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Artist BPTW200 Economy Twin Kick Drum Pedal

Artist BPTW200 Economy Twin Kick Drum Pedal

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About This Artist BPTW200 Economy Twin Kick Drum Pedal

The Artist BPTW500 is an entry level Double Kick Pedal designed to endure heavy use and has a fast responsive playability with a solid base plate. Beginners and Pros alike will be impressed with the quality and price.

Features include:

  • Solid Base plate for stability.
  • Dual chain for strength and fast responsiveness.
  • Die cast cams and poles for durability.
  • Adjustable spring tension with locking nut.
  • Bass drum hoop clamp tightens from the side for fast set up and pack down.
  • Screw down carpet spike to prevent forward movement.
  • Adjustable length on the shaft with 4 screws to lock it tightly in place.
  • Change the beater type from hard plastic to soft felt with a twist of the beater.
  • Includes a drum key and allen keys.

The Tech Features

Model: BPTW200

Colour: Chrome/Black


Requires Adjustment Before Use

By: on 18 November 2019
I already have an Iron Cobra HP900 on my acoustic drums and my daughter started playing drums on her electronic drum kit. I don't want to move my Tama kicks so I bought this for her. Construction seems solid and comes with two Allen wrenches and drum key. There's no manual so I had to fiddle for an hour to make this kick pedal as smooth as my Iron Cobras because out of the box these pedals feel stiff (especially the left side). To make these smooth I had to loosen the allen screws holding the roller bearings. I've also lubricated the inside of the barrel with lithium grease to eliminate the squeak. Once the pedal can travel freely without friction, tighten the allen screws. You will have to test to make sure that the pedals are still smooth after locking the bearings down. After the adjustment, these pedals are sturdier than the stock kick pedal that came with the electronic kit. I give this 4 stars because the springs are too short and could cause the pedal to feel heavy. I'll be replacing these springs with longer ones. After the adjustment, I can do fast heel toe without any problems. It is still not as smooth as the Iron Cobras (probably because of the springs) but it works really well. If you're on a budget and confident to make the adjustments, I recommend this pedal. Also the beater angle and cam angle is not adjustable so bear this in mind when you purchase this.

Vale for Money

By: on 5 April 2019
Amazing product for a beginner learning double kick. Super cheap price and construction is solid for what you pay. A lot of options to adjust to fit your set. You will find that you need to adjust spring settings to get them swinging together.

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