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This pack includes:

  • 1 x Artist CL44AM Full Size Classical Nylon String Guitar Pack - Amber
  • 1 x Artist GS001 A Frame Universal Guitar Stand
  • 1 x Artist STW Guitar String Winder - Black
  • 1 x Artist CFP20 Classical Guitar Quick Change Guitar Capo
  • 5 x Artist CLST Classical Guitar Strings (Nylon)

Not All Classical Guitars Are The Same!

This is an ideal guitar for beginners. Its nylon strings are easy on beginner's hands and its standard 4/4 size will give you room to develop good habits as you begin your journey as a guitarist. (if you're looking for smaller versions of this instrument look at our 3/4,1/2 and 1/4 range).

With a great sound to inspire you and a design specific to beginners, you'll breeze through the first stages of your playing.

Receive free exclusive access to video lessons when you buy a guitar pack:

We are proud to offer you a series of online lessons designed specifically for beginning guitar students. This series of lessons was designed in-house, to give you the best start to your musical career. This is what this lesson pack is all about - the stuff that nobody really tells you at the start of your guitar playing journey. Issues like holding the guitar, using a plectrum and some simple exercises to start you off.

So whether you're 7 or 70, take some time to check out the lesson pack and most importantly - be patient and have fun! Note that you would need to be logged into your Artist Guitar's account and you would have to subscribe to our Newsletter first to receive the link to the lesson program. You can UNSUBSCRIBE as soon as you get the link.

Here are the reasons why this guitar is great:

We use sustainable timbers on all of our beginners to intermediate guitars. The fretboard and bridge of the CL44 are constructed from a composite rosewood timber substitute known as eco-rosewood.

The guitar has been set up at the factory for optimum beginner playing level. We call this Practical string action. String action is the height between the string and the fretboard. This is very important because a guitar with a high action is hard to play, while a guitar with too low an action will buzz unnecessarily and sound bad. Artist Guitars are set up at the factory for the optimum level for a beginner.

A Truss Rod to keep the neck straight and to allow the action height and the neck to be adjusted. You will struggle to find a guitar at this low price with a truss rod.

Comes with a Bag to protect your guitar, Strap and Built-In Tuner - A tuner for a beginner is vital. A guitar needs to be tuned every time you play. This tuner is extremely simple to use and because it's built into the guitar, you'll never lose it. Also includes spare strings and some picks.

Recommended by some of Australia's top guitar teachers.

We include a range of Support Materials including how to tune, how to read tab, basic chord shapes and much more.

Our price is always Lower Than a Retail Store (often by 30-40%) we keep our prices low by only selling our own range of guitars direct from the factory. Our business is built on offering a great value guitar at a great price.

Artist Guitars has been designing guitars for over 10 years and during this time we have developed a great working relationship with our factories to constantly improve the quality and value - we know how to get a great value guitar at a truly unbeatable price!

We are so confident you will love your new Artist Guitar that we offer you:

100 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee, and a 3 year Warranty

Check out our excellent feedback rating on eBay for what our customer's reactions are.

Why wait to start learning Guitar when you could get one of our great CL44 guitars and be playing in no time at all. We ship super fast!!

The CL44 Guitar pack Includes:

  • CL44 Nylon-string guitar
  • Gig Bag to protect your instrument (with backpack style straps and pockets for your picks, extra strings, music)
  • Built-In Guitar Tuner
  • Webbed Guitar Strap
  • 1 Spare set of Strings
  • 2 Picks
  • Access to the Artist Beginners Lesson Program
  • Free Support materials

Our range of CL guitars have been designed for the needs of beginners - we don't offer a confusing range of models in this area as we think getting the correct size guitar is the most important thing for a beginner, once you have been playing for a while you will find it much easier to know which style of music you want to play and we can recommend a great 2nd guitar for you.

The CL range comes in 4 sizes:

Full Size Body Full Scale
Full Size Body, Slim Neck Full Scale
3/4 Size Body 3/4 Scale
1/2 Size Body 1/2 Scale
1/4 Size Body 1/4 Scale



Guitar Size

2 - 5 years 75 - 100cm 1/4 Size
5 - 8 years 100 - 125cm 1/2 Size
8 - 12 years 125 - 165cm 3/4 Size
12+ years 165cm + Full Size

The CL44 is an ideal beginners guitar suited to either adults or children. Remember to check out our smaller models if you are on the smaller (or younger) side. If the information is confusing and you would like some free advice just call us on our Toll-Free Number so we can help you to choose the perfect size for you.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: CL44

Type: Classical (Nylon Stringed Guitar)

Overall Length: 39""

Scale Length: 25.5 inches


  • Top: Laminated Spruce
  • Back and Sides: Laminated Catalpa

Neck: Wood - Okoumen, 20-22mm Thickness with Trussrod, 52mm Plastic Nut

Fingerboard: Eco Rosewood

Bridge: Eco Rosewood with Plastic Saddle

Frets: 18 Nickel Frets. 

Machine Heads: 3 inline - Gold butterfly

Binding: Body - Single Black Binding

Strings: Artist CLST Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings

Included Accessories: Gig Bag, Built-In Chromatic Tuner (battery included), Strap, Strap Buttons, Spare Strings & 2 Picks

Optional Hardcase: CC300

Optional Gig Bags: BAG39, HGBAG39



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Why pay thousands!!!

By: on 30 November 2023
When I decided to get back into Classical guitar, I started an online search which led me to Artist Guitars. Whilst viewing the site I happened upon the CL44AM full size classical guitar (ultimate pack) for under $200; I couldn't believe it. I purchased it immediately. As I was getting back into Classical guitar, I wanted to test the waters to see if I still had the perseverance and discipline to practice for upwards of 4 hours/day. Was I surprised or what! When I received the guitar, it was easy to get into tune. I left it for a few days, tuning it two to three times/day so that the guitar could aclimatise to its new environment. Within four days, the guitar was in perfect intonation so I began practising some scales, arpeggios, and etudes. The guitar was so comfortable and effortless to play (it's very light) that within several days I was going back to my Renaissance etudes and playing them with moderate success and I had to constantly remind myself that this was a classical guitar under $200. In the past two weeks I have kept a solid 4 hour daily practise schedule and barring having to retune maybe once or twice, this guitar is impeccable in its build, quality, tone, and comfort, and this produces such a warm, rich tone. There are no 'wolf' notes or fret buzz, and the height of the strings off the fretboard affords excellent playability. The attack and decay of the notes/frets on the first string is truly indicative of this guitar's quality. This is a budget guitar for a beginner and the quality is astounding for the price. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm still playing this guitar in 12 months time, although by that stage the repetoire may require a more mid range to intermediate classical guitar, but I won't have to look far because Artist guitars have got this level of professional Classical guitar covered. Truly, I am absolutely stunned at the price and quality. I'm sure Julian Bream would be surprised at the quality of this entry level/beginner guitar. I would not hesitate in buying this guitar if your goal is to learn classical guitar and its repertoire. There is nothing to lose at this price level. Well, that's enough of a review, I have to get back to practice...

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our products and service. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

Artist CL44AM classical Guitar Ultimate pack

By: on 16 August 2023
Very pleased with the prompt delivery, and the guitar pack. This is my respite from caring for my husband. I haven't played in more than 30 years and am starting again from the beginning. So far so good! Love it.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for your review! Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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