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for all the support and trust. Cheers!

Good Performance Guitar

By: on 22 May 2021
I've put this Guitar - OMC500SN , through various musical scenarios , with violin , harp , piano sessions , various acoustic band setups , solo gigs , straight out of the box , simply cause I had to . I am genuinely impressed and so are each of my band mates , as are the audiences . For a guitar at this price point it is a keeper , as well as a growing appreciation and joy to play . Next is to fine tune the action to my styles , and enjoy the journey . Time will reveal itself as to the lasting evolution , I am optimistic . As said it's a keeper and genuine good value and a good workable quality instrument . Much relieved and Thankful . Cheers . Ps a small issue was the electronics , battery holder array had come adrift , being a handy person , I simply reattached with a quality contact glue , and has behaved well ever since . I just didn't have the time or fuss to complain , unless the issue became serious . Overall very happy with this instrument work wise .

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you very much for your feedback on the guitar. This really means a lot to us. We look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Cheers!

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